In summer, air -conditioned rooms are available, or can also be used as shawls or scarves.

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The sleeve shawl that can be worn freely

This piece of sleeve shawl,

The small broken silk with love is used,

Glossy fancy wool.

After the needle is edited 2 of the same weaving,

Sewing at the center of the back,

The weaving method is very simple.

Can be used in the air -conditioned room,


You can also be used as a shawl or a scarf,

Put on freely.

Here is a detailed introduction to this free -dressed shawl wire material and detailed illustration:

[Use materials] Diamond line ST (thick) orange -red (309) 140g group, 6 buttons with 1.2cm in diameter

【Tool】 Baseball No. 6, Hook needle 3/0

[Products size] 43cm long, 50.5cm in length with shoulder sleeves

[Weaving density] Within 10cm × 10cm area: weaving pattern is 24 stitches, 28 lines of lines, 28 lines

【Weaving method and order】

(1) The body and sleeves are locking the needle at the cuffs.


Torted needle tattoo needle. Refer to Figure 1, the needle of the knitting end point. Weave the same weaving.

(2) Unlock the stitches of the cuff’s line -locking needle, weave the ups and downs, and weave the end point for the needle to obtain the needle. In order to make the fan shape more beautiful, the needle should be loosened.

(3) The needle of the back body, sleeve and left body, and sleeves as the center line of the back, the back is relatively aligned, the nails of the lower needle are nail, and the nails of the top needle are used. Essence

(4) Refer to the figure below to make the stubborn eye in the specified position, and put the button in the 6 positions.


Combination method and deduction instructions



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