The touch switch is bright at all, the Op small night light experience, the warm color light shows the warm life atmosphere

Reject parameters, only talk about experience, pay attention to the guide dogs, and truly interpret your familiar digital products. This article is expected to take 3 minutes.

Table lamps are one of the most common home appliances. With the development of science and technology, more and more smart new table lamps have appeared on the market. In this issue, I will share with you a small night lamp from Opi Factory Op. It uses a circular hollow design, touch switch operation, small power, warm light, online value online, very practical.

The appearance of the night light is packed, and it is made of simple wind and a black and white paper shell material. The outsourced noodles are exquisite and small, and the layout of text typesetting is listed with product logo, product main effect map, product name, a bit of digital product packaging style. Disassembled the packaging to see the night light, its overall color and design are also simple styles. Pure white shell plus iconic black fonts, the contrast is significant, the focus is on. The white shell of the night lamp is very pure. Although it is also plastic, the overall brightness is very high, the feel is solid, and the texture of a few dollars on the street is huge in texture.


Holding the night lamp in your hand, it can be seen that its design language is very particular. In short, the night lamp is mainly based on a circular hollow shape, highlighting the difference between the lampshade and the lamp seat. Half of the small night lamp is the main body of the night lamp, and half is a hollow frame. In terms of volume, the diameter of the small night light is 75mm and 25mm thick. It can be easily held with one hand without a sense of burden. Then stand up the lamp seat, the lampshade faces up, and the lamp tube inlaid on the side of the lamp holder glances out at a glance. In order to maximize the coverage of the light, a tube -like tile is also installed in the lamp area. Of course, because it is an LED lamp, there is actually no lamp.


Because the night light uses the socket -type design, there is basically no installation and use steps, which can be used directly on the socket. The back of the lamp holder is designed with a bi -hole plug, which cannot be folded, compatible with all bi -hole jacks. After inserting it, on the front of the night light Op Logo, there is a power signs area, which can turn on the lights when you touch it. The default light brightness is soft. Through long press and switch to touch the area, the light of light can be adjusted. Unlike most cold -colored LED lights, small night lights use warm color light, and the area of ​​irradiation is limited, which is more suitable for home bedroom atmosphere.

The parameters of packaging and instructions can be learned that the power of the night light is only 0.6W, which is a very low power consumption home appliance product. This kind of power products can almost ignore the random turnover of the light in the process of use, and because it is a small night light, it does not require much power to illuminate the counter and the case of a party, which is very practical. In the opinion of the editor, a small night light is inserted in the bedside of the rental house. After lighting at night, turn off the headlights. This kind of small lights basically do not need to be closed. The laptop is used in the room, which is normally lighting, the brightness is limited, and the light and darkness created is very comfortable.


Further, the scene used by this night lamp can also be extended to the mother and baby field. For families that need to take care of the baby, the bedroom is equipped with a small night light, which is lowered to the minimum brightness value after lighting. It is placed on the bedside. need. If the minimum brightness is too bright, it is okay to turn off the light source directly. Compared with ordinary table lamps, the night lamp is small enough and does not take up the place. Its design creativity has exceeded the use attributes of most products.

In the process of using the night light, the editor also found some slots. First, the plug of the small night light cannot be folded, and it is more convenient to use it directly on the back of the back. However, this design has a defect that is very afraid of falling, because it is plastic, as long as it breaks and breaks, the night lights are basically abolished. Secondly, the shape of the night light is good -looking, but it is relatively good -looking, especially the plug in, and the night light is inserted to the socket. Essence It is equivalent to using a small night light, and other sockets around them cannot be used. If there are electric light switches around, it cannot be used after blocking.


After experiencing Op’s night light for a few days, it was found that its advantages were obvious. Whether the appearance or the touch switch, the design of the design was outstanding, which was obviously different than the cottage products of other public models. In actual use, it is found that as a night light, the night light is small and exquisite, but if you add another luminous prompt area to make a sign, the touch switch at night may be better.