2020 Guangzhou exhibition exhibition list weighs: sounding the industry recovery collection number

Unconsciously, it has been only one and a half months before the opening of the Guangzhou exhibition! With the economic acceleration recovery after the “epidemic”, the gradual recovery of professional lighting and audiovisual industry, the majority of exhibitors have already gathered in their hands, hoping to have a big exhibition at the current Guangzhou exhibition. , Actively develop business opportunities in the era of epidemic!

New products, new technologies, and new winds, the Guangzhou exhibition has sounded the revival set number for the industry! Do you can’t wait to learn more about exhibition information? Today, we will reveal the exhibition lineup of this exhibition and take you first Feel the powerful aura of the exhibitors ~

Heavy release

Watch the exhibitor list! This! In it!

(The following is a list of some exhibitors.


Audio Brand Pavilion

(*Media system, communication and conference hall)

Company name booth number

Ningbo Jin Sanhu Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2A01

Guangzhou Dream Chasing Software Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2A02

Guangzhou Yangjin Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.2A05

Enping Feidi Own Economic Equipment Factory 3.2A07

Enping Tianyue Sound Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2A08

Huasong Architecture Acoustics Institute 3.2A15

Guangzhou Zengyin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2A16

Yingjue Audio (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. 3.2A21

Guangzhou Qianhai Le Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2A25

Ningbo Haishu District Xishang Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.2A29

Foshan Nanhai Bailu Sounds Commercial Bank 3.2A55

Chengdu Jinrong Tai Trading Co., Ltd. 3.2A58

Guangzhou Feida Audio Co., Ltd. 3.2B02

Enping Xinyingke Electric Sound Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2B08

Dongguan Ai high sound Co., Ltd. 3.2B15, L4-B03

Ningbo Pagosos Audio Co., Ltd. 3.2B16

Guangzhou Wan Sheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2B22

Zhuhai Huiwei Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2B28

Guangzhou Shengyang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2B36, L1-A06

Guangzhou Sound Dr. Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2B52

Guangzhou Bosheng Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd. 3.2B55

Guangzhou Hongzhi Audio Co., Ltd. 3.2B56, L4-B09

Shenzhen Mingjia Innovation Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.2B59

Dongguan Darui Audio Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2B62, L4-B08

Foshan Nanhai Homing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 3.2C02

Foshan Power Cafezhi Yuan Yueyuan Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2C08

Guangzhou De Shenglong Sound Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.2C16

Foshan Depu Love Digital Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.2C22

Guangzhou Dushio Monter Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.2C28

Foshan Yiyi Sound Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 3.2C36

Guangzhou Lisi Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.2C52

Foshan Lingjie Sound Co., Ltd. 3.2C56

Guangzhou Koda Electric Co., Ltd. 3.2C62

Enping Yike Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.2D02

Yangzhou Bocke Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.2D08

Guangzhou Yue Miao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2D16, L1-A02

Shenzhen Huayi Network Co., Ltd. 3.2D22

Enping Potter Electronics Factory 3.2D27

Zhongshan European and American Sound Equipment Equipment Factory 3.2D28

Guangzhou Bitian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2D38

Qingyuan Zhuoyi Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.2D58

Guangzhou Yiyuanda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2D62

Guangzhou Keyu Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.2F01

Guangzhou Shengwang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2F02

Shenzhen Kaisheng Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.2F06

Guangzhou Dema Audiovisual Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2F07

Guangzhou Weishi Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.2F08

Guangzhou Hongbo Audio Co., Ltd. 3.2F15

Beijing Huashi Jiayin Cable Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2F16

Guangzhou Wei Niu Smart Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2F21

Guangzhou Electronics Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.2F27

Beijing Danyihua Technology Development Co., Ltd. 3.2F28

Ningbo Haishhabi Sound Co., Ltd. 3.2F36

Hangzhou Mingmei Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.2F37

Guangzhou Junnan Audiovisual Technology Co., Ltd. 3.2F38

Jiabei Electric (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. 3.2F50

Guangzhou Meirui Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.2F65

Beijing Hexiang Tongchuang Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2A02

Guangzhou Chuangzhen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2A08

Guangzhou Jingcheng Huitong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2A16

Hong Kong Economic Science International Co., Ltd. 4.2A22

Guangzhou HeyiVE Information Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2A28

Guangzhou Tuoyue Shengsheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2A36

Shenzhen Tongchuang Audio Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2A51

