Do not lose the remaining paper tubes after using roll paper! After changing this way, I immediately became waste into treasure

Roll paper is a necessity in life. Presumably, every household must be indispensable. Roll paper is so common, then Xiaobian is going to ask everyone a question today: When the roll paper is used only one paper tube, does it mean that it is to complete the mission to be dead?


Of course, the answer is no. Even if life is short, the cute rolling paper still wants to accompany us to the way. So don’t abandon them first, Bala Lala energy, paper tube transforms!

1. Transformation of data cable storage

Use colorful paint pen to make your favorite graffiti on the roll tube, so that the roll paper tube will change a simple and eye -catching data cable storage. With this small storage cylinder, I am no longer afraid of clutter the data cable is wrapped together.

2. Transformed into a mobile phone support


Isn’t the mobile phone standby? The desktop is too slippery to find a stable point? Don’t worry, let’s help. First take a waste paper tube and four small suction cups, then cut a small port that can hold the phone on the paper tube, and then stick the suction cup under the paper tube with glue. A simple mobile phone stand is completed.


Third, transform into a small flower pot


How many plants in the local area? Little paper tube is solved. First take a idle long box, then put the accumulated paper tube neatly in the box, fill the prepared soil in the tube body, and finally plant some flowers and plants. This simple flower pot makes you always have a thoughtful green companion no matter where you are.

Fourth, transform personality calendar

Prepare paper tube, scissors, glue, fine rope and hard paper slices to start making. First, the thin paper sheets are stuck at the bottom of the paper tube. After completing the number of parts in order, start with thin rope and glue to stick these paper tube, as shown in the figure. After the middle number part is completed, use a hard paper to build a roof on the top of the calendar. Is it very simple? Let your friends envy.

Five, transform into small toys


There is no new thing for ordinary toys. It is better to play a loving parent -child game with a waste paper cylinder and children. You can start the stickers, brushes and glue. First of all, the child can draw the pattern he likes on the tube, and ask what kind of doors and windows he wants. The roof likes the pointed on the roof is round. Then the mother helped use glue to carefully stick the stickers drawn by the child on the tube, and the cartoon house full of love is ready.


After watching so much, let’s try it, don’t let your roll paper lying pity in the trash can.