How to clean the latest quotation of quilt quilt

What people usually call a quilt refers to a cotton quilt filled with cotton. Everyone knows that this kind of quilt can not be washed directly with water, otherwise cotton will accumulate as a group, but if it is not cleaned, it will be covered for a long time, and there will be one. The sense of stocking, humidity, and even hardening, at this time the quilt needs to be cleaned. But how to clean has become a difficult problem in many people’s hearts. Today, I will introduce to you how to clean the quilt and the latest quotes for cotton quilts.

怎么清洁棉被 棉被最新报价

How to clean the quilt

怎么清洁棉被 棉被最新报价

1. The quilt is generally composed of quilts and quilts. Usually, when we clean the quilt, we just wash the quilt. When we remove the quilt, we can wash it. You can put it in the washing machine to wash. However, one thing to pay attention to is that the four corners of the quilt are easy to accumulate some impurities such as cotton wool. You must clean it up, and then it is best to turn it over and wash it.

2. For cotton wool, it will harden, yellow, and odor after a long time. On the sun, the quilting is removed. We can put the cotton floc from the sun and expose it. Cotton wool was loose and took some dust. Then install it at night.

3. If the quilt is too hard, it will affect the warmth. You can consider asking the quilt to play again, but now the quilt is not very easy to find.

怎么清洁棉被 棉被最新报价

4. If a quilt is contaminated, then after drying, you can use a special cleaner to clean it locally. Do not soak it with water. After soaking, the quilt is basically unavailable. Just use the cleaner directly, the smaller the limited range, the better. After cleaning, dry it. OK! The above is how to wash the quilt.

怎么清洁棉被 棉被最新报价

The latest quotes of quilt

怎么清洁棉被 棉被最新报价

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Through the content of how to clean the quilt and the latest quotes of the quilt introduced by the above editors, everyone has a certain understanding of how to clean the quilt. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. Of course, the quilt does not need to be cleaned frequently. Occasionally, there are many different quilts, and the warmth is also very good, such as silk quilt, wool quilt, and so on.