Di Lierba is so stunning to dress up seriously. Wearing white fur is like a “princess”, so elegant

Winter charm women cannot lack coats, how many do you have?

Lamb hair, shake pill coats that lead the fashion trend, conventional woolen coats with elegant temperament, leather coats full of gas fields, and lady -level fur coats, etc., can be used for your reference!

So in many types of coats, how can everyone choose to better show the charm?

May wish to learn from the following kinds of ideas to master the secrets of winter coats!

Try the “low -profile version” lady -like dressing, dark low -neck skirt with long white fur, leading the new trend of winter, in winter, you can’t stop the charm. So eye -catching. The charm of winter wearing can be divided into two points, one is the temperament, and the other is noble.

However, everyone wears a coat on weekdays is bloated and without beauty. The reason is that the reason is that I do n’t have the skills to wear it, and I have a way to complete the wear and show the beauty of the aesthetic. Then the personal charm will be stronger. The sense of shape of the whole person is also particularly prominent.


Winter coat style classification

Fur coat

Winter wear is not only to ensure the warmth of dressing, but also to further enhance the beauty of the image and show the unique charm of dressing. Therefore, it is worth everyone to try on the coats with several charm styles!

The typical expensive coat, from the perspective of the fabric texture of the clothing, the soft and glutinous and delicate fur coat is the primary choice for creating a sense of expensive wear. First, the smoothness and smoothness of the fabrics are the key to increasing the fashion charm and highlighting the high -level nobleness.



In the process of choosing fur mix, you should also follow your personal age and appearance corresponding to select styles

Generally speaking, young girls are more suitable for choosing some light fur, white, mint green, cherry blossom powder, taro purple, etc., to avoid choosing dark fur to wear old -fashioned, and does not affect personal image beauty. You can exude charm.

Fur coats also pay attention to skills in matching. If you match it casually, it is easy to make the image beauty decrease, and it will not highlight the unique charm of the shape. Therefore, on the premise of improving personal image, choosing a dark -colored low -necked dress as the charm of the formal occasion, the eye -catching degree is super high.


It is also recommended that young girls choose a dark solid color dress with light -colored fur

There are certain contrast and differences between clothing colors, so the visual impact is relatively strong, which is conducive to highlighting the beauty of the shape. Atmosphere, full of beauty, very good.


Winter coat demonstration demonstration demonstration


Color fur+jeans

Winter clothing is more expensive, but it is also expensive. One is that the clothing has thickness, and the other is to choose a fabric with better warmth to increase the temperature, and fur is one of them.


Fur not only has texture, which is high -level and precious, but also the best warmth. It is also very tasteful to wear.


In fur clothing, almost all of them are the same solid colors, and there are few colors. If you think that the colorful fur is too eye -catching, the creation of the sense of noble style may wish to try to choose the dark color fur.


The long fur with purple, blue, and gray color stitching will be stronger.

In daily life, it is also suitable to choose a casual style jeans.

Clein blue coat

The silhouette version of the coat, it is recommended to match it with an open way to wear


On the one hand, to avoid the display of bloated styling, and on the other hand, the sense of fashion of personal shapes will increase. The coat of the silhouette is mainly based on the charm of the body. It is also relatively gas field to match, and at the same time, it can also highlight the three -dimensional sense of shape.

In addition, everyone should pay attention to it, that is,


Light -colored and bright color clothing has a certain sense of fluffy, which is more fatter than classic black and other dark colors.

Therefore, everyone should refer to the personal figure to choose the silhouette coat. If it is a small child, or a woman with a slightly fat body shape, be cautious.

White windbreaker

In the autumn and winter seasons, everyone can also choose a thin style trench coat to match it as a way of clothing inward clothing, and at the same time, the beauty of personal charm will be greatly improved.

The long trench coat is mainly based on the role of modifying the figure. In the process of matching, it can hide the valgus of the calf lines, as well as the irregular ratio of the fat and the waist and hips of the thigh lines.

, Optimize the figure and enhance the characteristics of the gas field to show the charm of wearing.


And a long white trench coat, to create an elegant lady fan, successfully comes out, with black skirts or casual tight clothing, showing a simple and atmospheric style beauty, which is very exciting.