Wide -legged pants out! These 8 pairs of pants this summer are thin and fashionable

What is the hardest thing in the world?

I think it’s better than

Buy the right pants


It is short and fat at all!

So I found many people to cover the meat,

Just wear wide -leg pants!


NO! actually

This trick is not suitable for everyone



Pear -shaped figure

Sisters know,

The meat was blocked, but it was also frustrated.

The triangle area of ​​the card file and the deformation crotch legs,

Exposes your true figure in minutes.

The wide legs also block your relatively thin calf,

As a result, there are only 1 word left: Zhuang!

But although it is difficult to pick pants,

But most people wear more pants than skirts.

me too!


So if you buy too much, you will naturally summarize some small routines.

Today I deliberately brought this period of dry goods–

Choose pants guidelines for pear -shaped figure!

You can take a good job to take less detours ~


Pants legs wide and thin

Too loose pants are full of weight.

Instead, the ears were covered,

Let people pay more attention to your lower body.

Surprise whether there are two Optimus Prime hidden in the legs of the trouser!

In fact, as long as the hips are suitable,

Just expand the trousers.

Fighting looks the most suitable!


Many jeans have white design,

It looks pretty fashionable.


Light color has enlargement and expansion effect

It will make your thighs look very full,


So remember the smaller the white area, the thinner the thinner

And the color should be light and light!

I said before I was fat = Yuan,

So we need to add straight lines to balance the meat feel,

The same is true for pants!

If the knee is too narrow, there will be an arc of swelling,

Knee looser has space

Only then can the leg lines smoother!

In addition to the smooth lines,

Where is bloated and simple, it must be simple,


It is also important not to have extra expansion design!


If you just like wide -leg pants?

It’s not that there is no way!

It is well known that the better the feeling, the better, the thinner,

Of course, the pants are the same.

The visual of the vertical wide -leg pants is prolonged,

There is no bloated feeling.

Naturally, it is thinner than the stiff fabrics accumulated in horizontal!

In addition, if you are just thick and thick legs,

The calf is OK, then wearing shorts boldly!

This year’s giant popularity

V -character shorts

It is designed for you,

Pulling the legs and covering the fat on the inside and outside of the thigh,

It’s almost 100 points!

In recent years, 5 -point pants are also very hot,

But the personal riding pants are not suitable for us,


The disadvantages of the legs are exposed!

Loose Korean five -point suit pants

It’s YYDS.


Both wide and thick legs can be taken care of!


Remember to show your knees ~

Otherwise, the real five or five points can not control it!

The last point, although summer wants,

But if you want to be thin first, you still have to listen to me for persuasion,

Pants are best to choose dark colors with shrinking effect!

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Every time I write and wear dry goods,

There are many babies who say “I’m not suitable”,

“I don’t have a good figure, it’s not good to wear.”

Do not!

Don’t deny, limit yourself!

This is because you haven’t taken the first step!

It’s not difficult to choose a match,

We will change if we do n’t look good. There is always one for you!

I used to have an inappropriate time when I was dressed,

But because you like it, you can understand the skills of dressing.

Dare to try different styles,


Finally adjust according to your body.

Finally found the one that suits you!