Holiday camping is sought after, experts: outings in the wild are vigilant watched with tapeworm bite

Jimu Journalist Li Manying

Correspondent Zhou Qishu Chen Shu

“May Day” small holiday, more and more people choose to get close to nature through outdoor camping. Jimu reporters have noticed that many parks and green spaces in Jiangcheng have pierced all kinds of tents, and people enjoy holidays in camping picnics and other methods.

However, it is the season when various insects are active. In the past few days, many hospitals in Jiangcheng have been diagnosed with cases of being bitten by ticks in the wild camping in the wild. Experts remind that being bitten by tapeworms will cause “paralysis” and even cause respiratory suppression and life -threatening. Citizens should pay attention to personal protection. Once they are bitten, they should seek medical treatment in time.

Women’s outdoor camping is bitten by tapeworm

Ms. Liu (Hua’s surname) lived in Wuchang. During the May Day, she went out of camping with her family and came into contact with the tea gardens and grasslands at close range, making her feel relaxed for a long time.


However, what Ms. Liu didn’t expect was that a bug bitten into her left leg, leaving only half of her body outside. On May 2nd, she felt scared after discovering it by accident, and immediately went to the emergency surgery of Wuchang Hospital in Wuhan.


After a detailed understanding of the emergency doctor Cheng Hu, the first diagnosis was tick bite. Subsequently, Cheng Hu learned that during the May Day, Ms. Liu had wearing shorts and short sleeves to camping outdoors without any protection, and played in tea gardens and grass for a long time. It is because of this that the worm “finds” her.

After careful inspection, Cheng Hu confirmed that the tapeworms on Ms. Liu had died. Because half of the body had drilled into Ms. Liu’s skin, this tapeworm was not easy to take it out. Considering Ms. Liu’s beauty of beauty, Cheng Hu decided to minimize the incision as much as possible, and took out the worms that “hidden in” Ms. Liu’s skin little by little.

Why did the tapeworm drill into the body, but Ms. Liu failed to perceive the first time? Cheng Hu explained that tapeworms are generally reddish or gray -brown, long ovation, flat back and abdomen, ranging from sesame grains to rice grains. The body will swell like soybeans. It has an organ called “under the mouth”. There are many inverted teeth on this organs. When the tapeworm bites on the body of the human or animal, these inverted teeth will hook the skin of the bite object. At the same time, it will also secrete substances similar to adhesive protein, which plays a paralysis, making it difficult to detect the bite object.


There are 4 patients with a hospital diagnosed in a week

It was not Ms. Liu who was bitten by the outdoor camping. Ms. Hu of Wuchang was bitten by a tapeworm when she camped out of the outdoor camping. After the clinic of the Third Hospital of Wuhan City, Dr. Tao Yusha, a dermatologist, used tools such as tweezers to help her take out tapeworms and disinfection.

According to Dr. Tao Yusha, Department of Dermatology, the Department of Shouyi Hospital of Wuhan Third Hospital, after the temperature rises, citizens have increased outdoor activities, and many who have chosen camping. In the past week patient.

“Each year because of tapeworm bites and unscientific tapeworms, many people will die or disabled.” Tao Yusha said that from April to October, it is the peak period of tapeworm activities. Horticultural work, tea collection, farming, etc. may be in close contact with tapeworms. After being bitten by tapeworms, they basically do not feel, but the consequences cannot be treated lightly. It can cause local redness, swelling, dermatitis and other symptoms. In severe cases, it can cause “paralysis”. Because tapeworm saliva contains some substances, the blood at the skin wound will not coagulate, inhibit skin swelling, itching, and make the wounds partially numb, and even breathe in respiratory. More than 30%.

“Whether it is on the human body or animal surface, or the wall of the wall or the ground, do not directly contact with your hands, let alone squeeze, you must use gardenia or other tools.” Tao Yusha reminded that once a tapeworm is being tickled, once a tapeworm is tickled, Bite, in principle “early discovery, early removal”. If the bite time is short, you do n’t use brute force when you remove it yourself. Use the cymbal or pliers to clamp the tick’s head. Do not clip your abdomen. Do not shake your hands. When the tapeworm bite is firm, drill too deep, bite time is too long, or bites around the eyelids, you need to go to the hospital immediately, ask the doctor to deal with it. The body’s body stays in the skin, causing a secondary infection of the skin.

Experts remind citizens to do well

How to scientifically prevent tapeworm bite? Tao Yusha reminds to avoid sitting and lying in the environment of the main habitats, woods, mountains, etc. in the main habitats of the worms; It is tight, it is recommended to wear light -colored long -sleeved clothes, do not wear sandals, wearing a hat, etc. to prevent being bitten by tapeworms; in addition, use a driving agent to take a careful bath, check, and deworming for the pets at home.

Gao Hongfeng, director of the emergency department of Wuchang Hospital in Wuhan City, also reminded that after being bitten by ticks, citizens should go to the hospital for treatment. In addition, for months after being bitten by tapeworms, we should pay attention to observation. If there are symptoms such as fever, headache, and dyspnea, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

“Since entering the spring, in addition to tapeworms, our department has also visited a lot of patients who have caused skin diseases due to other insect bite.” Cai Meihong, a dermatologist in Wuchang Hospital in Wuhan City, said that the department has recently visited several “hidden hidden hidden In the patient, she reminded the public that the room should be installed in the room, ventilation, air -breatha, cleaning regularly, regularly killing various mosquitoes in the room, and using air -conditioning dehumidification if necessary to keep the home environment refreshing and dry. Take sunscreen measures during outdoor play and apply sunscreen to the exposure of the exposure. When playing or climbing in the wild, we should take insect -proof measures, wear long -sleeved pants, and carry mosquito repellent water with you. The lights are extinguished during sleep, and the clothes and towels are placed outdoors. They shake first when used. When you find that the skin is poisonous, do not pinch or shoot directly. If you have a skin problem, do not scratch excessive scratching or hot water, you should seek medical treatment in time.

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