Take care of summer, love! Summer lovers 2021 series romantic strike on table

The blue seawater is tolerant of all the throbbing of this midsummer this midsummer, and the sound of layers of waves is sometimes drowned in the music in the radio, everything is just right. Is there also a person, let you just want to enjoy the waves and sunlight with TA this summer? G-SHOCK and Baby-G once again prepare special equipment for your romantic summer plan-Summer Lovers 2021 series pairs. Take advantage of the sweetness of the mood and set off towards love!

Some people say that the best couples are not two unlimited people together, but they have many different but can coexist perfectly. The G-SHOCK and Baby-G naturally had such a tacit understanding that originally “born pairs”, so they attracted countless couple tide coffee. They echoed each other’s trend through the Summer Lovers series. Details highlight the identity of the couple. In addition, the watch comes with the beautiful meaning of “spending a few minutes and every second”, and the collection of the Summer Lovers series over the years seems to have become a sense of ritual.

Many couples entering the Summer Lovers series started with two Gothic dark watches released in 2018. Among them, SLV-18A-1A, TATTOO design is unforgettable. A pair of “wings of love” echo each other, one comes from angels and the other comes from the devil, describing the fate that is destined to be separated from each other, and each glance is fatal.

趁盛夏,去热恋!SUMMER LOVERS 2021系列对表浪漫来袭

Another SLV-18B-1 is based on the “Key Heart” as the theme. Locks and keys have always been a classic symbol of love. The lock in everyone’s heart has been waiting for people to open. It is the only key to turn on that lock, and the “key to the heart” is the only symbol of each other.

In 2019, the Summer LOVERS series once again made a double -entry pair, bringing two couples with animal themes. One black and white SLV-19B-1PFZB zebra theme is the lover of the watch like a chess opponent. The same type of zebra dark pattern is added under the different main color of the watch, as if people in love are often attracted by different, because they are the same because of the same, they are the same because they are different. Maintain. The back carvings and backlights of the watch also have sweet surprises. The two zebras snuggle each other, showing a super -loving heart shape.

趁盛夏,去热恋!SUMMER LOVERS 2021系列对表浪漫来袭

The SLV-19A-1APFL theme of the SLV-19A-1APFL of the same period is even more hot and strong. It is a symbol with only one partner who only meets one partner in his life. Represents the left atrium and the right atrium, respectively, and lift their lovers with warm love.

In the summer of 2021, G-SHOCK came to the seaside with Baby-G. The seaside is a good place for love. When the sea water is not over your ankle, the sea breeze brushes TA and kisses you gently. Even if the cheeks are red because of ca n’t restrain your heart, you can also use the strong sunlight as an excuse. Quiet and surging. This time, with the two groups full of summer marine atmosphere, it was sweet and cool for the summer wearing of tide couples.

There are countless beaches and islands on the endless coastal lines. Each beach coating contains leisure and purity that is difficult to find in the city. When the lovers find a preferred place, they snuggle each other to wait for the sunrise, and even the love words that cannot be exported seem to be passing silently. Maybe this is what youth should be.

趁盛夏,去热恋!SUMMER LOVERS 2021系列对表浪漫来袭

The SLV-21B series of the semi-transparent material of the table allows the vision to cool down and sweep the hot summer heat. While blue is the overall color, white ripples are also added as shading to restore the sparkling sea surface when the sun rises. The gradient dial is like the first ray of sunlight embracing the sea. In this morning, lovers stepped on the beach and entered the sea, and felt the coolness of the feet. When the long wind brushed the head, just holding the hand silently, the tacit understanding of the wrist is naturally self -evident, and love also rushes from the depths of the soul at this moment.

When the sun began to burns, the bottom of the sea quietly present another colorful and mysterious world. From the orange red full of gold powder to the gentle rosy, people who have not read the sea will not understand. Lying on the surfboard slightly floating with the waves, the self -awareness of the existence of the individual gradually blurred, and the richness and brilliantness of the two lovers came. At that moment, you and I were part of summer, dreamy and wonderful.

The SLV-21A series is made of white matte transparent material on the table. The colorful matching of the dial reproduces the mysterious world on the bottom of the sea. The matte white reflects the purity and coolness of the summer, and the collision of a variety of colors adds youthful vitality to the original freshness. The hierarchical dial design is trendy, and the original hard -core shape is reinterpreted under the blessing of color. Who can not love such a dazzling super -A watch in summer?

趁盛夏,去热恋!SUMMER LOVERS 2021系列对表浪漫来袭

After experiencing the stimulus of galloping sea waves, people often insert the surfing board on the beach after the surfing. G-Shock and Baby-G use this as inspiration to create special watches packaging. , And show them the full picture of the watch on the beach. This summer, don’t hide the inner throbbing, put on the Summer Lovers 2021 series with TA, create your own romantic summer plan!

GA-110 & BA-110 SLV-21A-7APFC

趁盛夏,去热恋!SUMMER LOVERS 2021系列对表浪漫来袭

RMB 2,190 yuan

趁盛夏,去热恋!SUMMER LOVERS 2021系列对表浪漫来袭

DW-5600 & BGD-560SLV-21B-2PFC

RMB 1,590 yuan

趁盛夏,去热恋!SUMMER LOVERS 2021系列对表浪漫来袭

GA-1110 SLV-21A-7APFC Main features:

Seismic, magnetic, 200 meters of waterproof, automatic LED lighting, World Time (48 cities), second watches (1/1000 seconds), 12/24 hours system, countdown, daily alarm, the whole point sounds, intermittent reports, reports, reports, intermittent reports, reports, intermittent reports, intermittent reports, intermittent reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, reports, and reports, intermittent reports, reports, and reports, interval, Automatic calendar

BA-1110 SLV-21A-7APFC Main features:

Seismic, 100 -meter waterproof, LED lighting, World Time (48 cities), second watches (1/100 seconds), 12/24 hours, countdown, daily alarm, the whole point of reward, intermittent report, full automatic calendar calendar

趁盛夏,去热恋!SUMMER LOVERS 2021系列对表浪漫来袭

DW-5600 SLV-21B-2PFC Main features:

Seismic, 200 -meter waterproof, electronic fluorescent lighting, stopwatch functions (1/100 seconds), countdown, multi -function alarm, the whole point, full automatic calendar, 12/24 hours, flash reminder reminder

趁盛夏,去热恋!SUMMER LOVERS 2021系列对表浪漫来袭

BGD-560SLV-21B-2PFC Main features:

趁盛夏,去热恋!SUMMER LOVERS 2021系列对表浪漫来袭

Seismic, 200 -meter waterproof, electronic fluorescent lighting, about 3 years of battery life, World Time (48 cities), stopwatch functions (1/100 seconds), 12/24 hours, countdown, multi -function alarm, the whole point is reported to report the whole point. Full automatic calendar

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