How about carbon crystal electric carpet, carbon crystal electric carpet quotation

Carbon crystal carpet is made of carbon crystal technology, and then made according to the thermal principle of carbon crystal. Today we will look at how the carbon crystal electric heating carpet is. Carbon crystal electric carpet quotation.

碳晶电热地毯怎么样 碳晶电热地毯报价

How about carbon crystal electric carpet

The carbon crystal in the carbon crystal electric heating carpet is a modified and purified carbon particle heating product. It is a microcrystalline particles made with short carbon fiber modification and softening. Item invention patent, 19 new practical patent rights. The principle of the heat is that the combination and friction between the carbon molecules and the molecular group generate thermal energy. Its heat is mainly controlled in areas of 8-14 microns, and its effective electricity conversion rate is more than 99%. Its heat current of this electric field can effectively ensure its safety, and at the same time it can prolong the practical life of the material.

碳晶电热地毯怎么样 碳晶电热地毯报价

Infrared radiation does not produce high -frequency radiation, neither ultraviolet rays, nor visible light, not only harmless to the body, but also improve the microcirculation of the human body, promote metabolism, improve human immunity, and benefit health. The wavelength of infrared radiation is between 8 and 18 microns.

Carbon crystal electric carpet quotation

Nuan Kang Electric Carbon Crystal Heating Electric Heat Carpet Heat Heatheat Heatheat 780 yuan

Le Emperor Carbon Crystal Electric Heating Carpet, Warm Campaign, Electric Heating Pad 200*300 Quality Assurance can be customized 1988 yuan

碳晶电热地毯怎么样 碳晶电热地毯报价

Korean mobile carbon crystal electric carpet hot pad carbon crystal floor heating pad electric hot floor electric hot blanket 150*300 1400 yuan

How about the above carbon crystal electric hot carpet? The content of the carbon crystal electric carpet quotation is introduced here. Is there anything unclear? Hope to help everyone.