Shanghai Naya Smart Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2A52

Shenzhen Taipower Industrial Co., Ltd. 4.2B02

Zhuhai Ju Point Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2B05

Guangzhou Katongda Information Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2B08

Shenzhen Junhui Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2B10


Beijing Seventh Ninth Sound Co., Ltd. 4.2B15

Guangzhou Xilang Trading Co., Ltd. 4.2B16

Guangzhou Shenghui Electronics Co., Ltd. 4.2B21

Guangzhou Audu Jingu Electronics Co., Ltd. 4.2B22

Shenzhen Xuntongda Electronics Co., Ltd. 4.2B27

Guangzhou Paulun Electronics Co., Ltd. 4.2B28

Guangzhou Sibo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2B31

Beijing Chunzhong Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2B36

Shanghai Dainyin Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2B52

Map Smart (Shenzhen) Technology Group Co., Ltd. 4.2B56

Zhongshan Zhaowei Electric Sound Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2B68

Jinyi International Development Co., Ltd. 4.2C02

Guangzhou Ansibai Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2C07

Shenzhen Supername Multimedia Co., Ltd. 4.2C08

Guangdong Shengsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. 4.2C22

Guangdong Gongxin Intelligent Conference Co., Ltd. 4.2C28

Guangzhou Husen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2C36

Zhongli Intelligent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. 4.2C52

Foshan Huiming Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2C68

Guangzhou Licha Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2D02

Yingfei Top (Hangzhou) Information System Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2D08

Shenzhen Shengfit Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2D16

Zhuhai Teleya Co., Ltd. 4.2D22

Zhuhai Huayin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2D28

Changsha Shibang Communication Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2D36

Guangzhou Zhihui Yun Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2D62

Enping City Byke Audio Equipment Factory 4.2F02

Guangzhou Jingrui Information Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2F08

Guangzhou Aiken Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2F18

Michael Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.2F19

Guangzhou Tiancong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.2F35

Shenzhen Hongsheng Huaye Technology Co., Ltd. 4.2F36

Dongguan Quansheng Electronics Co., Ltd. 4.2F52

Detective Lang 4.2F61

Yukang International Professional Audio Company 5.2A01

Weiyou Shengxue Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 5.2A02

Foshan Runyou Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 5.2A08

Shenzhen Avi Sheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 5.2A11

Guangzhou Tiangu Highlight Technology Co., Ltd. 5.2A16

AudIINATE Inc5.2A27

Beijing Phils Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. 5.2A28

Peavey (China) Entertainment Operation Center 5.2A36

Beijing Yu Honesty Technology Co., Ltd. 5.2A52

Boschian security communication system 5.2C02

Zhejiang Tongbo Video Technology Co., Ltd. 5.2C08

Guangzhou Ruisheng Light Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 5.2C16, L1-A13

Guangzhou Chuangxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 5.2C21

Guangzhou Panyuhehe Trading Co., Ltd. 5.2C22

Guangzhou Ranyin Trading Agency Co., Ltd. 5.2C27

Guangzhou Hao Haole Audio Technology Co., Ltd. 5.2C28

Doctor Audiovisual System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 5.2C36

Xiange International Video Co., Ltd. 5.2d16, 5.2F16

Guangzhou Meigang Technology Co., Ltd. 5.2D22

Guangzhou Donghui Digital Technology Development Co., Ltd. 5.2D28, L1-A10

Guangzhou Anheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 5.2D36

Guangzhou Nobo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 5.2D62

Xiamen Shengli spectrum electronic technology Co., Ltd. 5.2d66

Guangzhou Bailiheng Spelling Technology Co., Ltd. 5.2F22

Zhejiang Chunsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. 5.2F28


Professional audio hall

Shenzhen Koda Jia Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1A01

Enping Haige Audio Equipment Factory 2.1A02

Jiasheng Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1A03

Jiangmen City Precision Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. 2.1A04

Ningbo Beilun Chengcheng Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1A05

Guangzhou Shangke Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 2.1A06

Shenzhen Deli Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1A08

Ningbo Lizhou Zhenhao Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1A10

Enping’s original sound electro -sound equipment factory 2.1A11

Zhongshan Junjing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1A16

Dongguan Ganfang Sound Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 2.1A18

Zhentai Electronics 2.1A19

Guangzhou Fangchuan Industrial Corporation (Jianhua Professional Audio Academic Factory) 2.1A21

