Zhang Yixing is a transformed man from the “fresh meat”, wearing a stitching shirt with western pants, and the mature man looks like

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Men’s clothing is indispensable for shirts. The shirt has a formal shirt and a casual shirt to meet the wearing needs of different identities and figures.

The shirts have a variety of styles. From teenagers to mature men, they can use shirts to show their age characteristics, show the most unique dress taste in the simplest way of dressing, and integrate personal characteristics into the overall image.

In addition to choosing a suitable shirt when wearing a shirt, men also need to adjust the matching form of the shirt. They are particular about the combination of the upper and lower clothes. When choosing the right, the corresponding temperament can be displayed.

There must be a difference between wearing and mature wearing, so how can this sense of difference be expressed through shirts? Zhang Yixing’s shirt has a lot of changes, showing a feeling of growth.

Zhang Yixing’s changes are not small. Wearing a shirt is different from the original, the male temperament has become thicker. Zhang Yixing is a transformed man from the “fresh meat”, wearing a stitching shirt with western pants, and it looks like a mature man.

Zhang Yixing’s male shirt wear


Design of stitching shirts

Shirt stitching is mainly



The stitching on the upper, color design can show the trendy and personality of wearing, 30+ men are still suitable for trending routes, but we must avoid the appearance of childishness and highlight the maturity of wearing. Therefore, the stitching design cannot be too eye -catching. use

Color stitching

More natural.





Both are commonly used in shirts. These two colors have a clean and fresh feeling, which can show the charm of the image and show the sun and generous temperament. Their combination stitching is very harmonious.

In order to increase the design charm of the shirt, there are striped decorations on the basis of color. Different background shirts are suitable for different types of stripe decorations. White background color is suitable

Color stripe

, But the stripes cannot be messy,

Single line

Just accept it.

Blue is relatively fresh and has the effect of age reduction, suitable for suitable

Multiple stripes

The combination modification can increase the visual attractiveness and become stronger.

The matching effect of the next installation

The formation of the shirt wearing style is directly related to the choice of the lower dress, so if you want to have a male temperament, in addition to your own charm, you must be mature and well -proportioned, the lower style should be more



Shirt and


The combination can show the handsome and mature men’s handsome and mature. The trousers are one of the classic matching items of the shirt. It can highlight the solemn and serious sense of official wear. It can optimize and adjust the shirt style in the match.


The matching of black trousers still improves


The effect makes men look better. Men’s body needs are different from women. You should try to make your body look strong

Hormonal atmosphere



The style of the trousers makes the shirt style mature, and the male temperament cannot be concealed. The shirt also has other designs and matching methods, and the style of wearing is different.

Design and wear of other shirts

Stacking of shirts and T -shirts

Stacking is a trend of shirts to wear. Two similar or similar items can be superimposed together to build


Generous dress shape.


T -shirt

The charm is very similar. Both items are casual clothing, which can enlarge the casual temperament.

Short -sleeved shirts are stacked with short -sleeved or long -sleeved T -shirts. You can adjust the form of dressing according to the temperature change. In the process of stacking, the color difference between the two items should not be too large, you can choose


The same color


Same color elements


Stacking of shirts and knitwear

Shirts can also be stacked together with a knitted sweater with obvious differences or practicality. The shirt can be matched with

High -neck sweater

, Knitwear is inside, and the shirt is stacked outside. Because the neckline of the shirt is lower than the high -necked sweater, the charm of the sweater can still be displayed, and the shape


Very strong, this combination is suitable for autumn and winter.

In such a superposition, shirts and turtleneck shirts


There can also be a large difference, so that the characteristics and charm of the two items can be highlighted, so that the shirts and high -necked sweater shows charm, and the visual sense is balanced.


Shirt coat wear

Shirts can also be worn as ordinary jackets. It is suitable for wearing shirts in autumn. You can choose thicker

Denim shirt

or it could be

Leather shirt

, Moderate warmth effect, can also highlight the trend of men, and the method of dressing is relatively simple. It can also wear high -level effects on men who are not sensitive to fashion.

When the shirt is made of a coat, it is the main item in the shape, so you can choose

color design

Rich or


The characteristics of characteristics will be enhanced.

The shirts have a variety of charm. Different types of shirts can show the advantages and temperament characteristics. Men who wear shirts will have stronger attractiveness. It is also practical to use shirts to express the charm of male age. Young men can choose tide matching methods such as stacking, and mature men can choose conventional matching methods to add mature charm with formal clothes.

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