How to match the blue fur with good -looking and changing temperament, the little public lift

Fur is still very popular in winter. The blue is a color that does not pick skin tone, so it is a better color sold in the fur. Let me talk about it below

How to match blue fur

What’s more?

Who said that there is only black and white gray in winter, and the dull tone has passed. This year, a color that represents melancholy has been from summer to winter. This year, this color is given new content, that is -blue. Blue is noble and luxurious, but the two gather together, but create a very different fashion. The texture and connotation of the fur is very eye -catching against the blue background. Choose a medium -like blue fur for yourself!

Blue and blue

蓝色皮草怎么搭配好看 摇身一变气质小公举

This year’s fur has changed the dullness of the past, and the bright blue has become the highest style of appearance rate. In addition to the common treasure blue and sky blue, there are more quiet blue, night blue, water blue and other blue blue. Essence

Speaking of the matching of blue fur, the most popular blue shirt with blue jeans this summer with the most fashionable “blue blue” matching of blue jeans continues to winter. The blue fur is covered with blue knitting or dress. Eyebrows. The same color matching will never make mistakes, and in recent years, it is also the most fashionable and most common way to match in street shooting. Blue clothing such as fur, knitted, denim, etc., because of the differences in the color of the fabric, even the same color can create a rich sense of layering.

There is also a very important careful machine. I do n’t know if you find it. In the matching of the blue and blue, you will inject some contrasting accessories to embellish it. It can be described as the finishing touch and earn a lot of attention.

Colorless match

In addition to the matching of the same color system, there is no error in color matching, that is, the match with colorless (black and white gray). Blue and white are the souls of Haitian, the color of the navy.

This kind of water -blue fur is very white. Babies who have not returned in the summer are not missed.

The matching of blue and gray, the same, plus a pair of contrasting shoes to improve the return rate, be careful of getting up.

Low -key babies can choose blue fur with black leather pants or pencil pants, which is the most common standard for winter fur because of the characteristics of fur fluffy silhouettes. This is the most thinner.

Is the blue fur beautiful?

In fact, the blue fur is also divided into color shades. The details and styles of different shades of color matching are different.

As far as the blue system is concerned, it gives people more melancholy, deep, and mysterious feelings. So how do we grasp the coordination of other items when wearing and do not destroy blue as the main point? First of all, the blue system is divided into three types, light blue, lake blue, and hidden blue.

Generally speaking, the lighter the color can make people feel young and lively, and the darker the color, the more mature. In terms of light blue, when the skin tone is fairest, the skin tone is originally a factor that has to be considered when it is matched. The complementary mix will not make people feel the visual impact.

How to maintain blue fur

1. When hanging fur, you should use a hanger with a shoulder pad to hang fur. You cannot hang it with a steel wire hanger. In this way, the fur is easily damaged or deformed. When hanging the fur, you should leave enough space to avoid squeezing the fluff and deformation.

2. Fur flowers should ensure breathable. Do not use impermeable plastic bags. Put the fur with a cloth bag and separate the dust.

3. The place where the fur should be hung, and the sunlight should not be selected for a long time. It is best to keep the room temperature at 15 degrees and place a moisture -proof pipe.

4. The accidental treatment of fur. If you accidentally wet the fur, just hang the wet fur in a dry place to let it air dry naturally.

How to match blue fur