2.1A26, Nancun Scholar Economic Equipment Factory, Panyu District, Guangzhou

Dongguan Jisheng Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. 2.1A29

Ningbo Haishu Hyun Sound Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1A31

Enping Yongjiabao Electronics Factory 2.1A32

Guangzhou Shangsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1A35

Enping Perseverance Electronics Factory 2.1A51

Enping Huaxing Plastic Factory 2.1A55

Guangzhou Yinzhiya Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1A59

Enping City Huipeng Audio Equipment Factory 2.1A68

Litai Audio Equipment Factory 2.1A71

Guangzhou Yongda Sound Equipment Co., Ltd. 2.1A76

Guangzhou Shile Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1B02

Guangzhou Shengfeiyang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1B03

Guangzhou Qi Lei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1B06

Shandong Shangda Rare Earth Material Co., Ltd. 2.1B07

Guangzhou Ridong Electric Factory 2.1B08

Guangzhou Lanma Audio Co., Ltd. 2.1B09

Guangzhou Xinsole Audio Co., Ltd. 2.1B10

Ningbo Yinkai Electric Co., Ltd. 2.1B11

Ningbo Lizhou Ruiyuyou Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1B12


Shenzhen Audio Netcom Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1B18

Guangzhou Zhongsheng Hardware Products Co., Ltd. 2.1B20

Guangzhou Paul Smart Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1B21

Ningbo Beilun Yulun Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1B22

Zhejiang Tianle Hele Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1B26

Guangzhou Yongjie Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 2.1B29

Guangzhou Yinyin Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1B33

Ruikun Sound 2.1B52

Wose e -commerce Co., Ltd. 2.1B58

Enping Pengfei Audio Equipment Factory 2.1B59

Huacheng Hengyin Electric Sound Factory, Huadu District, Guangzhou 2.1B65

Enping Jiancheng Electronic Equipment Factory 2.1B67

Enping Yapu Audio Equipment Factory 2.1B68

Enping Ledto Audio Equipment Factory 2.1C02

Dongguan Dongya Founding Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1C02, L4-B06

Shenzhen Music Dance Chunqiu Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1C03

Huizhou Haiyun Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1C05

Foshan Nanhai Lishui Hechang Tianlang Sound Co., Ltd. 2.1C08

Ningbo Santa King Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1C15

Guangzhou Zhongle Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 2.1C16

Qingdao Shamu New Material Co., Ltd. 2.1C19

Guangzhou Zengcheng Yuanchuang Electronics Factory 2.1C22

Zhongshan Line Vision Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1C25

Guangzhou Yifeng Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 2.1C28

French Maiwei (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. 2.1C29

Ningbo Yongze Magnetic Co., Ltd. 2.1C31

Shengkai Sound Equipment Factory 2.1C51, 2.2A15

Guangzhou Feiyi Audio Co., Ltd. 2.1C52

Enping City Long Sound Electric Sound Equipment Co., Ltd. 2.1C56

Shandong Zuimei Sound Co., Ltd. 2.1C68, L4-B10

Enping City Raydi Mano Equipment Factory 2.1C69

Guangzhou Li Ge Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 2.1D02

Kuros Sound Education Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. 2.1d08

Hangzhou Yayu Music Equipment Co., Ltd. 2.1D10

Foshan resonance sound equipment Co., Ltd. 2.1d16

Shenzhen Akihabara Industrial Co., Ltd. 2.1D22

Texas Hechuan Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. Foshan Branch 2.1D28, 3.1B16

Guangzhou Second Weiyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1d29

Yuyao Ruiyi Electric Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. 2.1d31

Hangzhou Manu Sound Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. 2.1D35

Jiangmen Madeley Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1D36

Dongguan Lehao ​​Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1d56

Dongguan Guocan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1d58

Company name booth number

Foshan Line King Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1d61

Enping Caster Audio Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1D66

Tianyin Electronics Factory 2.1D69

Enping City spectrum Meixiang Electronic Equipment Factory 2.1D71

Enping Huifu Electronics Factory 2.1d72

Dongguan Xunli Industrial Co., Ltd. 2.1F02

Shunjin New Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 2.1F06

Enping Mankaton Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1F08

Bohong Electronics (Zhaoqing) Co., Ltd. 2.1F09

Guangzhou Rongsheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1F10

Guangzhou Ruifu Music Equipment Co., Ltd. 2.1F11

Enping Jinyin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1F13

Guangzhou Zhaoyi Sound Co., Ltd. 2.1F16, 3.1B28

Shandong Kingdis Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. (Foshan Branch) 2.1F17

