What brand of leather bed is good leather bed price

In the life of a person, there are 1/3 of the bed spent on the bed. There are many types of beds, solid wooden beds, board beds, leather beds, and fabric beds. Many people like to read books before going to bed, and the bedside of the bed can think of the sofa, let us rely on it comfortably, so that the cervical and lumbar spine can be perfectly taken care of. Today I introduced what brand of skin and leather bed price. Let’s take a look.

什么品牌的皮床好 真皮床价格

What brand of skin bed is good

1. Airius ARIS: China Environmental Mark Product Certification, one of the international software furniture leadership brands, ten major leather bed brands, industry -renowned brands, Ai Rizis Furniture Co., Ltd.

2. Quanyou Home Furnishing: Founded in 1986, China’s well -known trademark, one of China’s largest furniture manufacturing companies, large civilian furniture companies, and Chengdu Quanyoujia Private Co., Ltd.

什么品牌的皮床好 真皮床价格

3. Xilinmen: China’s well -known trademark, national key high -tech enterprises, famous trademarks in Zhejiang Province, world -renowned mattress manufacturing enterprise, Xilinmen Furniture Co., Ltd.

4. Gujia Home Furnishing: China’s well -known trademark, which has won China’s famous brand, one of Asia’s largest sofa production bases, the top ten brands of leather bed, Gujia Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.

什么品牌的皮床好 真皮床价格

Leather bed price

ARIS Airius Modern Simple Software Skin Skin Small Small Small Units Double Skin Soft Bed WLB-6899 yuan

Quanyou home bedroom leather bed leather bed 1.8 meters double bed soft bed, wedding bed big bed 105052 3099 yuan

Xilinmen Fa Shiman opera series head layer, leather bed soft bed, Tu Laran Dot FR1421K 5542 yuan

Gu Jiajia’s modern minimalist European -style leather bed double leather soft bed main bed bed dk.b103 5499 yuan

The leather bed is very comfortable and soft, and the color is gorgeous, noble and elegant, and a leather bed is placed in the bedroom. It looks very fashionable and tasteful, but not everyone can use the leather bed. If you want the elderly and children, it is best to choose to choose Wooden bed. Through what brand of skin beds introduced by the above editors and the content of the price of leather bed, everyone has a certain understanding of the skin bed, I hope to help everyone.