At a list of the new products of Chanel in Paris Gaoding Fashion Week, the eyes are full of tassels and lotus leaf edges, which are particularly romantic

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Every summer is the time for big names to release new autumn and winter products. Last year, there was no offline catwalk due to the epidemic. This year’s fashion week has been restored. Recently

2021 Paris Gao Ding Fashion Week

In progress. I watched Chanel 2021 autumn and winter shows, and it was quite eye -catching.

Chanel is a very classic brand, and her clothes are very personal.

Small incense wind

Everyone has heard of this word. This means Chanel -style clothes. It can be seen that Chanel’s clothes are very obvious. for example


Flower items, bordering elements

Wait. In addition to the traditional flowers this season, Chanel also adds elements such as tassels, feathers and lotus edges. Very romantic.

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of Chanel’s new season of clothing today.

In the new season, Chanel has elements such as tassels, feathers, ruffles, and wood ears everywhere.

Friends who watched the Chanel show this season must have this feeling.


Lotus leaf edge or wooden ear

Essence Coupled with layers of stitching skirts. Special romantic and sweet. The white gauze skirt on the left side of the picture above is very immortal. The upper body is a three -dimensional flower made of tulle. The skirt is a long hip skirt with layers of ruffled edges. Fantasy and feminine.

Although the blue suspender dress on the right side of the figure above is also the design of the ruffled cake skirt, the style is sweet and fresh.


The ruffled edge is romantic. A lot of beautiful fungus than the ruffled edge. The yellow dresses are decorated with a few circles of wooden ear, retro and fresh. This layer of stitching skirts are not only used on dresses.


The skirt of the body is pretty good.

The black and gray cake skirt on the right side of the figure above is beautiful. This is made by tulle, which is very textured, and at the same time, it shows a loss of immortality. Together with the printed knitted jacket, retro and stylish.


Except for lotus leaf and wooden ear, layers of cake skirts. this

Tassel or feather

There are also a lot of design. The furry and dense tassels or feathers feel like


, Also with a retro charm. It feels like I am a skirt, but the warmth is good. I am right in autumn and winter.

This dress is a bit bulky in the summer, but when the weather is cold, it is not so obtrusive to look at it.

This orange pink running skirt is very distinctive. It feels like a skirt that has not been made by woven wool. Romantic and stylish. This skirt is still a bit



the meaning of. There is an unruly willfulness. Especially fashionable. Because the color and fabric of this skirt are more out of place. So use a gray woolen coat to balance it, making this feathers a lot of low -key.

The designer of Chanel really likes the designs of this streaming, feathers, ruffles and cake skirts. From tulle skirts to wool skirts, they do not let go. Very romantic and sweet.

The new season of Chanel in the new season cannot be ignored, retro literature and nobleness

Friends who like Chanel to his house


Checked jacket

Nothing is unfamiliar. This is almost his house

Town Store Treasure

It is launched every year. The fabrics are small plaids of this flower. And basically this kind of pattern is not very clear


Essence As soon as you see this kind of checkered clothes, you will think of Chanel.


This season’s checkered flower coat is also very good. On the left is the red -and -white crossbone grid, and a small vest with the same color. Intellectual atmosphere and elegance.


On the right is the purple red and gray checkered flower coat. The clothes are slightly longer and waist. The hem’s buttons are unbuttoned a few more, and the waistline is relatively high, and the black cake skirt is romantic and atmospheric.

Compared to the two -color thousand -bird checkered jacket, this kind of gray is based on the pink, yellow and red plaids are more lively and younger. If the two colorful birds are worn by middle -aged women. This kind of mixed -color plaid suit with gray as the main color is more suitable for young people. It is not boring when we wear, and I am not old -fashioned at all.


The two sets of checkered sets above are good -looking. The plaid on the left contains white, with a white tube top, and the high heels on the feet are also black and white. Very refreshing. There is pink in the checked on the right, so it is more suitable with a pink tube top. It looks sweet and atmospheric. These two sets of checkered flowers are pretty good to wear to work.

In the new season, there are also many knitted and ticked flowers in Chanel items.

Chanel sweater and sweater are so different. In addition to the decoration of large V -neck and bow. This pattern is also very distinctive. A lot of jacquard technology is used. For example, the pink and white -colored V -neck sweater of the bean paste pink and white are good. The pattern is complicated, but because the color matching is good, it looks quite temperament.

With a pink and white thousand -bird lattice hip skirt. Sweet and feminine. The black and white color -colored Mary Zhen shoes on the feet look good.

This color -based color knitted sweater is also very representative. The black background is covered with red and yellow flowers, romantic and sweet. When this top is wearing, it is very good with black skirts or pants.

But the model of the catwalk was equipped with a colorful horizontal striped skirt for this shirt. It’s very flowers up and down, but it looks lively and tacky. The main reason is that the color matching is basically similar, without excessive colors. It’s quite tide.

There are many new flowers in Chanel’s new products, and the atmosphere is classic

Everyone knows that the flower set of the Chanel family is a treasure and the most classic item. This solid color is very good and textured, which is very fashionable because of the brightening silk. More lively than pure black flower fabrics.


The black shiny shredded coat of the picture above is good. The top is a waist top, a gray printed shirt inside, and a skirt with a hip skirt. Atmospheric and intellectual. This set is also very good to go to work.


But it is gray or a little gray purple. If it is solid color, it will look monotonous and old -fashioned. With the embellishment of silver bright silk, this clothes are a lot fashionable. Even if the style is relatively conservative, the matching is more conservative, and it is very temperament.

The two sets of flowers in the figure above are waist and short skirts, and the atmosphere is capable. Very suitable for work.

The edge elements are still very popular, retro and delicate

Another distinctive feature of Chanel’s clothes is


Among the new products of this season, there are quite a lot of bordering elements. In particular, this kind of flower coat without collar is basically fiber. The two sets above are very representative. It feels retro and delicate.

The border is not inlaid at will. The color must be matched with clothes. The left side of the figure above is a smooth -colored trim. On the left is the contrasting border. They are all good.

In addition to the collarless flower jacket, there are bonding, and this littering sweater also has edges. The colorful neighbor sweater in the picture above is very representative. She is still pink and white braid. Sweet and retro and romantic. Very creative. I have to say that Chanel’s innovation ability is still very strong.

Well, the characteristics of Chanel’s clothes about the latest season are here today. Do you like the new product of his family this season?

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