The “golden size” of 3 fishing rods, both novices or veterans, are enough

How long should I buy a fishing rod?

This is the question of a fisherman who just started learning fishing today. I think that this problem is not limited to fishermen who are new to fishing. Many fishermen will experience such a problem.


There are a lot of fishermen who may see that the fishing rods of many people are piled up, but do we really need to buy so many fishing rods?


Of course not, big coffee, fishing for more than ten years, I think fishing, just buy three fishing rods, one more is a waste. Of course, this is limited to the wild fishing environment. Next, I explained in detail around 3 fishing rods.

Novice fishing rod size

The novice period is a period when every fisherman will experience. The most typical period during this period is the problem of throwing investment, because it is unfamiliar with fishing. Therefore, in this period, I think the length of the fishing rod is short. Only in this way can it be better. Throw it out.


The 12 -foot 3.6 fish rod is the best choice. The 3.6 -meter short -size fishing rod is light and comfortable. It can be more conducive to throwing in the novice period. The fishing rod can also achieve a certain accuracy, so as not to east and one pole.

Of course, with the increase of fishing time, you will find that its defects will become more and more obvious. For example, if the size is too short, it can only be used to catch some small fish. It will usher in another transition fishing rod.

Comprehensive fishing rod size

The purpose of the novice period is to be able to catch fish and exercise your fishing skills by the way, but at this stage, it is often a lot. Generally, after fishing 3-4 times, the mentality of fishing fish will change. Essence

A friend of me is a typical example. When I first started learning to fish, I said that I wanted to buy a light fishing rod, just to catch the fish, there was no other request, but after 3 times, it was a change. Xiaoyu is so boring that you want a fishing rod that can catch big fish.

The change of this mentality requires us to cooperate with a longer -length pole. How long is the fishing rod more suitable for fishermen in this period?

At 18 feet 5.4, many fishermen may doubt why it is not 4.5, but directly span to 5.4?

Do you find that in fact, 3.6 and 4.5 fishing rods are not large in wild fishing, and after 5.4 sizes that really open the gap.

This length of the fishing rod can catch the small river ditch down, and it can catch the big river reservoir. Fishing is not tired. When it comes to big fish, I can fight with a big fish.


Just like me, the 5.4 -length pole is used all year round. Although, as the temperature changes, the location of the fish will change. safer.

However, with the increase of the fishermen, the fishing rod of the fishing man is getting farther and farther, just like the wenzhuang gate. At the beginning of 5.4, it can be connected to the pole. Later This requires us to have a longer -size pole.

Extreme fish love fishing rod size

Reservoir and wild river, the fish that wants to catch now, the short -size pole, can’t surround it at all. This must have been knowledgeable, especially in the past two years. It turned out that 6.3 meters of fishing rods were long. Now, if you use this length of this length, you will find that 6.3 is your brother.

Therefore, at this time, we need to have a pole that keeps fishing. Of course, this pole is not necessary. You need to prepare to buy according to the local fish love. If the resources can be satisfied, then buy a 10 -meter pole.

Although it may be less than a few times a year, it will help you to avoid the Air Force when you use it.


At the end


3.6, 5.4, 10, the size of the three fishing rods is the best golden size I think. With these three size poles, it is enough to deal with the existing fish love. More sizes are also a waste of buying.