Why do cats love licking my hair? turn out to be…

Author: Mengzi Sauce
Review: Xie Chun (B.V.M Master of V.m. Practicing Veterinarian)
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When it comes to cleaning, the natural Virgo cat has an average of 15-50%a day licking hair! In addition to sleeping and crazy, when you can see the rest, TA is basically licking the hair. If you happen to be with the cat, TA may be very generous to lick you together ~~

But licking your hands and licking your face can be understood, why some cats love?

Lick your hair


Intersection Intersection Sometimes when I woke up, I was still confused, so I heard the cat licked it very much … Uh, TA had an opinion on my hairstyle? Still reminding me to wash my hair? Is it really okay for cats to lick their hair? Intersection

Source: buzzfeed.com

Don’t worry ~ Let’s see what is going on with cat love to lick your hair!

The signal of cats express love

Cat behavior expert said,


Licking human hair may be a unique way for cats to express “like you”.

We often see two cats licking each other’s scenes, which is actually a social way. If a cat has a close companion, usually TA will lick the companion’s head to help the other party clean, especially when the TAs are closely related.

Although humans and cats have no relationship (although we often pretend to have), cat licking human hair is obvious and

TAs are born to sort out cleaning behaviors

There is an inseparable relationship.

Large -scale licking scene 丨 source: giphy.com


“The shit officer’s hair is so fragrant!”

Your hair care product may also have great attraction to cats!

Some cats will be fascinated by the hair care products. Maybe you will find that your family meow starts to favor your hair after changing the new washing. Some cats will also be fascinated by the essential oil and gel’s texture on your hair, licking back and forth.

There is another situation,

Cats just like the natural secretion of human scalp …

unstoppable!丨 source: see the watermark


How can we stop cats from licking hair?


If you want to stop the cat’s line, the cat is licking you next time,

Don’t look at TA or stroke TA, and don’t scold TA, this will make cats feel your attention, but will feel that it is encouraging TA to strengthen this line

, Thus licking more frequently.

Although you may feel that being licked like this is very happy, but if you want to change the habit of the cat, you must get up and walk away when you lick it ~


If the cat licks you, you lie in bed,

You can cover your hair with a blanket with a blanket that you can’t hide your ears


It was until the cat realized that he couldn’t go away. But be careful in this process. After all, some meows will think that you want to play Hide-And-Seek with TA, it is possible to scratch your claws ~

In short, if you can be in a cat

Before licking, get your hair away from Meow’s contact scope

Then the frequency of cat licking hair will gradually decrease.


In addition, some cats also have specific hair time in the day, such as before you are going to bed to go to bed. Then you can be


Play some toys for cats before going to bed, such as missing toys, can also feed cats some small snacks, etc., decentralized transfer of TA’s attention

It is also a good way.


If you can determine that cats prefer your hair care products, you can put it


Replace it with tasteless or general cats that do not like citrus flavor

(It can also be other flavors, after all, some meow love citrus taste ~)

Has been dizzy ~ 丨 Source: giphy.com

Finally, if the above method is useless to your little cuteness, then don’t bother, because


There is no harm to lick your hair every day

Unless the cat eats the hair in, or obviously has adverse symptoms after licking your hair, you can licked the cat as a big way to interact with human cat ~

Of course ~ You can also try to lick me and see what the cat owner has any reactions (遁 ~)

Lick … lick the master and learn about it?丨 Source: giphy.com


I like the feeling of being licked by meow ~~ I must not be alone!