“Minks will only belong to mink”, “Fur is cruel, outdated” … Italy will no longer produce fur products since this year

The Italian Senate Budget Committee recently made a decision that since this year, Italy will no longer produce fur products.

Caption: mink breeding will completely withdraw from Italy. Picture source: Europe Times Network

According to the European Times, the decision of the Senate was regarded by the Benews of the Animal Organization (PETA) as a “huge victory.” Since then, the last five in Italy are located in Lunbaidi, Emilia-Roman, and Abruzot. They will be closed.

“Thank you very much for the Italian parliament to admit that the fur is wearing its animals since birth.” Mimi Bekhechi, vice president of PETA International Project, was very excited about this resolution: “A new era has opened. In this era, mink will no longer be fashionable with fashion. The name of the name is located in a cage, tortured and killed. “The Chairman of the Italian Protection of Animals and Environmental Alliance said:” This is the best victory for the right to fight for animal rights in the past 30 years. Great achievements, everyone who loves and respects animals is happy! “


In recent years, as people’s attention to animal rights and interests has continued to heat up, the dynamic insurance organizations around the world have unremittingly calling for the end of the fur industry and the killing behavior to obtain animal fur. Essence Brands such as Armani, Versace, and Wallennu have decided not to sell fur. French Kaiyun Group also announced that its last two brands, Yves Saint Laurent and Brioni will abandon the use of animal fur from this fall after this fall, after the Cun, and Alexander Mai Kun, France, will also abandon the use of animal fur from this fall. Kopenhagen Fur, the world’s largest fur auction house, announced at the end of 2020 that it will end its operation within 3 years.

A survey in 2020 found that 93%of the British refused to wear fur, and 71%of Americans opposed to kill animals to obtain fur. 84%of Germans opposed fur and trade. The previous research report released by online service provider Greenmatch has also confirmed that more and more consumers have a good opinion of the brands that take the initiative to take the initiative to take on moral responsibility, and think that these values ​​are more important than prices.

“Fur is cruel, outdated, and the fashion world is time to be awake.” Stella Mc Cartney is a designer who strongly opposes fur in the industry. The brand she founded has promised not to use animal fur from the beginning. “I have always adhered to my beliefs, and I am also very proud. This is not only about myself, but about the entire industry, a industry that works for the earth and animal welfare together.” In her opinion, new materials and The use of new technologies is the most exciting place in this industry in the future. For example, artificial fur, “It is no longer just a simple trend, but a brand new consumption choice.”

In any case, the topic of fur in the fashion industry has been changing in a positive direction since the 1990s.

Xinmin Evening News reporter Mei Yidi