Word rash and eczema are stupid? One picture teaches you the difference, and one text teaches you to deal with it

“Why is the corner of the baby’s mouth bright? Oh, it’s saliva again …”


“A circle on the edge of the mouth is red, and there are too many saliva!”


“Trouble, don’t know what to apply, the baby has to catch it”

Speaking of saliva, it is light to change the nakes/N clothes in a day, and the red saliva rash is red, itchy and swollen.

Regarding saliva rash, my parents are concerned here to see if there is any solution to your doubts.

Why is baby easy to get saliva rash?

Speed ​​rash is flowing from the mouth, flowing to the corners of the mouth, cheeks, neck, and even the front chest. The corrosive digestive enzymes that comes with the cuticles of the skin have corroded the skin, causing the skin to become red, inflamed, pimples, and itchy.


As for the reason, who makes him a baby? Demon rash is not a demon at this time, when will it be even more:

The baby’s mouth is small and shallow. It can not swallow, and the lip closed function is not dripping. Often grin, like a shallow plate, the mouth is poured out in minutes.

Baby eating hands will stimulate the secretion of saliva glands, increased saliva, and overflows.

During the baby’s teeth, the nerves on the gums can also stimulate saliva secretion, and the saliva overflows.

Division of oral rash and eczema:

“What is the difference between that is eczema, isn’t it all red rashes, all itching?”

Teach you the difference:

How to deal with oral rash:

One word: diligence.

1. Since the baby’s mouth is full of water, the bid is prepared to have a dozen, and it will change when it wets.

2. Gently take dry when you see saliva, keep your mouth dry and your neck dry. The focus here is to absorb lightly instead of rubbing hard, it is best to use cotton’s mouth or small towel.

3, clothes, pillows, or quilts are wet with saliva, dry and dry hard to avoid breeding bacteria.


4. You can apply zinc oxide or Vaselin or other oils to play the role of isolation skin and saliva.


5. Let your baby eat less hands and pacifiers to avoid dripping.

6. Don’t pinch your baby’s face, which will also stimulate the secretion of saliva.

7. The oral rash is serious and you must go to the hospital. Follow the doctor’s advice. If you are afraid of the baby to catch or eat the ointment, you can apply it while he falls asleep.


8. Appropriate exercise of the baby’s swallowing ability, eat a little harder after long teeth, less semi -liquid food, let the mouth “export to domestic sales” to relieve oral rash.


9. Cut the nails frequently to prevent the baby from scratching the skin and cause infection.

Other small details:

1. Olive oil is a brick, where can I move?

If you are afraid of other things, you will be eaten by your baby, and olive oil can really need to move. It is very suitable to apply your mouth, and it ’s okay to eat it.

However, it is best to apply while he sleeps, don’t ask Xiaonan how to know, and ask the oily during the day.

2. Consider milk powder allergy.

Some babies are completely OK in their care, but they still have rash on their mouths. After other reasons, if they are fed with formula milk, they must consider whether it is allergic to milk protein. It is best to go to the hospital to confirm it and relieve the symptoms.


In short, when the baby grows up slowly, the swallowing function, lip closing function, and oral capacity are enhanced, the teeth will grow, and the oral rash will gradually disappear.

come on!