The mechanical watch that business elites love, high -level calm and texture, a total of 5 models


In the past few days, the hair sticks found that the people around them have started a new round of internal rolls one after another. From the fitness punch card to create a perfect figure, wearing gold and silver pictures, and even on the weekend A blind date corner, it seems that the new year is really necessary to take a good look at yourself first.

For workplace people, a new pair of leather shoes, a gentleman’s elegant suit, or a business -based briefcase is an excellent bonus configuration, full of topics.

Finally, with a decent mechanical watch, hold a cup of Starbucks in your hand, shuttle between high -end office buildings, and steadily hold the temperament of the business elite. Today, I recommend 5 mechanical watches suitable for urban white -collar workers, which are high -level and calm and textured.


Longines longines

Consecas Diving Series L3.781.4.06.6 Mechanical Men’s Watch

If you want to live, you still have to wear green! This Langqin Green Consecas diving series has almost no one in the price of 10,000 yuan.

Classic configuration of diving watch


Simple and atmospheric matte green disk

It’s just telling you why you are alone in green water ghosts.

Multi -layer anti -reflector coating, silver -plated polishing pointer, ceramic bezel texture is hard and wear -resistant, threaded edge+vertical drawing process to create a high -level texture.

One -way rotating bezel+bridge crown, waterproof depth can reach 300 meters, equipped with “


“Mechanical movement, 72 hours of dynamic reserves, built -in silicon travers, greatly improved performance. Whether it is sports, leisure, and business, it can be controlled, versatile and durable.



Omega Omega


Haima series mechanical men’s watch

The probability of picking up the man who put on the Omega on the Omega is very high. There should always be two men with two brushes. The 30,000 -price invincible Omega Sea Horse, compared to Longines, is more advanced and more stable and visible to the naked eye, and the leadership style is low -key.

42mm is moderate size,

All steel meter body


Blue wave pattern dial


The domineering and conspicuous graphic timing labels and minimalist three stitches are clear and convenient. The tone rowing valve at 10 o’clock uses the Omega patented technology.

The back of the back is equipped with Omega “


“To the movement of the Astronomical Observatory, it has high accuracy and magnetic resistance, with 300 meters of waterproof depth, and every detail is the brand’s intentions.



Emotional Series 3390. Mechanical Male Watch

The watch worn in the business workplace should not be too fancy. Sometimes the simple design can better set off the wise and elite temperament. The emotional series of this Aibao will be premium and simple.


Blue pointer

Roman digital scale

With the simple disk surface, the unique Newso decorative pattern dial modify the sense of elegant gentleman, adhering to the Swiss classical charm, the design of the onion head crown design, it is convenient and fast when adjusting.



ETA 2892-A2

The mechanical movement is stable when walking. The high -quality calf leather strap is comfortable and generous, and the details are ingenious. It is suitable for men who like to wear formal clothes.


Orient Star Orientstar

Master Series Re-AW0004S00B mechanical men’s watch


The highlight of this watch of the Oriental Star Master series is the dial scale font, using the 1950s “


New Orient

“Orient classic Gothic font.

The characteristics of this font are wide, so it is also called “Orient Chubby Gothic” by collectors. It is equipped with a willow chlorpper. The design is more European.


The dial adopts a unique polishing method, showing a gradient luster at different angles, which interprets the advantages of the Japanese watches. At 12 o’clock, there is a 50 -hour dynamic reserve to display the fan disk. At 6 o’clock, the position is a small second needle disc. With the blue Goths, the simplified and texture are integrated.

It is equipped with a brand self -produced movement “

46-F6 50


“Mechanical movement, with 50 hours of dynamic reserves, relying on Epson Group, using the hand -to -hand grinding process, so that Oriental Star is enough to compete with the 10,000 -level watch.


Herlin Michel Herbelin

Pearl Series 16873/B08 quartz female watch

Although this pearl series is a quartz female watch, Herblin has fully played the characteristics of the quartz watches, durable, and durable. It is a wild watch for contemporary independent women.

Light luxury French romantic design style, jewelery watch, high recognition, use “nano -polishing pearl bracelet” and “pearl mother shell dial” to present French ladies. , Elegant, light luxury integration.


The dial is decorated with silver rose patterns, which is very delicate and elegant. The nano -polishing pearl bracelet is fine and can fit the wrist comfortably without worrying about stuttering. The texture is delicate, and it is thin when wearing white! The watch is not only a gorgeous jewelry.

Giving girlfriends, wives, girlfriends, and giving yourself a good choice.