Is it necessary to wear a hat for newborns? The age and seasons are particular, four moves teach you to choose a good hat

Many mothers think that wearing a hat for the baby can prevent a cold, but the baby needs to take the time to wear a hat, otherwise it is easy to cold.

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It is already midsummer now. Parents who brought their babies on the streets on the street did not make an appointment to put a small hat for their babies.

To say that the hat is really a good thing, keep warm in autumn and winter, shade in midsummer, especially the baby’s hat, colorful and colorful styles, let the mother love it.

It is a new trend to wear a hat for the baby, but the mother must know that wearing a hat is also particular about it. If you do n’t choose well, the hat is likely to change from a decoration to a weapon that hurts the child.

Pregnant mother to prepare a hat for the baby, but I was disgusted by my uncle


Before the baby was born, Xiao Li began to shop crazy. The baby’s gender was unknown to buy too much clothes, but there were small things such as socks and hats to buy.

Listening to the old man said that the baby’s skull was not closed, and the top of her head was very fragile. Xiaolu watched other Baoma share the beautiful photos of the baby wearing a cute hat, and bought a few tops with reference.


On this day, my mother came to see her, watching her buying a house on the house was too much disappeared, and picked up a small hat: “Do you want to look good for yourself, or really buy it for your child?”


Xiaolu was unconvinced and gave his mother all the “loot” to her mother. Mom picked it and said it was very disgusted: “This is too tight, do you want to make your baby’s head a gourd?”

Mom picked another: “This impermeable will start with a mule.” Xiaolu wanted to cry without tears:

“Isn’t it a hat, why are so particular about it?”

When choosing a baby’s hat, you must first consider safety

Xiaolu’s original intention is good. It is really good to wear a hat for the baby, but it is necessary to divide the occasion, look at the timing, and choose the style, otherwise the small hat may also cause harm to the baby.


In the 2016 Garment Quality Inspection Product Sample Report of the State Inspection and Quarantine of the State Inspection and Quarantine, the qualification rate of online shopping children’s clothing is only 10%.

Many mothers choose clothes, shoes and hats for their babies, and hats, but they are not safe, but they are good -looking, which greatly increases the risk of accidents due to clothing quality and style problems.

How to choose the time to wear a hat for your baby?

1. Look at age

The human head blood vessels are abundant, and about 30%of the body heat is distributed through the head at room temperature. The head is the window of the baby’s invasion of the baby.


Newborn sleeping in the room is more time, and the airflow formed by opening the door back and forth is also easy to affect the baby. Therefore, we can wear more to protect the head.


Within one year old:

The one -year -old baby is relatively easy to move. It is relatively high in body temperature and easy to sweat. If it is not cold indoors, don’t always bring a hat.

Over one year old:

After one year of age, the physical fitness of children has gradually strengthened. Bao Ma can appropriately reduce the frequency of wearing a hat based on room temperature and help your baby form his own resistance.

Therefore, from the age group, the younger children, the more they need to wear a hat, and the longest wearing newborn.

2. Watch the season

The human body emitting calories will be adjusted with temperature. When the temperature drops to 4 degrees Celsius, about half of the heat of the human body will be distributed from the head.

Winter and spring

When taking the baby out, strengthen the warmth of the head, effectively help the baby reduce the loss of heat and reduce the chance of disease.



If the baby is playing outdoors, you can wear a hat with a eaves to block the sun and reduce sunburn, but the material must be light and breathable, otherwise the baby will cover a sweat and it is easier to catch a cold.


Four categories should be avoided by the baby’s hat purchase

1. The size does not match

Because the baby is a small bald head for a long time, it is difficult to fix the hat on the head. In order to hold the hat, the mother will choose elastic or tight styles.

Babies in one year of age should be strictly selected. Excessive hats will hold the baby’s ears and skulls. The cartilage of the ears is not fixed at this time. If the hat is bent for a long time,

Will gradually become “collapsed ears”


2. Quality inspection is not qualified

The coarse -made hat is first based on the material. The printing and dyeing are cost -saving. The quality is usually not available. The style design is also plagiarized brand. Many of them are not suitable for babies.


Under 3 years old

, Select Class A textiles on the label and buy them at well -known specialty stores. Otherwise, it is easy to fall off. Dyes can easily become a hidden safety hazard for babies.


3. Style is not suitable for young children


On the cost of children’s clothing hats, the use

Nacking, decorative objects, buttons

Wait for small components to accidentally eat clothing or toy fine components every year.

4. Unqualified materials

For young children, the hat you wear should be the first choice

Soft, breathable material

The qualified hat will not have a strong foreign body. When the baby sweats, it can also play the role of sweat absorption and breathability.

Chemical fiber hat

It is likely that the baby’s skin is uncomfortable. It is very easy to cover sweat when the baby sweats, causing damage to the delicate skin of the baby.

Candy mother instructions:


Hats have been exposed to the scalp for a long time, and it is easy to carry a large amount of bacteria. It is best not to wear second -hand items of other babies in the baby’s hat, and your baby’s hat should be cleaned frequently.

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