Is it difficult for the year -end assault to purchase selection? You should stock up these good things

By the end of the year, every department in the enterprise is busy at this time, financial statements must be made for one year, and sales must take stock of this year’s performance. It’s busy -the purchase budget has not finished.

Indeed, although the administrative procurement staff of many enterprises are “searching for search” every quarter, they must be aggressive at the end of the year. How to choose a product? How to hoard some good things? It’s enough to read this!

How to choose the year -end assault purchase?

The first issue of the year -end assault procurement is the selection of products. Because the procurement budget has a large space at the end of the year, at the beginning of the selection, we must block the office supplies with low price and low unit price.


Secondly, when the year -end assault purchase, we have to choose those office supplies that consume more daily consumption but have strong preservation time.

Third, due to the size of the corporate warehouse, do not choose the office supplies that are large and very occupied by the year -end assault.

In the end, in the year -end assault purchase, not only should we see a type of office supplies, but more enterprise buyers must see the future needs of the enterprise.

What should I stock on the year -end assault purchase?


We believe that the enterprise administrative procurement personnel must first choose the easiest office supplies in the enterprise when the year -end assault procurement. Such as consumables used in printers.


Enterprises mostly use laser printing products. The applicable consumables are mainly selenium and carbon powder. These two types of office products have a long shelf life and large daily consumption. At this time, the proper accumulation of some printing consumables by buyers is a very wise choice.

Secondly, office paper also needs to be hoarded in moderation. In addition to the faster demand for daily consumption, office paper is affected by policies and production raw materials. In recent years, it has increased. Office procurement costs.

In addition to its own needs in the enterprise, we also have to see the needs of enterprise employees and business. For example, employees are always complaining about the problem of slowing down the company’s computers. At this time, the purchase of a batch of solid -state hard disks can undoubtedly solve it well.


For enterprises with data as the lifeblood, with the growth of enterprises, data gradually increases, and mechanical hard disks to purchase such as 20TB of storage space are also a good choice.

Of course, with the development of the business, employee needs gradually become more personalized. For example, the needs of transmission data from mobile phones seem to have nothing to do with the enterprise, but it is found that the information in the employees’ mobile phones is mostly related to the enterprise. A larger connection, at this time, it is an excellent choice to purchase a few U disks that can back up data for mobile phones.

In other respects, we recommend that the company’s administrative purchaser can accumulate some umbrellas at this time, which can not only respond to the impact of weather mutations on employee travel in time, but also provide corporate customers with corresponding more intimate services, bringing enterprises to enterprises to bring enterprises More opportunities.



The year -end assault purchasing has always been the most headache for the major enterprises at the end of the year. Among them, not only the previous hoarding office supplies failed to finish, but also the problem of the procurement ideas of administrative purchases at this time. Bring more ideas for enterprise administrative purchases.