The first time, the murder case is one after another, and the police may not have encountered such a case for a lifetime.

It’s been a long time since “Criminal Criminal Investigation”.

The decent jumping one after another, the murder case one after another.

Hot broadcast first.


However, some audiences still feel that they are not enough.

It’s not the case that is not fierce enough.


Instead, the process of solving the case is less tortuous and sleepy, and it is difficult to have thunderous sounds when the truth is revealed.

There is such a scene in the play

Touching the clues, He Yong of the task force came to Longwei Mountain to find Xue Mei’s body.

As an experienced criminal policeman, at the scene, the first time the engineer was driven back.

Then, across the far away, I saw that a forklift was wrong, and it really found the corpse.

It is not exaggerated to say that it is “golden eyes”.


As an audience, we are anxious for the rhythm of the plot and the progress of the case, but don’t forget:

The criminal police did not have the perspective of God.

The investigation process in reality will only be harder.

At this time, we need to move out a show mentioned by many people.

Little to defending rights.

Great to the murder case.

Today, SIR specially chooses a few bizarre talks:

“Today’s Story”



Touch the vine, one melon is greater than one melon

In 2010, Shanghe, Shandong.

There is such a wonderful case.

The criminal police officer who investigated the case said, “The police for a lifetime may not have encountered such a case.”

In a well.

I found a naked male corpse, which was reversed, and his head was stubborn into the well.

The deceased is 1.83 meters tall, weighs 90 kg, and aged between 30 and 40.

Initially judged that the death time died 3 months to 1 year ago.

The scene of the crime was a wilderness, and few people passed.

No fingerprints and footprints were left at the scene, and it was difficult to distinguish the true murderer.

Because the corpse is naked, the height is rotten, the face is blurred, and the identity of the deceased has become a problem.

The only clue.

After taking the body out, the investigator was at the bottom of the well and had a new discovery:

A ax.

There is no fingerprint blood on the ax, and the style is not common.

Between the ax and the wooden handle, there are two reinforced metal pieces.


The only hardware shop owner who sells such ax in the local area recalls the time of the ax.

Police roughly infer that the incident was in January 2010.

Then, he started to find information about local missing personnel during this period.

In 5 days, 17 missing people were found.

But they are not right with the deceased.

In other words, the deceased is a foreigner, and the vast sea has no clue.

At this time.

Captain of the Criminal Police Brigade, awakened everyone in a word:


Since the source of the corpse cannot be confirmed, it is better to check the suspect first.

Of the 17 people who were missing.

Will there be absconding murderers?

The police investigated again and locked the target on a person: Wang Xiyuan, 36 years old.

Half a year ago, he sent the car who had just bought it for half a year, and sent it to the car repair factory to make the whole car paint.

Now the car is still out of the repair shop, and he is also unknown.

After careful search, the police found a mark on a small leaves under the trunk spare tire, suspected of blood.

In such a big mark, after many attempts, the human body DNA was extracted, and it was determined that it was the blood of the deceased.

But Wang Xiyuan was 1.65 meters tall, and it was unlikely that the burly deceased was thrown into the well alone.

Will it be a gang crime?

The police also learned that he had closely contacted two Tianjin people

Lao Han and Xiao Han.

After DNA comparison, the deceased was Lao Han.

Xiao Han soon explained that he killed Lao Han.


Why do two fellow villagers become revenge?

It turned out to be together




In 2009, Wang Xiyuan released 100,000 yuan, hiring Lao Han and Xiao Han to kill a person named Zhang Benling.

The two came to Shanghe and repeatedly did not succeed to the Zhangxia killer (including installing explosives in the car).

A month later, the bounty was added to 140,000. Wang Xiyuan told Xiao Han that if he killed Lao Han, all the money would return to him.

In this way, Xiao Han used the reinforced ax bought to kill Lao Han.

This reverse investigation, starting with the investigators, in turn to investigate the victim, successfully reported.

The criminal policemen were ready to celebrate, thinking that the truth was close at hand.

The case has not been done yet, and one drag is two years.

The reason is that the suspect Wang Xiyuan



It’s right.

One person, has not used the identity card for two years, and no deposit withdrawal occurred. Is this possible?

The breakthrough comes from a seemingly inconspicuous text message.


In the past two years, Wang Xiyuan sent a text message to relatives and friends, and the text message said that he went out to hide his debt and don’t worry.

Is it wrong?

There are buddies and relatives and elders who send them in groups. They can be called “brothers”.

This is very rude and unreasonable in the local area that pays attention to seniority.

In the past two years, he did not spend the money of the account, but asked his wife and children to send a text message, which was still chaotic.

Comprehensive information, the police judged that there was only the only situation left

The text message was not sent by him.

Wang Xiyuan has been killed.

If this speculation is established, the most likely to be murderer is Xiao Han who has money with him.

However, Xiao Han Yantou denied that he did not prove.


The case fell into a deadlock again.