Guangzhou Chuangyi Network Media Co., Ltd. 2.1F20

Yijiali Box Factory, Sanshui District, Foshan City 2.1F21

Ningbo Lean Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1F22

Enping City Union Audio Equipment Factory 2.1F26

Zhongshan Weibo Hardware Electric Co., Ltd. 2.1F27

Shenzhen Maiyue Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1F28

Guangzhou Heman Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1F30

Guangzhou Ji Ge Sounds Co., Ltd. 2.1F31

Hangzhou Haoge Audio Co., Ltd. 2.1F32

Guangzhou Schubadi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1F33

Hangzhou Hongyin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1F38

Guangzhou Yazhu Audio Co., Ltd. 2.1F55

Foshan Langu Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 2.1F63

Shenzhen State Rui Electric Sound Technology 2.1F66

Enping Mis Audio Co., Ltd. 2.1G02

Guangzhou Huazhi Tuchuang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1G04

Guangzhou Panyu Tengjiahui Audio Equipment Factory 2.1G03

Ningbo Hayek Import and Export Co., Ltd. 2.1G07

Guangzhou Langjun Audio Co., Ltd. 2.1G08

Enping City Shengyue Sound Co., Ltd. 2.1G10

Enping Flying Electronics Factory 2.1G12

Hunan Bayang Acoustics New Material Co., Ltd. 2.1G16

Guangzhou Congbao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1G17

Huashan Jiale Electric Acoustic Parts Factory, Huadu District, Guangzhou 2.1G18

Ningbo Haishu Oriental Audio Connection Factory 2.1G19

Foshan Nanhai Gold Voice Electic Sound Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1G22

Guangzhou Jianqiao Audio Access Co., Ltd. 2.1G28

Enping Leyang Spelling Equipment Factory 2.1G29

Guangzhou Xianxi Trading Co., Ltd. 2.1G32

Ningbo Fenghua Shengda Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1G38

Guangzhou Hongyi Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1G50

Guangzhou Yuzhi Fruit Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1G53

Guangzhou Xingdongfu Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1G56

Guangzhou Huacheng Electric Co., Ltd. 2.1G58

Guangzhou Shuye Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1H02

Jiangsu Shenguang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1H03

Ningbo Guanyuan Guanyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1H06

Shenzhen Jixin Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1H09

Guangzhou Guosheng Music Co., Ltd. 2.1H10

Ningbo Zhuosheng Olympic Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1H16

Zhuo Shangye Magnetic Horing Specter Accessories Co., Ltd. 2.1H21

Guangzhou Ausheng Sound Equipment Co., Ltd. 2.1H23

Guangzhou Manli Weiye Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1H26

Guangzhou Guoli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1H30

Dongguan Nixuan Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.1H32

Puli Micro Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. 2.1H36

Guangzhou Kangzheng Hydron Material Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1H38

Enping Gols Audio Equipment Factory 2.1H39

Endi Ai Audio Audio Equipment Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 2.1H50

Guangzhou Zhenxinzhi Technical Organization 2.1H55

Dongguan Shi Pai Bule Electronics Factory 2.1H56

Shiji Baiya Audio Equipment Factory, Panyu District, Guangzhou 2.1H60

Qingyuan Borui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1H66

Guangzhou Zhongxin Audio Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.1H70

Guangzhou Bilipu Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1A02

Guangzhou Shenghu speaker accessories Co., Ltd. 3.1A03

Ningbo Junyue Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1A04

Nanjing Guangmai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1A05

Dongguan Mingyang Electric Sound Products Co., Ltd. 3.1A06

Dongguan Quanyun Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1A07

Shenzhen First Line Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1A08

Guangzhou Chitian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1A09

Shenzhen Liangpin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1A11

Guangzhou Yonghe Hardware Electric Sound Co., Ltd. 3.1A15

Guangzhou Wanya Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.1A16

Dongguan Shijie Shisheng Electronic Packaging Material Factory 3.1A18

Guangzhou Weila Electric Sound Co., Ltd. 3.1A19

Guangzhou Yinzhong Cable and Cable Co., Ltd. 3.1A20

Guangzhou Yuanda Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.1A22

Guangzhou Yinjie Electric Sound Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.1A23

Enping Gechang Audio Equipment Factory 3.1A26

Enping City Ritz Electric Sound Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1A28

