American pastoral wind cotton, cotton, and linen glasses, Korean craftsman curtain art

Where is it

American rural garden style, complicated cities under the cities.

Multi -raw materials are intertwined and experience the American culture born in the blend of integration.

The pattern is fresh and lively, and the natural field atmosphere comes.

Design highlight

Plants, geometry, stripes, coils … The looming sticks with dark green are outlined on the cotton and linen fabric to outline a picture of American rural pastoral landscape. The simplicity and modern blending, the urban collision with the field, naturally exchanged with humanities. This is probably the best summary of the young American rural culture. The vitality of vitality also has its own savings, and it is still quiet and peaceful.

material analysis

The overall cotton and linen is made of a variety of raw materials such as velvet, polyester, fiber, hemp, etc., with both cotton and linen texture and fiber polyester. The mixing of multiple elements is born as the United States born under the merger of multiple cultures. Natural native materials are getting closer to rural customs instead of houses. It is a soul shelter in the complex and complicated world. The light yellow curtain is filter and the sun is warm, and life returns to the true.

Brand story

美式田园风棉麻遮光窗帘 韩匠帘艺

Born in 2013, the Korean craft curtain art is a brand shop with the purpose of creating a simple and smart Korean curtain art. Korean artisans are committed to the taste of white -collar workers who have a certain pursuit of the quality of life, create simple and exquisite ingenuity works, and use the beauty of curtains to make the finishing touch for the living room. Korean craftsmen are willing to design with ingenuity, fine work, restore the elegant and stylish Korean feelings, and gentle and romantic. Today, e -commerce. Customization is the future development direction of Korean craftsmen. Korean craftsmen began on Taobao, but they were not stopped here.

美式田园风棉麻遮光窗帘 韩匠帘艺

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