How to learn from? The difference between the difference between the connection board and the straight panel

Fingering board and straight panel

In the decoration board, it is two kinds of boards that are relatively confusing. In fact, the difference between them is very large, and the identification method of the fingers is also very simple. Related knowledge, I hope to help you.


The finger -connecting board is divided into two types: festivals and unclear. There are scars on the finger -connecting board, and there is no scarring eye with unlimited finger connecting boards. To make furniture, there is no need to stick any panels on the surface.

Fingering Board advantage

1. The surface of the fingers is generally painted with water paint. The environmental protection effect of the paint is better and can basically reach the environmental protection level. Therefore, the furniture made of fingerprints is still more environmentally friendly and healthy.

2. The current price of fingers on the market is relatively cheap. Compared with some good woodworking boards, the fingertips are not expensive.


1. Fingers to connect plate furniture are not solid wood furniture in the real sense. Ping wood furniture is, so the refers to the durability of traditional solid wood furniture.

2. The fingers are generally used in woods that are used in forests. This type of wood tree is generally pine wood. Painted wood is not very good, and the air -drying process is generally not long, and the water content is relatively large. Therefore Easy to deform and crack.


3. The fingerprints commonly used in modern life are divided into single -layer finger connectors and three -layer finger -connecting boards. The method used in the three -layer finger -connecting board is naturally stronger than the single -layer finger connection board. So when you choose to pick up the board, remember to choose a three -layer finger -to -board board, which is more durable.

How to identify the fingertips

Looking at the core of the core material: Most of the connecting boards are fir, the annual wheel is obvious, the larger the annual wheel, which means that the age of the tree is long, the better the material is divided into bright teeth and dark teeth. After painting, it is more prone to unevenness after painting. Of course, the processing of dark teeth is more difficult to process. The harder the wood, the better, because its deformation is much smaller, and the pattern will be more beautiful.

What are the differences between the fingering board and the straight panel

1. The finger -connecting board can also be called an integrated plate. The process used is different from other common plates. During the production process, the use of crisisytalum glue is completely avoided to reduce the release of formaldehyde content. In the production of many furniture products, it is very applicable. In the selection of raw materials, it is eliminated.

2. Good quality finger -connecting boards not only have high strength, but also the internal stress of the wood is very low, which greatly reduces the deformation problem of the plate. In terms of material selection, try to avoid use of dead knots, scars and other problems, provided that it is under good production technology.

3. Similar uses of the refers to connecting boards and woodworking boards, but in the production process, the glue content used in the finger -connected board will not be much less than the woodworking board, and the natural environmental protection factor will be very high. Therefore, many decoration users will choose to take the board to replace the woodwork. The common thickness of these plates is 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, etc., allowing consumers to choose according to the actual situation.


Straight panel

1. The raw material specifications selected by solid wood straight panels are small, mainly narrow wood strips, and pseudes straight through horizontal glue processing, then treated on the back of the plate surface, and also on the surface. The system makes the decorative effect more beautiful. Multiple choice for hard wood, which greatly increases the hardness of the board, and is loved by consumers.

2. If the material selection of straight panels is particular, the utilization rate of wood is very high. In addition, the appearance of the straight panel will be more prominent than the fingering board, but many consumers who do not understand the board often feel that straight fights will feel straight. The material of the board is not particular, and the force effect is not satisfactory. In fact, as long as the material is selected well, it not only has good stability, but also surpasses solid wood plates, but also has an advantage in size and firm durability.

3. Most of the core materials of the straight panels are made of wood with different materials, so the surface of the processed plate is flat, and it is not easy to deform and bend. In addition, the two sides of the board are decorated with a single board, which effectively improves the stability of the product and improves the physical properties of all aspects.

The relevant knowledge of fingering boards is introduced here. I believe that you already understand that different boards have their own characteristics, and their uses are different. When buying, you should fully consider clearly. If you want to know more decoration, then pay attention to Wuxi to install an Internet cafe.