Zhejiang Lianzhan Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1A29

Shenzhen Qianhai Shancheng Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1A31

Realm Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. 3.1A33

Jiaoyue Sound Equipment Factory, Panyu District, Guangzhou City 3.1A35

Enping City Zhongmeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1A38

Shenzhen Jinjiarun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1A49

Shenzhen New Shiming Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1A51

Ningbo Datong Electronic Cable Co., Ltd. 3.1A52

Ningbo Zhihao Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. 3.1A55

Ningbo Ge Langsheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1A61

Shanghai Hanyao Technology Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1A67

Guangzhou Panyu District Sound Electronic Equipment Factory 3.1B01

Guangzhou Yueba Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.1B02

Guangzhou Ruger Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1B04

Guangzhou Weipou Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1B06

Guangzhou Lejia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1B10

Dongguan Guanzhang Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1B12

Hangzhou Times Broadcasting Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.1B17

Dongguan Angyi Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 3.1B21

Guangzhou Bailida Audio Co., Ltd. 3.1B26

Dongguan Xiaobing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1B30

Qingyuan Qingcheng District Castle Xinfeng resistor factory 3.1B31

Dongguan Shi Pai Kaiyue Plastic Products Factory 3.1B33

Enping Hengyi Audio Equipment Factory 3.1B35

Guangzhou Shenghao Music Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.1B36

Zhejiang Middle Exit Co., Ltd. 3.1B56

Enping Xinjie Hardware Co., Ltd. 3.1B59

Hangzhou Dingjie Digital Electric Co., Ltd. 3.1B60

Guangzhou Harvey Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1C02

Dongguan Hongju Electronic Hardware Products Co., Ltd. 3.1C03

Lizhou Hengtai Electric Sound Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1C06

Ningbo Haishu Yongxing Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1C08

Shanghai New City Rubber Plastic Corporation Factory 3.1C09

Enping Changrun Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.1C15

Enping City Xingda Xionghai Electronics Factory 3.1C16

Guoying Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. 3.1C19

Guangzhou Lindinger Decoration Building Materials Co., Ltd. 3.1C20

Foshan Huaxiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1C28

Dongguan Sanhe Smart Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.1C31

Shenzhen Aipaiko Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1C38

Enping City Yifan Voice Sound Equipment Factory 3.1D01

3.1D02, Nanhai District, Nanhai District, Foshan City

Guangzhou Hongsheng Electric Sound Co., Ltd. 3.1D05

Guangzhou Wei Miao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1D06

Guangzhou Shixuan Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.1d07

Shijing Meton Audio Equipment Factory, Baiyun District, Guangzhou 3.1D09

Guangzhou Eddie Audio Co., Ltd. 3.1D15, L1-A11

Guangzhou Tianpu Audio Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1d16

Shenzhen Jiarifengtai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1D17

Dongguan Ouyi Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. 3.1d19

Borang Audio Equipment Factory 3.1D21

Guangzhou Hao Yinyin Co., Ltd. 3.1d22

Guangzhou Magic Sound Sound Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.1d27, L1A03

Enping Sanren Electronic Equipment Factory 3.1d28, 3.2D52

Dongguan Liwei Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1d29

Cixi City Ai Jie Audio Equipment Factory 3.1D33

Foshan No. 1 Sky Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1d35

Yuyao Langsheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1d36

Changsha Dongmark Information Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1d51

Guangzhou Xinwang Audio Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1d52, L1-A05

Enping Baihui Electronics Factory 3.1d55

Ningbo yearn for Smart Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1d56

Enping Chuangwidi Audio Equipment Factory 3.1F02

Dongguan De Sheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1F06

Guangzhou Taiyue Electric Sound Co., Ltd. 3.1F08

Enping City Lingxin Electronics Factory 3.1F09

Guangzhou Beiyinis Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.1F12

Guangzhou Hongsao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1F15

Guangzhou Xinyi Metal Products Co., Ltd. 3.1F18

Guangzhou Yike Electic Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1F19

Jiashan County Longhua Electric Factory 3.1F20

Guangzhou Xuanyin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1F22

Enping City Shenglu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1F26

Foshan Yuyin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1F30

Foshan Shengyuchai Industry Co., Ltd. 3.1F32

Guangzhou Tufu Aluminum Box Products Co., Ltd. 3.1F33

Wuzhou Xinchang Metal Products Co., Ltd. 3.1F35

Enping Yuepu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1F36

Enping Xianyin Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1F52

Shenzhen Xinteve Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1F57

Guangzhou Jinyi Electric Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1G01