Who killed Wang Xiyuan?

A police officer of the case described that in the process of investigating the case, countless doors were pushed away, and the truth was hidden in one of the doors.

If you want to push away this door, you need a little luck, more based on the insights of a large number of investigations.

At one time, at the incident analysis, some police officers told a joke, and remember the person who wanted Wang to kill murders? Zhang Benling, who is big.

He spoke madly, and he looked down on the killing methods of Wang Xiyuan’s group.

He also said that these people were too stupid. If he committed the crime, he “burned him.”

It sounds a joke.

But what do you guess what Zhang Benling does?

He works in the funeral home.

The truth is getting closer …

The murderer’s crime method was almost flawed, but this mysterious serial case was still broken layer by layer.


Silent bag

In 2009, Xi’an Weiyang District.

Xiaomin, 23, returned home at night. Her feet were worn out and had difficulty walking.

On the way, a man driving a tricycle proposed to send her home. While Xiaomin picked up his vigilance, the man took her to a remote orchard to watch the shed, beat her, and then raped her.

After the offender escaped, Xiaomin broke away from the rope and reported to the police. The police extracted the DNA of the crimes on her.

Three or four years later, the case has been lacking clues.

Until August 2013, similar cases occurred in the Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone.

The victim Xiaofang is a college student who has just graduated.

That night, she and her boyfriend played in the middle of the night. On the way home, the two had a mouthful, Xiaofang got out of the car, and her boyfriend went away.


She couldn’t get the car. When she met a man who rode a tricycle, she said that she could take her home …

The same criminal routine is here again.

The criminals were raped, and she took her handbags and mobile phones.

After Xiaofang called the police, through the extract of the victim, after comparison, the police determined that this was the crime who was the rape in 2009.

According to the direction of Xiao Fang’s recall of the crimeists, the police conducted a visit.


Known 1: The crime person drove a red motorized tricycle.

Since driving, it is usually essential to repair the car. Through the owner of the car repair shop, the police learned about the village where the crime was located.

Known 2:

The human body is thin, honest, and wearing a blue security uniform.

Based on these characteristics, the investigators found that the person was Liu Gang.

Coincidentally, the investigators just came to Liu Gang’s house according to the address provided by the villagers and saw two girls pushing the door of the courtyard. They found that a red tricycle was parked in the courtyard.

After entering this family, it happened even more:

Inside the house, the investigators saw Liu Gang who was lying down.

There were blue security clothes next to it, and there was a folding knife in the uniform, and Xiao Fang’s mobile phone was robbed in the drawer.

After DNA comparison, Liu Gang was the suspect of two murders.

It seems that people are stolen and obtained, and the crime of nailing on the board.

There was an accident next:

In the province’s household registration archives, there were no one named “Liu Gang”.


On the other side, in the detention center, Liu Gang refused to plead guilty and relied on it.


Subsequently, the investigator was discovered again at Liu Gang’s house, and once again had the discovery of “big eyes”:

First of all, a stall owner who sells fruits puts a huge watermelon knife under the pillow. According to her daughter, it is “defensive”;

Then, in Liu Gang’s house, a large number of women’s supplies, including multiple bras, stockings, and

26 women’s bags

The two daughters confirmed that these were not their things.

If they are said, these are left by the woman who has led them overnight. Why should they leave their bags, even shoes, underwear, and ID cards?

These items that are unclear are likely to come from the victims.


So is the two rape cases currently known to be just the tip of the iceberg?

Through the ID card or document information in the bag, the police found two victims.

Among them, one of them was repeatedly confirmed by the police to admit the fact that was raped, and the other refused to disclose any personal information.


The damage at the beginning made them unbearable and unwilling to repeat it.

Perhaps, the criminals were accommodating the psychology of the victim, and the anger was more arrogant.

Liu Gang made sure that these ladies’ supplies were given to him with a waste, and this person was not seen.

Except for the four rape cases, he never explained other crimes.

This wisdom and bravery continued.

After entering the detention center, the police followed Liu Gang’s performance by monitoring.

His behavior is very abnormal.

First of all, he was mad (he had no mental illness in the physical examination). After confession two rape cases, he calmed down and became taciturn.

Until he acknowledged 4 cases, he began to talk to prisoners and even described them to his crime.

Ten days have passed, and Liu Gang has never mentioned his identity.


But it happened.

Subconscious, not controlled by him.

According to a detainee’s response, Liu Gang spoke dream at night and listened to the audio and video in Qingdao, Shandong.

Through the sound recorded, the police confirmed his accent and contacted the Qingdao Public Security Bureau.

Sure enough, Liu Gang was a Shandong Jimo in Qingdao. The real name was Liu Zunsong. He was suspected of intentional homicide 24 years ago and fled so far.


The case finally broke.

Liu Zunsong was escorted back to Shandong.

But the case did not break.

The owners of the 26 bags that were stayed only confirmed the identity of the three people, and the others were still not found.

