Pure electric battery life is 105 kilometers, 4.8L of feed oil consumption, stars chasing wind plug -in hybrid versions spy photos are exposed again

At the Chengdu Auto Show, which just ended, Chery released a new Tiggo 8Plus Kunpeng E+model, which is the plug -in hybrid version of the Tiggo 8Plus. In fact What secrets, at the business annual meeting of Shanghai last month, there was a display vehicle of the stars chasing the wind plug -in hybrid version. Earlier, there were real car spy photos. Principle, since there are related parameters, the relevant data of Star Road Chasing Wind Plug -in Hybrid Edition is actually not difficult to speculate. Basically, they are all inseparable.

The appearance level of the real car this time is no different from the ordinary fuel version. It is just to drive a mouth on the front of the front wing board of the driver. The special car is charged. It shows that its new energy identity is not afraid of late. Even if some areas have determined the qualifications of the plug -in hybrid version in 2023, this is not more than a year. The plug -in hybrid version still has certain advantages.


From the previous exposure of the exhibition board data, it is learned that the mileage of pure electricity can reach 105 kilometers, which is 5 kilometers more than Tiggo 8Plus Kunpeng E+. It does not look like a lot, but from the perspective of pure electricity Think about the urban range of more than 100 kilometers when the pure electric sedan first came out. Now the plug -in hybrid version can be easily achieved, and the battery capacity is not large. The mileage of commuting in the urban area is enough to cope with it. This is one of its selling points. Another highlight is that HEV fuel consumption is 4.8L/100km, which is mainly due to the reduction of the weight of the vehicle. As far as the E+two -wheel drive), the fuel consumption level also directly reduces 0.2L/100km. You must know that the size of the fuel tank of the two is close, and a box of oil can really be opened 50 to sixty kilometers.


Earlier, many people were still wondering why Chery chose the 1.5TCI engine as the main model of the hybrid. The author also circled the state at the beginning. From the analysis of the engine maturity and reliability, the answer is officially announced now. Chery still does not want to be subject to others. The main reason for enabling the 1.5TCI engine is that the ECU is produced by its own. At the level, there is no harm to the test of more tests. Matching, the relevant information of the 2.0TGDI hybrid engine has been exposed before. As of now, I still have not taken the real car test. Essence

Another part that has been doubtful in the early stage also got a formal answer at the Tiggo 8PLUS Kunpeng E+press conference. Because the four -wheel drive version is three drive motors, the acceleration of 100 kilometers can reach 4.9 seconds (the quality of the preparation is 1.908 tons), and the quality of the 100 kilometers (the quality is 1.908 tons), and the quality of the edition When the two -wheel drive version reduces the rear -drive motor, it can only rely on the two driver motors in front. The official release of the 0 hundred acceleration results is 7.2 seconds. The seat version) and 1.769 tons (seven versions), which is not as lighter than the Xingtu Lingyun 400T. Besides, the main purpose of the plug -in hybrid version is mainly fuel -saving. This speculates that the weight of 84 kg of star road chasing wind The 0 hundred acceleration of the plug -in hybrid version should be around 7 to 7.1 seconds. The rest is naturally waiting for the formal official announcement. It is best to be able to go public during the year. Conclusion easily.