Changsha Yinzhizhi Sheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1G02

Yuyao Benlong Electric Sound Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.1G06

Shenzhen Shengtianxia Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1G11

Guangzhou Geba Sound Co., Ltd. 3.1G12

Oston Audio Equipment Factory 3.1G16

Changzhou Grand Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1G18

Ningbo Yinzhou Huangsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1G19

Dongguan Luhong Electric Sound Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1G20

Guangzhou Mii Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.1G22

Hangzhou Shuyuan Audio Equipment Factory 3.1G28

Shenzhen Purais Gao Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1G30

Guangzhou De Shun Yin Co., Ltd. 3.1G33

Zhengzhou Yitian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1G38

3.1G52, Xinghao Hardware Factory, Nanhai District, Foshan City

Foshan Nanhai District Jingye Guanghua Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1G56

Ningbo Fulong Synchronous Belt Co., Ltd. 3.1G57

Xi’an Yiyun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1G58

Baiyun District Baiyun District Yishe Audio Equipment Factory 3.1H02

Ningbo Fenghua Cable Cable Co., Ltd. 3.1H06

Qingyuan Rising Moon Heng Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1H08

Guangzhou Xinye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1H09

Dongguan Tshang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1H12


Dongguan Geyun Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1H16

Nanjing Shuls Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1H18

Shanghai Minhua Special Paint Line Products Co., Ltd. 3.1H19

Guangzhou Taimei Electric Co., Ltd. 3.1H20

Guangzhou Zhongyin Electronics Co., Ltd. 3.1H22

Ningbo Haishudong Bridge Yuele Electronic Component Factory 3.1H26

Ningbo Ou Sheng Electric Co., Ltd. 3.1H28

Guangzhou Netneng Product Design Co., Ltd. 3.1H32

Guangzhou Nicole Tech Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1H33

Dongguan Lantianzhong Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1H38

Guangzhou Mingteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 3.1H52

Clear resistance process of Kaiba, Taihe Town, Qingyuan City 3.1H57

Guangzhou Yuke Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. 3.1H58

Guangzhou Fengsheng Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 3.1H60


KTV and Entertainment Pokemon

Company name booth number

Shenzhen Youdi Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2A01

Shenzhen Hyun Baodi Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2A02

Enping City Yaden Audio Equipment Factory 2.2A06

Zhuhai Lanbiao Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2A07

Hangzhou is from 2.2A08 from Purchase Trading Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Aimei Culture Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2A19

Shenzhen Siwei Le Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2A28

Guangzhou Qianhui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2A30

Shenzhen Hengtong Weida Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.2B01

Taiwan Mango Audio Co., Ltd. 2.2B02

Shenzhen Gexing World Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 2.2B07

Guangzhou Oper Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2B08

Guangzhou Yuxiang Electric Co., Ltd. 2.2B09

Xiamen Party House Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.2B16

Beijing Sunshine Hanghan Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2B22

Guangzhou Borui Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.2B28

Guangdong Xuanyin Information Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2B33

Shenzhen Good Brother Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.2B36

Foshan Nanhai Jinhui Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.2B52

Shenzhen Yingsi Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.2B56

Xiamen Sikle Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.2B62

Shenzhen Yunyang Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2B68

Fujian Xingyi Information System Co., Ltd. 2.2C02, 2.2C08

Guangzhou spectrum audio equipment Co., Ltd. 2.2C07

Enping Vilis Electric Sound Equipment Factory 2.2C16

Guangzhou Hanlimei Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.2C22

Xiamen Lingrui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2C28

Shenzhen Huapu Electric Co., Ltd. 2.2C36

Beijing Leishi Tiandi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2C52

Guangzhou Weili Xun Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2C56

Yiwu Fei Ke Tao Crafts Business Bank 2.2C62

Shenzhen Yingxinheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2D02

Guangdong He Yinyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2D08

Guangzhou Teng Sound Sound Equipment Co., Ltd. 2.2D16

Guangzhou Cool Vision Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.2D22

Shenzhen Meiyang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2D28

Shenzhen Digital Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2D36

Guangzhou Leimeng Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2D52

Foshan City Nanhai Lishui Tengyin Equipment Factory 2.2D78

Guangzhou Zhonghui Information Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2F02

Guangzhou Yiheng Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.2F08

Shenzhen Runhui Hengye Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2F15

Guangzhou Western European Vision Audiovisual Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2F16

