Fengyun Min Shang | Qi brand Hong Zhaozhang: Use a “national tide” stand -up collar jacket to capture people’s hearts

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In 1979, Hong Zhao started from a scissors, a sewing machine, and a funds of less than 300 yuan, leading the brand to grow into a large menswear company that has continued to innovate Chinese culture and continuously innovated. This 42 -year -old men’s clothing brand is continuing to lead the development of the Chinese men’s clothing industry with its strong vitality and young innovation spirit.


Cross -era entrepreneurship

Hong Zhao was born in Jinjiang, Fujian, and is the old seven of the brothers. As the youngest child, when he was studying arts, Hong Zhaozhang directly learned from his brothers in all walks of life, saving a lot of tuition fees, and a variety of experiences. Before the age of 25, he sold fish, transported food, picked stones, cut clothes, and often rode 3 or 4 hours of bicycles.

It was of great significance to Hong Zhao in 1979. Hong Zhaozhu got a bundle of rare chemical fiber fabrics on the market at the time. He brought the fabric back to his own workshop. After cutting into a pants, when he went to Anhai, he hid his pants in the basket of fish, or handed it to an acquaintance’s shop for sale. Taiwanese businessmen continue to buy fabrics.

风云闽商 | 柒牌洪肇设:用一件“国潮”立领夹克俘获人心

At that time, the reform and opening up had just proposed that every time I bought and sold Hong Zhao set up, I was so careful. “A piece of Zhongshan sells 9 cents and 5, and the fine once is tens of hundreds. The money made cannot be placed on the table, so it is stored in the jar and buried underground.” The business is not easy to do, but Hong Zhao is still unwilling and continues. Get up early and blackened clothing to buy and sell. One or two times, Hong Zhaozhu had a friendship with the businessman, and also made the first bucket of gold in his life by his own hands.

In 1984, Hong Zhaozhang and the Sixth Brother and Sixth Brother registered the company to open the first brothers in the region to co -organize the new township enterprise new art Belle clothing factory. Sewing machine.

In 1992, Comrade Deng Xiaoping spoke, and the policy was further clear. Soon after, Hong Zhao set up the first phase of the plant and embarked on the road of scale development. The Belle brand was replaced by the cards in 1996, but now when the history of the card is calculated, Hong Zhaozhang is still willing to start from the family -style workshop in 1979. It was the first year of the reform and opening up policy. He used a brand to use a brand. Founded a vivid record of this history.


Being a Chinese suit

风云闽商 | 柒牌洪肇设:用一件“国潮”立领夹克俘获人心

There are products and markets, and enterprises develop rapidly, but if clothing is only used for wearing, there is no soul. Hong Zhaozhu pondered the deeper things: the suit is imported, the jacket is also the West, what is China? He decided to make clothes that can convey national culture and Chinese fashion to the world.

In 1998, Hong Zhaozhu decided to focus on suits. In order to synchronize the highest level of clothing in the world, the production of Qianpai from family -style workshops to modern and professional large -scale production, Hong Zhao has introduced the most advanced international suit production line, which consumes all his savings. But in the face of such innovative products, market feedback seems ambiguous. It was not until 2003 that the brand opened the market.

The brand suit was on the right track, and Hong Zhaoshu had a new thinking. “Chinese clothing requires a business card. We make a suit, but after all, the suit is an exotic product. I think, can we superimposed the traditional Chinese suits and suits to create a new Chinese suit?”

Hong Zhao’s action is amazing. In 2002, the “China Litto” series of products was successfully developed. In 2007, the “Standards for Poor Men’s Overfitting Standards” became provincial standards. Clothing is an important carrier of a nation and national traditional culture. Based on the Zhongshan clothing as the basis, the Chinese leader has absorbed the essence of the fashion of Han and Tang dynasties. Get inherited and carried forward. The brand has become the founder of China and the leading brand of Chinese men’s clothing. In 2007 alone, 500,000 of the 1.48 million sets sold by Qi Brand were Chinese leadership.


Let Chinese brands famous the world

The China Lier really felt that Hong Zhaozhang and Qi brand really felt that a company can pass on the deep value of national culture and make Chinese brands famous in the world. It also started from that, and Qi Brand was more deeper into the performance of Chinese traditional culture in clothing, and it also spread national culture and Chinese fashion at the cost of clothing and brands at the expense.

In 2008, and joined hands with Tsinghua University Arts and Science Research Center, the “Play Talent Cultural Research and Protection Fund” was established. In the research and development of the stand -up collar, the era of China Establishment was established.

风云闽商 | 柒牌洪肇设:用一件“国潮”立领夹克俘获人心

While spreading traditional culture, Qi Pai did not forget to innovate. In 2016, he launched smart jackets and was awarded the “Top Ten Leaders of the Two Two Integrations of 2016”.

In 2017, as the first national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration company in Fujian, when he was invited to participate in the China International Industrial Expo, Qi Pai officially launched the smart ecosystem to create smart products, smart retail, smart logistics, smart manufacturing and smart office The intelligent ecosystem of the five major modules creates a new retail era with a new interaction and online and offline integration, and meets the dress needs of Chinese men as a whole.

In 2018, the national standards of the Chinese stand -up neighborhood men’s clothing participated in the formulation were officially implemented. From production clothing to formulating standards, the brand has also completed the upgrade of corporate influence.

风云闽商 | 柒牌洪肇设:用一件“国潮”立领夹克俘获人心

In 2019, Ronaldo Ronaldo Ronaldo was the new spokesperson for the card, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s favorite jersey number was also 7. It just coincided with the “柒” of the card, which also strongly promoted the internationalization of Men’s men’s clothing brand.

“In the Internet era, we must not only have love to win the spirit, but also rely on wisdom.” Hong Zhaochang said. In the future, under 5G applications, the brand will be fixed with the AGV handling system and the warehousing system, the production of MES systems and management systems to build an intelligent logistics system that can be visualized and traceable in the clothing industry, and create an intelligent logistics of the “5G+Industrial Internet” in the textile industry. Application benchmark.

From Chinese stand -up collars to blue and white porcelain, to smart jackets. Hong Zhao’s confidence comes from his pursuit and from his demand for quality. Along the way, Hong Zhaozhang always aimed at a goal, that is, to interpret Chinese culture in the most suitable way. He is convinced that this is the foundation of Qi brand.

风云闽商 | 柒牌洪肇设:用一件“国潮”立领夹克俘获人心

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风云闽商 | 柒牌洪肇设:用一件“国潮”立领夹克俘获人心

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