How to wear red coats is not beautiful, try these matching methods, advanced and bright

American fashion master Bill BLASS said: Red is the ultimate medicine for sadness. If you have any questions, wear red.

Ms. Chanel loves red very much, and creates her first lipstick with a bright red tone. McQueen’s favorite color is also red, which is her inspiration muse.

Red is the national color of China. The name “Adam” of the ancestor of human beings is red and life. Red is the color of women. It is enchanting, charming, and retro. If you need to pick a coat in the new year, it must be a red coat. And many people think

Red and vulgar, rustic

The red coat is even more difficult to control, but it is not. Therefore, we will talk about the fashionable way of wearing red coats in this issue, let’s take a look.

1. Wear the texture

The whole body red must wear an elegant and charming feeling. First of all, the texture of the coat must be good to be tacky. This texture comes from the version,

The version should be stretched, the fit is not tight

, Comfortable and busty.

Self -cultivation


Don’t try it easily, because the requirements for your body are relatively high, and the tall figure can wear the temperament of the cultivation.

If you like the sense of curve, you can choose


A -character version, A -line version plus a cloak design

, Lady’s temperament.

You can also choose

X -shaped coat, is not a belt

It will not only expose the figure, and you can adjust the body proportion.

Cocoon type is suitable for apple -type figure, and H -shaped is suitable for most types of body.

In addition to the version, the fabric can also reflect the texture,

Soft velvet and tough leather


It is not suitable for large -scale use, either dull or reflective, and

Mao, suit, suit

It’s more suitable.

Of course, velvet or leather is not completely unavailable, but it is better to use it in the inside when the whole body is red.


Material difference

More layered.


One more thing is

Tailoring of coat details

, Gentle and low -key on the shoulder line, relatively casual, positive shoulder line design, relatively formal, but more tolerance for skating women.


The lapel is dignified and stable, and the polygonal collar is a little less formal and more individual.

2. Wear style

Secondly, the color is also very important, the yellow black skin is suitable

High -saturated jujube red or wine red

And more retro. However, for women with yellow or mature age, when choosing wine red, pay attention to avoid more purple red tunes, which will look particularly dull, while red tones are more purple tone. people.


Blushing is not suitable for black with black

It is too boring and dull, and high -grade gray is a better choice.

In the bright red, I personally think

Orange red is more suitable for cold white skin, and the blue tone is more suitable for yellow skin.


Red coat has a strong visual impact,

Match with simple colors, such as neutral color

, Mainly to earth color, more coordinated.

1. Red and black matching, classic is not out of date

The combination of red coat and dark color items

Red -based, supplemented by dark colors

, Weaken the power of redness.


The dark color is the most versatile in black, and the enthusiastic red and restrained black black are a surprising combination. When the pants and shoes are both black, not only extend the body ratio, but also focus on it.

Even so,

Small people should also pay attention to the length of the coat on the knee above the knee.


The positive red coat, the sharp lines of pure black as the inside, the combination of the two is too strong, and this set is

Add classic elements, such as plaid


The addition of red and white parallel wide -leg pants that echoes the coat not only weaken the aura of the coat, but also increases the sense of high -level clothing.

2. Red+brown


Brown is not only a neutral color, but also the color of autumn and winter. Red and brown are also warm tones. Brown is used as the color inward. It is dark and bright, and the yellow and black skin can also be easily controlled.

for example

Light brown suit and orange -red coat stacking

The brown checkered suit with a brown belt, the brown bag and the silk scarf on the neck of the retro and the color of the suit are the finishing touch.

Compared to light brown, the color of the deep khaki is more intense, because red is the focus of the whole suit.


The red coat on the outside is recommended to choose poppy red with high saturation and low brightness

Essence In order to make the color naturally transition, the inner inner advice is lighter brown than the middle layer.

In addition to neutral colors, it can also be selected with a single product with red coats

No color, such as small white pants,


The A -character -style medium -length red coat and white wide -leg pants are capable and bright.

Wide -leg pants+pointed shoes.

The main choice of wide -leg pants version should be the main as much as possible

Don’t choose the trouser legs too wide

, Press with a long coat. Especially for small children, it is also recommended to choose a nine -point version, exposing ankle, with pointed heels, capable and feminine.

Red coat+radish pants with small leather shoes or loafers.

Radish pants and small leather shoes are two items that belong to the British style. When paired with red coats, they are all white and open in the coat. The division of the two colors not only increases, but also shows the body proportion. This coat is not particularly bright red, but red with pink tone, which is more gentle.


1. Belt

For coats, many are relatively large, because it is convenient for stacking clothes. The version of the version like this can be shifted and weakened the weight of the coat itself, but in some more formal occasions, one can


The coats that reflect the gas field are those who have a strong sense of lines

And the belt can just strengthen the line of the coat, it can also highlight the shape of the figure, and it is more feminine.


2. Red coat+pearl


For grandma, accessories like pearls are necessary to wear. For example, the pearl necklace wearing on the neck or the pearl earrings in the ear, with their embellishment not only


Improving the texture and gloss of the clothes can also highlight the good look.


The red coat has the superposition of pearls, and it is even more icing on the cake. The bright red and pearl white is the collision between light and fire.


At the end, this issue of the sharing of red coats is over. If you still have questions about fashion and wear, please leave a message in the comment area, thank you for reading, QY ~

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