Shenzhen Edison Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. 2.2F28

Xinxuanyi Metal Products 2.2F32

Foshan Baicheng Building Materials Co., Ltd. 2.2F38

Shenzhen Huaze Electronics Co., Ltd. 2.2F56

Guangzhou Ze Shengsheng Equipment Factory 2.2F86

Shenzhen Xindong Yue Technology Co., Ltd. 2.2F88


Professional Light Museum

Company name booth number

Wuxi Liba Electric Co., Ltd. 4.1A01

Guangzhou Fengyi Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1A02

Dongguan Yongya Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1A03

Guangzhou Brothers Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1A05

Guangzhou Xinsheng Light Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1A07

Guangzhou Pingguo Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1A11

Tianjin Si Niu Stage Lighting Co., Ltd. 4.1A12

Guangzhou Dancers Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1A13

Golden Metal Products Factory, Xinhui District, Jiangmen City 4.1A16

Shenzhen Guangyi Electronics Co., Ltd. 4.1A18

Guangzhou Centuryhui Performing Arts Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1A19

Fuzhou Liangpu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1A22

Hebei Dingyou Liech Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 4.1A28

Guangzhou Mai Gao Light Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1A29

Changchun New Industry Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1A35

Guangzhou Ruiyang Light Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1A37

Guangzhou Wanrui Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1A38

Guangzhou Mi Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1A52

Dongyang Weimei Crafts Co., Ltd. 4.1A61

Guangzhou Sawei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1A62

Foshan City Guide Magnesium Metal Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1A66

Yangzhou Youchuang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1A70

Guangzhou Guangliang Seiko Metal Products Co., Ltd. 4.1A71

Guangzhou Jufeng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. 4.1B02

Dongguan Jiuhong Wujin Products Co., Ltd. 4.1B06

Dongguan Puhui Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1B08

Tianma Stage Lighting Equipment Factory, Baiyun District, Guangzhou 4.1B12

Guangzhou Sound Sound Sound Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1B16

Guangzhou Busen Lighting Audio Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1B19

Guangzhou Xunfei Optoelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1B21

Shenzhen Xinzhihong Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1B26

Guangzhou Jiaming Light Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1B28

Guangzhou Ao Liang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1B32

Guangzhou Liangxing Light Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1B38

Guangzhou Hailianxin Electric Co., Ltd. 4.1B51

Guangzhou Hongyang Stage Lighting Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1B52

Guangzhou Yide Electric Co., Ltd. 4.1B61

Beijing Bangbang Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1C02

Shenzhen Shanghong Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. 4.1C05

Dongguan Stop Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. 4.1C16

Guangzhou Weiliang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. 4.1C18

Guangzhou Cool Treasure Light Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1C19

Guangzhou Youlun Electric Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1C20

Wujiang Foster Raideling Machinery Electronics Co., Ltd. 4.1C21

Guangzhou Weirui Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1C28

Taishan Leke Industrial Co., Ltd. 4.1C52

Guangzhou Laifei Stage Lighting Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1C68

Guangzhou Ye Sun Stage Lighting Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1D02

Jiangsu Sujie Model Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1D08

Guangzhou Kaue Performance Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1D09

Guangdong Ke and Mei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. 4.1d15

Guangzhou Leit Lighting Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1D16

Guangzhou Wind Optoelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1d28

Dalian Hai Tianxiang Yun Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1d35

Guangzhou Weilai Light Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1D36

Hunan Xiaowen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1D52

Guangzhou Kozo Machinery Co., Ltd. 4.1d56

Guangzhou Xinmianchi Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1F01

Guangzhou Sicheng Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. 4.1F06

Guangzhou Xinhe Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. 4.1F08

Mingwei (Guangzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd. 4.1F10

Guangzhou Baiyun District Guoda Light Audio Equipment Factory 4.1F12

Guangzhou Mingjing Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1F16

Guangzhou Xixi Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1F18

Guangzhou Yiyi Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1F22

Guangzhou Renfeng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1F28

Guangzhou Huofeng (Golden Sun) Light Co., Ltd. 4.1F31

Beijing from the north from the eagle rising crane, limited company 4.1F32

Guangzhou Jinzhixing Laser Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1F38

Guangzhou Marley Lighting Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1F50

Guangzhou Lima Light Electronics Co., Ltd. 4.1F51

Guangzhou Golden Bird Light Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1F56

