Three different methods of using water purifications in the fish tank, detailed explanation!

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Regarding the use of fish tank water purifiers, the fishermen have not stopped discussions since this product came out. Old fish farming can clearly tell everyone that the water purification agent can not only quickly water purification, but also is almost harmless to ornamental fish. Our use is properly used, but it is generally suitable for cleaning tanks, grass tanks, and fish tanks.

In fact, most friends should have eaten this thing. Why do you say that?

Because the main ingredients in the water purification agent are the complex salt of potassium sulfate and aluminum sulfate. After the water, it generates aluminum alumina collagen with strong adsorption capacity. Curmine it into a floc -shaped sink into the bottom of the tank, so as to be filtered by filter cotton. What kind of component exists in this ingredient?


That is, the alum we used to use in the past is often used when frying fried dough sticks, so most people still really eat it. It is the same as the effect of the water purification agent. Whether the fish tank is green, yellow water, or white turbidity, the water purification agent can be completely done within about an hour.

So why do some fishermen think that the water puriter hurts the ornamental fish? One reason is that the alum itself is a bit slightly poisonous, and the other reason is that everyone is worried that it will be absorbed in the fish gills in the process of adsorbing impurities and cause damage to the gills. In fact, we can ignore the phenomenon The medicine is poisonous.

As for the problem of adhesion fish gills, generally we don’t have to worry about it. After the water purification agent is continuously sinking, the fish will avoid the water purification agent, and the fish will quickly float to the water surface to the water surface. In the process of floating, its gill cover also shows a semi -closed state downwards. Unless your fish is half -dead or the amount of water purification is too large, you will not have anything to do with ornamental fish. This kind of worry is simply superfluous.


So how should we operate using the water purification agent? It is correct. Old fish farming has found a bottle of water in the home, named the United States Water Purifier, and the content is 280 ml. You can see the pictures. The key is to make everyone look at the size of the bottle cap. As for the brand choice, it does not matter, that is, alum is used, so everyone should understand the truth. The churros are good for ordinary five dollars and a bottle.



Water quality is slightly turbid

This is simple, the water purification agent is like that drink advertisement before use. We need to shake it before drinking, because there will be a precipitation of impurities. After the shake is finished Sprinkle evenly on the water tank surface. Filtering and oxygen can not stop. After about half an hour, the water quality is naturally clear. If the filter cotton is blocked, wash the filter cotton.



Water quality is turbid

For example, yellow water, green water, white turbidity, brown algae on the wall of the cylinder, we can wipe the cylinder wall in advance, and then pour a bottle of water water purification in a meter of fish tank, stop filtering and oxygen, and settle for ten minutes for ten minutes. Let the impurities in the fish tank slowly condense to the bottom of the tank. Even if the fish gathers the fish tank in the short term, we should not be afraid. There is no ornamental fish that will die for ten minutes on the water surface.


After ten minutes, first use the pumping pipe to extract the bottom of the fish tank, and then add the appropriate new water. Do not change the amount of water. You can stop it with the bottom debris. That’s it, then open the filtration and oxygen. You don’t need to open without oxygen. Wash the filter cotton every ten minutes. After about half an hour, the water quality can reach the state of the air cylinder.


Water quality is extremely turbid

After wiping the wall of the tank, a meter of fish tank is poured into the water purification agent of two bottle caps. The filter stops for five to ten minutes. If there is an oxygen supply device, we will mention the oxygen head to the water surface, because the fish will gather on the water surface to gather on the water surface. And if the oxygen is placed at the bottom of the fish tank, it will affect impurities condensation, so we must ensure that the fish does not lack oxygen and does not affect the effect of the water purification agent. The amount of oxygen does not have to be opened too much.

If there is no oxygen supply device, the filter can also be turned on in advance. How much impurities are condensed before the bottom of the opening, we can extract it, and then add some new water. Cleaning the filter cotton, about ten times, the water quality can be cleaned as new.

如果我们按照以上步骤严格去操作的话,净水剂就不会对观赏鱼造成任何危害,绝对可以还给大家一个空气鱼缸,但是唯一我们要注意的一点就是,如果净水剂倒入鱼缸,没有发生The phenomenon of impurities condensed, but the water quality is more turbid like rice soup.


Or there are too many impurities condensed, so embarrassed, prepare for a large range of water, but in this case, I have never encountered the water purifier for so many years.


In the last point, if you buy nitrifying bacteria, there is also a sundry condensation in the fish tank. It is best not to use the water purifier for a long time. We should not depend on this. After all, it is three poisonous medicines.

I am the old fish farming, so please pay attention to more ornamental fish, thank you!