The cheapest quality of life quality improvement: replace 9 things in the bathroom

Happiness has never been expensive, and often there is no sense of ritual. Since my family has upgraded 9 small things in the bathroom, the happiness has been significantly improved a lot -and the price is not high, the cheapest is less than ten dollars. Let’s share it today, those good things worth upgrading in the bathroom.


【One】 Waterwaterer

The drainage outlets of the sink and washing table have always belonged to the sewers. Ordinary sewers are generally built when buying sinks or washbasins. The first is easy to block when used, and the second is to reverse it. Mosquitoes may fly out in summer.


Therefore, it is recommended to replace it without changing it. There is no need to invite people in installation, and even the tools do not need, you can use it by hand.

A good sewer will bring a deodorant device, some are sealing and deodorant, and some are water -sealing odor. No matter which one is, the role is the same. After changing it, you don’t have to wash and cook with bad smells.


【】 Water faucet


I mean the faucet on the sink: I don’t know how the current faucet is designed. Why is the washbasin so big and the faucet is so short? The water is close to the back wall of the washbasin, and it is easy to splash water on the table without saying.

I once thought about buying a pumping tap, but the stuff was too expensive, and the pumping hose was directly hanging in the bathroom cabinet. When drawing, it is easy to knock down the bottle and cans in the bathroom cabinet.

Later, I learned that the faucet of Wanshui was changed directly. In fact, it is an outlet. Twist the outlet of the raw water faucet and put it on this. By rotating, the direction of water can be changed. Washing, shampooing, and mouthwash will be a lot more convenient to use.


【3】 Desert prevention plug

The biggest enemy of the bathroom is the odor, so the deodorant work can never be slack. In addition to the sewers mentioned earlier, there are two places that are easy to reverse -the first is the vertical tube.

The hose of the sewer needs to be inserted directly on a vertical tube on the ground. The vertical tube has a large caliber and a small hose diameter. Between the vertical pipe and the hose, a large gap will be left. The taste will come out from here.


Therefore, we need a deodorant plug, which is actually a sealing plug of a silicone material. Put this plug on the hose and insert it into the vertical tube. There is no anti -taste risk.

【】 Cexion core

Another place that is easy to taste is the floor drain. However, the current floor drain generally has a deodorant device, that is, the deodorant floor drain core. Open the mule outside the ground leak and you can see it.

Let’s observe the style of this deodorant core, is it U -shaped, T type or flip?

If it is a dwelling ground leaky core, it is recommended to replace it after two years. The life of this stuff is very low, and the spring will be broken in one or two years, losing the deodorant effect. It can be replaced with a silicone ground leaky core, relying on sealing odor and anti -odor, the effect is very good.

【Wu】 Show Spirit

A major function in the bathroom is bathing. The bath is uncomfortable, and the bathroom is uncomfortable.

If you want to wash well, it is recommended to buy a Japanese -style supercharged shower:

The pressure is added to the water (bubbles) to make the water lighter and thicker. The area of ​​contact with the skin will be greater, and it will be more comfortable and faster. And because the air bubbles are added, the water is very light, so even if the water flows very large, the skin will not feel tingling.


Japanese style, the water droplets of this supercharged shower are thinner and dense. It is no longer the traditional water column of the traditional shower, but a large piece, which is very soft to wash. There is also a one -click water stop function, so that the water temperature is not needed.

【Land】 Water mixed valve


Speaking of regulating water temperature, there is actually a more convenient way, that is, the price is slightly higher -the constant temperature mixing valve.

When we take a bath, the valve used to adjust the water temperature is called “mixed valve”. Its main role is to adjust the ratio of cold water added to hot water to adjust the water temperature.


Traditional water mixing valves are too troublesome to regulate, and you can consider constant temperature mixing valves. Set the temperature directly, and open the valve to flow out of the corresponding water temperature. You don’t have to adjust it slowly before taking a bath.

【】 Sanitary paper

Toilet paper is what I think the most eliminated in this era -the cleaning method after the toilet that is more advanced has long appeared.


I personally love wet toilet paper. Its friction is much smaller than that of toilet paper, and it stimulates less. And because there are water and medicinal ingredients inside, the cleaning and sterilization are stronger.


Because wet toilet paper meets the standards of toilet paper, it can be dissolved in water. So you can throw it directly into the toilet after use, don’t worry about blocking.


The comfort and cleanliness provided by wet toilet paper cannot be provided by all other methods. Even if my family bought a smart toilet lid later, I was still used to cleaning wet toilet paper.

【捌】 Toilet lid

The toilet lid can also be upgraded and upgraded to a smart toilet cover. Smart toilet lid can also be cleaned after toilet, but as I said -still like wet toilet paper.


But the smart toilet lid is not useless, at least two functions I like very much: I like it very much:

The first is the heating of the seat, especially in the winter, no longer need to be prepared to go to the toilet. The hot toilet ring only needs half -electricity a day.

The second is women’s baptism. Are ladies and friends still wash farts with small pots? The women’s washing function was too friendly. It was washed first and then dried. Even the secondary pollution brought by the towel was no longer worried, it was clean and convenient.

【】 Hair dryer

I always thought that the hair dryer was a warm -blowing machine. Later, I went to swim with colleagues and used her hair dryer to find that I have lived for so many years.

The drying speed of the hair dryer and the relationship with power and calories are not great. Like my original hair dryer, I have a headache every time, and my hair is almost confused after a long time, and it is not fast.

The good hair dryer, the blowing wind is very soft. And because the air outlet design is reasonable, the speed of drying is faster.