Eurasian Laser (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. 4.1G02

Shenzhen Rysho Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1G05

Tianjin Guangzhixinyuan Film and Television Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1G08

Guangzhou Xingtian Stage Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1G09

Shenzhen Xiuxiu Cavaliers Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1G12

Guangzhou Meteor Yu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1G17

Guangzhou Minchuang Stage Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1G26

Guangzhou Laiming Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1G28

Guangzhou Xiangrui Hardware Products Co., Ltd. 4.1G32

Guangzhou Laobo Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1G38

Guangzhou Duopu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1G52

Zhejiang Muze Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1G55

Shenzhen Chenliang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1G60

Foshan Ruka Aluminum Box Co., Ltd. 4.1H02

Guangzhou Hyou -Lauli Computer Co., Ltd. 4.1H06

Guangzhou Misi Electronics Co., Ltd. 4.1H08

Guangzhou Duohu Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1H12

Foshan Gude Electronics Co., Ltd. 4.1H16

Guangzhou Hongsheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1H19

Guangzhou Honghe Lighting Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1H21

Shenzhen Yuanshi Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1H26

Guangzhou Hengyun Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1H32

Shenzhen Simaote Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1H33

Maofeng Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. 4.1H34

Guangzhou Sinao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1H35

Shenzhen Aimerson Laser Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1H36

Guangzhou Hongsheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 4.1H38

Guangzhou Weipu Electromechanical Co., Ltd. 4.1H58

Guangzhou Gano Stage Lighting Audio Co., Ltd. 5.1A01

Guangzhou Yunwu Electronics Co., Ltd. 5.1A02

Haichuan Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Guangpuda Technology Co., Ltd. 5.1A06

Guangzhou Gao Juying Electrical Factory, Baiyun District, Guangzhou 5.1A07

Guangzhou Qianwao Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. 5.1A09

5.1A11, Locke Stage Lighting Equipment Factory, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

Guangzhou Shanya Stage Lighting Co., Ltd. 5.1A13

Guangzhou Caixing Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 5.1A15

Guangzhou Warkeg Technology Co., Ltd. 5.1A16

Guangzhou Wanshi Optoelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd. 5.1A18

Shenzhen Gold Brand Light Technology Co., Ltd. 5.1A19

Guangzhou Ao Mei Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. 5.1A22

Shenzhen Jiru Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. 5.1A23

Guangzhou Gepai Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 5.1A29

Guangzhou Qiliang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. 5.1A51

Guangzhou Ruiying Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 5.1A55

Guangzhou Zhengda Guanglian Lighting Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. 5.1A61

Guangzhou Interactive Culture Communication Co., Ltd. 5.1B05

Hebei Huaige Lifting Machinery Group Co., Ltd. 5.1B08

Guangzhou Benrui Electronics Co., Ltd. 5.1B12

Shenzhen Guihe Organic Glass Products Co., Ltd. 5.1B22

Hong Kong Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 5.1B23

Guangzhou Chuanleshi Zhaoming Technology Co., Ltd. 5.1B28

Zhongshan Tonghui Lighting Co., Ltd. 5.1B31

Foshan Xingshuo Performing Arts Equipment Co., Ltd. 5.1B32

Guangzhou Gaoyang Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. 5.1B33

Guangzhou Chao Yue Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 5.1B35

Guangzhou Jinmu Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. 5.1B36

Foshan City Wing Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. 5.1B37

Shenzhen Yecaiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. 5.1B39

Guangzhou Baotian Light Equipment Co., Ltd. 5.1C02

Guangzhou Pinyuan Performance Equipment Co., Ltd. 5.1C08

Foshan Tim Cai Aluminum Co., Ltd. 5.1C15

Guangzhou Ruiying Stage Equipment Co., Ltd. 5.1C22

Foshan Kezun Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. 5.1D01

Guangzhou Future Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 5.1D02

Makide Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 5.1d08

Guangzhou Art Stage Lighting Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. (Disheng Light) 5.1D15

Guangzhou Yuezhong Digital Technology Co., Ltd. 5.1D16

Guangdong Shining Stage Equipment Co., Ltd. 5.1D22

Guangzhou Jiechuang Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. 5.1D28

Foshan Xiaohan Performing Arts Equipment Co., Ltd. 5.1d31

Shaoxing Jieyi Machinery Co., Ltd. (Kayo) 5.1D33

Guangzhou Shengyue Lighting Co., Ltd. 5.1d68

Guangzhou Caiyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 5.1F02

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