The 100 -day banquet invitation word is written like this

1. The baby is hundreds of days, and the parents are happy. Ceremony to celebrate a special banquet and record a period of experience of the baby’s growth. Please ask relatives and friends to witness the babies of the baby’s growth together.


2. The baby’s uncle, aunts, brother, brother, and grandparents pay attention. The baby will be about 100 days next week, and you will also come to the elders, time: xx, location: xx.

3. I sincerely invite XX, and at X -year X Moon X (at the beginning of the lunar calendar X month X) x to X to participate in the XXX babies’ 100 -year -old wedding banquet, please visit.

4. Family (female) xxx, welcomes relatives and friends, and for the love of friends and relatives, there are special feasts. Welcome to bring dependents. Time: X Month X, X -month x day x. Waiting for the good sound, XX respect!

5. Lang Lang 学 语 语 语 语 5 5 5 5 100 days when he came to the world. Parents love to host a banquet. When X -year X, X -day x, X Hotel gathered together.

6. The baby is happy for a hundred days, and invites the elders to meet with the X hotel in X -year X, X -month X, and the same time to witness the baby’s growth, share happy memories!

7. In your care and care, my baby has grown healthy for a hundred days! Welcome to the X Hotel X -year X -month X, to participate in the baby’s treasure feast!

8. It’s been a long time since I have been having your health. Now I am a loving father. Children will be 100 days old, and it will be held at X -year X -day x Hotel to hold a birthday banquet. Essence

9. The dogs are full of 100 days. Parents are happy. In order to thank relatives and friends for their love, the X -year X -day x hotel is set up to celebrate the congratulations. Welcome to bring dependents.

10. Our baby is about to be hundreds of days soon. At the X -month X -day x hotel of X -year X -year, you must come for a hundred days. At that time, you must come and drink with us with joy and not to return!

11. After the birth of the son, many relatives and friends sent a blessing. Today, the baby is finally a hundred days. In order to thank your care, our husband and wife set up a hundred -day banquet at the X -month X -day x hotel of X Nian X.

12. The shining birthday candlelight, the joy of relatives and friends, my baby’s 100 -day banquet will start at the X -year X -month x day x hotel on time, sincerely invite friends and relatives to gather. I wish your family a happy!

13. The family adds gold at home, and my friends are happy; toasting to the toast, happiness comes; When my daughter is full of moon, please come to it, thank you.

14. My baby crying was pleasing, and his wife had recovered. When my family likes to add thousands of money, prepare wine and food, and invite you to share this wonderful melody with us.

15. Falling the ground, the lucky luck is coming, the whole family is jubilant. Here is a expensive, please send you to invite you, wait for you to drink wedding.

16. Recently, there are joy in the home and get a little boy. In order to celebrate, the hotel puts on a banquet and invites friends and relatives to invite you to specially invite you.

17. Hi Guizi is full of energy, her heart is full of sweetness, and my friends and relatives praise them. They are cute and beautiful. The baby is 100 years old.

18. In everyone’s expectations, my baby is finally full of the moon. In order to record a period of experience of the baby’s growth, you invite you to participate in the full moon banquet, watch my baby juggling, and listen to my baby’s laughter.

19. Children’s full moon is imminent. There are several banquets. Welcome to relatives and friends, visit Han Shebi, and happy together.






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