The shop anti -theft intelligent network alarm system, just do what you want to “theft”

Regarding the anti -theft of the shop, I believe that all bosses are also racking their brains and exhausted various methods. They must have considered whether to install video surveillance or an online alarm system. Install video surveillance and see the stolen, but there is no power. The Internet alarm system, invisible, can’t be touched. I spent money, I don’t know if it is used or not. The single system is not perfect, and the two systems are super budget. So have you understood the shop anti -theft intelligent networking alarm system?


Shaanxi Xin’an An’an Defense Business Shop Defense Intelligent Network Alarm System

What are the advantages of shop anti -theft intelligent networking alarm system? Effective shop anti -theft intelligent networking alarm systems must meet three points: early warning, disposal of incidents, and compensation afterwards. It can be satisfied!

What are the highlights of the shop’s anti -theft intelligent network alarm system?

First, let you spend the same money and enjoy the services of two systems.

Second, face recognition, help managers formulate more accurate strategies.

Third, wandering to the police and refusing to theft outside the door.

Fourth, night security inspections, actively attacking the thief to prevent the thief from continuing the crime.

Fifth, remote management: casual, anywhere, anytime, anywhere.

Shaanxi Xin’an An’an Defense Shop Defense Smart Smart Network Alarm


It is also theft of theft. This shop is equipped with the shop anti -theft intelligent networking alarm system. The deterrent effect of the speaker is enough to make the thief dare not stay for a long time. If you hesitate, it will make the patrol team catch it. It not only allows the user’s property to avoid losses, but also maintains the reputation and dignity of the user! Intersection