Winhua Fashion Smart Bracelet: Mark the new height of Chinese jewelry brand exploration

Forge ahead

Twenty -one year of Chinese jewelry

New business card

In 2017, in the years that were 21 years since the birth of Winhua, Winhua’s fashion jewelry and technology smart chip completed the perfect combination for the first time, commonly known as “fashion smart bracelets”. The difference from “fashion jewelry” to “fashion smart jewelry”, but the difficulty of design and technical difficulty is the same.

This perfect “fashion+technology” drama marks the completion of the second step of the Chinese jewelry brand in the Chinese jewelry brand, which has opened the curtain of the Chinese smart jewelry brand.

In recent years, in the jewelry industry, the words “Weini”, “Chow Tai Fook”, and “Chow Shengsheng” have frequently appeared in the public vision, witnessed the leaps of Chinese jewelry brands again and again, and continuously marked the exploration of the Chinese jewelry industry in the Chinese jewelry industry. New height.




The deep mystery of fashion smart jewelry

In 2016, under the world’s attention, the pace of Exploring and innovation of Winhua Jewelry Group was as firm as ever.

China’s first fashion smart jewelry jewelry -Winihua Fashion Smart Bracelet has completed from concept, design, research and development to the market in a special environment, and successfully pushed to the market.

The success of the world’s first fashion smart jewelry -Winihua Fashion Smart Bracelets, which means that Chinese jewelry brands are expected to take the lead in building a standard system in the world.

In 2017, my country’s smart jewelry products will enter a period of latent outbreaks. A variety of smart jewelry products will face the market and lay a foundation for my country’s jewelry brands to occupy the world’s forests.



· The majestic power of creating jewelry jewelry

How long is the fashion demand for consumption, and how big the stage of Winanhua Jewelry Group is. In the memories of the older generation of predecessors, Chinese jewelry brands make their own voice in the world, which is a “dream of 30 years.” Today, dreams come true.

In 2017, Winhua’s fashion smart bracelet stabbed the sky. Under the splendid starry sky, Wang Xuhong, CEO of Win Wah Top, told reporters: ‘Weini Fashion Smart Bracelet is a weapon. Practical smart jewelry will open the road to the new Long March of China’s smart jewelry. ‘

Winhua’s fashion smart bracelet perfectly solves the three major shortcomings of traditional wearable devices that do not match, unique, and masculine, which greatly improves the fashion sense of wearable devices. Its successful research and development marks the upgrading of wearable devices in my country, and smart jewelry innovation capabilities have ranked among the international advanced ranks.


· Winhua


Smart product


Continuous expansion

As the famous jewelry brand, Winhua has always cooperated with major industry brands in the world with confident development and cooperation and tolerance to use high -quality products to care and benefit global fashion women.

It is understood that with the help of “Internet+” development opportunities brought by “Internet+”, Winhua Jewelry Group accelerates the development and application of fashion smart bracelets. So far, Winhua has developed dozens of fashion smart bracelets and dual -use fashion smart mosquito repellent ornaments, and has conducted in -depth trade exchanges with more than 70 large gift buyers in the world. Nihua’s world territory has continued to expand.