It is a perfect match with lemon. Drinking 1 cup is equal to jogging for 1 hour.

It is a perfect match with lemon. Drinking 1 cup is equal to jogging for 1 hour. The next day, Zhao Wei also drank it. I do n’t know if you have seen Chinese restaurants. As a gourmet reality show, the visibility of this show is still very high. Xiaobian started from the first episode. At that time, the manager was Zhao Wei. They opened a Chinese restaurant on Xiangdao, Thailand. As the manager, Zhao Wei also made his housekeeping skills. Cold drinks for customers -honey lemonade. Why do big stars Zhao Wei love honey lemonade so much? Because honey lemonade can not only help the human body excrete, but also play a whitening role. You may wish to drink a little bit at home and drink healthy and whitening it.

Honey lemon

By Xiong Erdi V15840336613



Half of lemon, 100 grams of honey, 8 grams of refined salt


Cooking steps:


1. Lemon cleaning


2. After washing, wash the surface with salt to achieve sterilization and disinfection


3. Be sure to dry it after washing, and then cut it! Since I don’t like too sour, the lemon slices are cut thin

4. Pour the honey at the bottom of the bottle, and then lay a layer of lemon and a layer of honey. Remember, the bottle is also dry.

5. Put in the refrigerator for 3-5 days

6. After the honey lemon is soaked, brew it with water at about 40 ° C. It is sweet and sour and delicious. I took it to the unit. In just one morning, I was grabbed by my colleagues. Because it was whitening and beauty, female colleagues liked it very much.


Cooking Tips:

Buying tips 1. Look at the color: watch the color and gloss of the honey with the naked eye, light color, bright transparent, and sticky are high -quality honey; the color is dark brown or black red, the gloss is dull, and the muddy honey is inferior to inferior products. Essence 2. Smelling odor: Pure honey should have a strong aroma of natural nectar; if there is a strange smell, it may be a mixed product. 3. Taste the taste: Take a little honey at the entrance to taste it. It is refreshing, delicate, sweet, and the throat is clear. , Honey with poor quality or mixed honey. 4. Test the feel: Take a little honey, put it on the clean and dry palms, and twist it with your fingers. Generally, the pure honey crystals or solidification crystals are relatively sticky and delicate, and there is no rough feeling after twisting with your fingers; There is a possibility of mixing roughness.

What is your favorite cold drink?

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