Their story may always sink into the night.


31 years of chase


Shanghai in 1981.

A sultry summer, a small underground hotel.

The waiter smelled a strong smell from the No. 42 room.

Discover the body of a passenger.

There were seven burns on the cheeks of the deceased, and forensic doctors died of electric shocks.

The scene was artificially destroyed, and the waiter cleaned and removed the traces of the shoe printing without knowing it.

The only valuable evidence left is a incomplete fingerprint.

Police launched an investigation. Surprisingly, 14 days after the case occurred, a hotel in Jiashan, Zhejiang, had an electro -injury case. The victim escaped, and the murderer also ran.

Soon after, in Jiangxi and Zhejiang, there was a number of electricity killing cases, and the incident tools were similar.

Is there a correlation between these cases?

According to the handwriting of the three hotel accommodation registration forms, after a month of analysis, the police determined that the handwriting was written by the same person.

The only evidence is that fingerprint.

At that time, the case attracted the attention of the Ministry of Public Security. Investigation and collaboration between the eight provinces of the south, focusing on investigating the south.

The criminal police that hosted the case across 27 provinces and cities across the country, close to 100,000 kilometers.

In less than three months, the police should compare the fingerprints of more than 400,000 people.


At that time, not as advanced (using a computer) at that time, they used the “earth method” to compare artificially.

Seeing two similar fingerprints, they are handed over to the experts.

Moreover, this fingerprint is very special, only a quarter of the normal fingerprint area, and the central part is very vague.

The comparison speed is slow and the error is large.

As a result, the fingerprints of 400,000 people were successful.

Thirty years have passed.

Many of the police officers who investigated the case that year died, and the murderers were still out of the law.

At that time, it was limited by criminal investigation technology, so can it be successful now?

Time came to 1995.

Artificially compare fingerprints and completely withdraw from the stage of history.

The fingerprint recognition comparison system is built in Shanghai. Behind it is a huge database, which is entered into the fingerprint sample of illegal criminals and connected to the country.

The fingerprint engineer put the fingerprint in 1981 into the Jiangxi fingerprint library and remotely query.

The next morning, I received feedback.


After a comparison of one by one and one by one, finally confirmed that the two fingerprints belong to the same person

63 -year -old Jiangxi man Ai Hongguang.

The fingerprint is right.


Although the police held evidence, after all, the case has passed for 31 years, and the suspect’s confession is also very important.

After being arrested, Ai Hongguang has always insisted that he has never been to Shanghai.


It was only a few days later, but the things he explained was very universal.

He acknowledged that in Shanghai, the passengers in the same room were used to use a lamp head. After the other party screamed, he ran away.

It is surprising that the place he explained is not the underground Jianhua Hotel in the underground, but a two -story building in Jinshan District.


According to files, such cases have never occurred in the history of Jinshan District.

Ai Hongguang’s interpretation of the crime method is in line with the characteristics of the electric shock killing case. But other criminal details are not right.

After too long, the investigators had changed several batches, and many of them did not understand the case of the case.


Using this, the cunning suspect tentatively tested the police.

There are truth in the speech, there is a false.

The police had their own high recruits and invited Wang Xueren, a retired investigator who hosted the case that year to assist in solving the case.

He brought a painting of his own painting in the 1980s. With his own understanding of the case, it is inferred that Ai Hongguang explained it was the electric shock case of Zhejiang Jiashan in 1981.

The old criminal police flashed, recalling a crucial detail:

Jiashan’s attempted killing of the killing of the murder. The suspect was over the wall, jumped into the river after jumping into the hotel, and escaped by the river.

So the police retracted Ai Hongguang. After questioning, he finally mentioned that there was a river after the hotel escaped.

It was completely consistent with the details of the Jiashan electric shock case.

After sitting in this case, the police had reason to doubt that Ai Hongguang was lightly avoided, and the case on his body may be far from this.

A new round of interrogation began.

After several contests, Ai Hongguang finally explained the fact that he was shocking and killing at Jianhua Hotel that year, and successively acknowledged the criminal facts in Shangrao and Jiujiang in Jiangxi.

This 31 -year -old case.

What impressed Sir was the old criminal policeman Wang Xueren.

The 70 -year -old retired elderly still retains the investigation notes of that year.


The details of the suspect’s trip to the river were recorded by himself and recalled it.

He always hangs in his mouth:

All to do everything

At that time, what he should do, what he could do, he did it.

Due to technical restrictions, the real murderer cannot be arrested.


After many years, when he returned to the police station to assist in handling the case and looked at the suspect opposite, the expression on the old criminal policeman’s face was complicated and touching.

There are colorful colors, cautious.

There are unwillingness to be uncomfortable at that time, as well as confidence in punishing rape.

It is also this look.

After practicing the sentence he wrote in the letter of the family members of the victims after the case was broken:

“Please believe that in the past 30 years, we have never forgotten our mission.”

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