The supermodel is how to wear it! He Sui wears “suits down jacket” to keep warm and fashionable, and nicknames with cropped pants are pretty good

Down jackets are essential items in winter, but the bloated feeling it brings is very distressed. We cannot change the shortcomings of the down jacket, but we can use the options and methods and techniques to achieve one Weakened effect

It is recommended that you learn a supermodel He Sui’s down jacket, keep warm and fashionable!

I have to say that the supermodel He Sui really can wear it! It is not fat with down jackets. Although the down jacket itself is bloated, the overall effect is very coordinated, and the chosen down jacket style is also different. There is no sense of old and tacky. Let’s share with you the down jackets of He Sui, let’s learn how to dress together.

1. He Sui’s down jackets are interpreted


Interpretation of the leading single product: suits of suits of suits

Compared with the ordinary down jacket sewing design, it is greater, so it is very good to avoid the feeling of old native stingy, especially the lapel design is the details of the taste.

The length of hip hips has reached the effect of long -term avoidance, and even ordinary people can wear a sense of advancement.

Interpretation of auxiliary items: leather cropped pants

When matching the single product, He Sui did not choose an elegant skirt. Instead, she used the wide -leg cropped pants of the leather fabric to show her long legs instantly.


Under the correct way of dressing, it looks more attractive, not only fashionable but also very aura!

Wear knowledge points: Blessed belt blessing to improve long legs


In fact, in the winter wearing, you don’t need to deliberately avoid the bloated feeling of keeping warm items. It is very good to create a sense of coordination. It is recommended that you choose this down jacket with this hip length.

You can use the blessing of the belt to break the fluffy effect of the down jacket, and outline the waistline to enhance the overall proportion.


2. What kind of down jackets do He Sui like?

The first type: long down jacket with some personality design


Under normal circumstances, too basic down jackets will appear very rigid, and cannot interpret women’s high -level temperament. Instead, some personalized designs, such as hollow, stitching, asymmetric, and some elements can perfectly solve the down jackets perfectly. Drawing problem,

Especially for long down jackets, these details are important.

Second: the hooded style stitching down jacket

Compared with the round neck and stand -up collar down jacket, the hat -style down jacket has more age -reducing effects, can effectively solve the limitations of wearing, and the hat -connected style is more warmer.


On the long down jacket for stitching styles, it shows the height advantage and will not have the effect of compressing height.


3. Sharing of dressed tips for down jackets

Tips Sharing 1: The same color system is beautiful

It is recommended that when you choose a large -scale down jacket, you can adopt this method of matching this kind of color system. The layering of the same color system can be more layered. You can use dark colors for skirts, light colors for inside, and just right. Middle -rate on the down jacket,

In this way, although the three colors are different, they are related to each other, and they will not appear obtrusive, but they are more layered.

Tip Sharing 2: One deep, shallow, thin and advanced

However, compared to the same color matching, in daily life, more people will choose this deeper and shallow method. The classic and versatile black and white matching is a must -have, coloring hip down jacket, with white sweater and snow Niel wide -leg pants, in the winter this winter, is a must -have for fashion.

Especially the soft and comfortable hanging pants are the representative of gentle femininity.

Fashion summary:

1. Some people think that the reason why He Sui can wear a down jacket is because of the advantage of her own. In fact, as long as she pays attention to details, everyone can become a senior woman.

2. The style of down jackets should not be too exaggerated. Proper highlight breakthroughs are okay. Instead, there are some seals and elements of flowers, so there is no need to choose.

In the end, I still want to tell every beautiful lady who loves to wear in winter, the details that cannot be forgotten, often the details are the best reflection of women’s taste!