Fashionable casual leather shoes, the first choice of the goddesses! Is my heart moving?

Summer is here, and many beautiful sisters have begun to dress themselves constantly. Whether it is dressing style or delicate makeup, none of them are in a strong atmosphere of fighting. It has characteristics, so the matching of shoes is also very important. Today I will introduce a small leather shoes with personality and beauty!

The shoelaces of these shoes are undoubtedly the characteristics of the whole pair of shoes. The exquisite square head design makes the feet look slender and stylish. The fashionable design, exquisite and beautiful, suitable for various occasions to wear

The soles are more abrasion -resistant. The high heel design makes the shoes waterproof and wears, and the thick heel design makes the shoes not tired, and meets the needs of walking. British -style small leather shoes, girls wear a handsome face, this shoe is this shoe. The patent leather design, the shiny upper shows the clean temperament

The sole is a small heel, and this long time will not feel feet fatigue. It is the best choice in the workplace! Inside the leather shoes is made of two layers of pork skin, which is soft and breathable. The heels are also specially treated. If you walk, you will not grind your feet.

The preferred product of foreign style, a stylish atmosphere, is here in summer, don’t you want to make yourself look more beautiful, let’s get into your hand


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Bai Na genuine 20 years of new women’s single shoes patent leather fashion spring and summer contrasting color lace

¥ 119