“Gecko Data” Christmas is approaching, fast -selling candy gift boxes such as fast -handed chocolate

Scope of data statistics: from December 1st to December 19th, 2021, food and drinking GMV Top 3000 products; casual food GMV TOP1000; candy/chocolate GMV Top1000 (product data with high sales);

Data source: The data of this article comes from the gecko to see the fast version.

This time the geckos looked at the statistics of the GMV Top3000 data from Food and Wine from December 1st to 19th, 2021. The data shows that leisure foods won 29.9%of the GMV proportion of 29.9%of the number of goods, ranking TOP1, and December and December Compared with 19 days before, the overall ranking of food and drinks has changed less.

▲ 2021.12.1-12.19 Food and drink GMV Top3000 Commodity Sales Trends 丨 Data Source: Gallery: Look at Kuaishou Edition

In order to explore the reason why casual foods have been stabilizing at different time periods, the geckos have further seized the category of casual food. The data shows that the candy/chocolate category exceeds the convenience of fast food category that has been stable in TOP1 in the past. The proportion of 29.6%of GMV won the first place. Because Christmas is approaching, the candy gift boxes such as chocolate are welcomed by fast -handed users.

▲ 2021.12.1-12.19 Casual Food GMV Top1000 Commodity Sales Trends 丨 Data Source: Gallery Version

From the perspective of the price range of candy/chocolate target, to the geckon, it is found that this type of product product is concentrated in the low-customer unit price range of 0-100 yuan, of which the price of products at 0-50 yuan price range is the highest. From the perspective of the number of commodities, the product results of the price range of 50-100 yuan may be more significant.


In addition, the candy gift box of 150-200 yuan also has a certain market. With 2.2%of the number of commodities, it won 16.3%of the GMV proportion, and the results were bright.


▲ 2021.12.1-12.19 Candy/Chocolate GMV TOP1000 Commodity Sales Trends 丨 Data Source: Gecko look at Kuaishou version

In the end, from the hot words of the product, the geckon finds that the word -related product vocabulary such as “yellow” and “seasoning sauce” starts to reveal. While fast -handed users will also buy the seasoning for cooking on the platform Prevention.


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