The new “Man in Black” North America has shrunk by half compared to the previous

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It was more than half in June, but due to the recent continuous films continuously rushed to the street, the North American summer season showed a scene of sluggishness. Last week, the market ushered in two new films of large -scale painting, but the two paintings did not meet market expectations.

The science fiction comedy “Man in Black: Global Chase” released by Sony opened in more than 4,200 theaters in the first week, and only closed 28.5 million US dollars in the first three days. But it also created the worst score of the “Black Man” series.

The lighting and animation “Pet Pets Secret 2” produced by Universal Pictures closed another $ 23.8 million in the next week, which gave up the on -weekend championship. This animation sequel has fallen nearly half a weekend, and the cumulative box office has exceeded 92 million US dollars.

As the two new films were opened in “Waterloo”, the North American market’s popularity also declined significantly. The top 12 films of the box office list of the 24th weekend of 2019 produced a total of US $ 124 million, and the market fell 23%significantly last week. Plunge over half.

In the same period last year, two explosive blockbusters were ushered in “Superman Story 2” and “Jurassic World 2”. In the second half of this year, only “Toy Mobilization 4” was single -headed. The record is obviously backward, and the box office in a single month can only be aimed at keeping the $ 1 billion mark.

The top ten box office on weekends in North America 2019. 06.14-06.16 (unit: US $ 10,000)

The live fairy tale movie “Aladdin” released by Disney received more than $ 1.67 million on the weekend, ranking ranked in the third place in the list. The film weekends only fell by 30 %, and North America’s cumulative box office has exceeded 260 million US dollars.

The end of the “X -Men Series” “X -Men: Black Phoenix” received another $ 9 million the next weekend, and was squeezed to the fourth weekend list. The film has plummeted more than 70 % compared to the opening weekend, and the cumulative box office has just exceeded 50 million US dollars.

The music biography “Rocket Man” released by Paramount closed another $ 8.8 million on the weekend, less than 40 % from the previous weekend, ranking fifth in the weekend list with a weak gap.

The new “Killing Police” is far less than expected

The criminal action film “Killing Police” jointly produced by Warner and New Line was also officially opened on Friday. In the first weekend, 8.32 million US dollars was harvested in 2952 theaters. It is ranked sixth in the weekend.

This film is the fifth film of the “Black Street Detective” series, and it is also a restarting sequel to the 2000 version of “Killing Police”. The protagonist of this film is Xia Ford III, the son of Xia Ford II, played by Samuel Jackson. The film tells that John Shaft Jr., who graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, needs to learn a special skill from his father (Samuel Jackson) from his father (Samuel Jackson).

The new “Killing Police” closed only 2.73 million US dollars on the first day of its release (including $ 600,000 in advance). Although the old films such as “Black Phoenix” were squeezed into a single five days ago, the weekend results were slightly better than the latter than the latter. Well. The film production cost is 35 million US dollars, of which 50%of the cost has been paid by the streaming copyright owner Netflix, and the film will also be released on the streaming platform two weeks after the cinema line is released.

Even so, the starting results of “Killing Police” are far from US $ 15 million, and Warner is more difficult to recover the remaining half cost. The film also received only 35%of the media on the Rotten Tomato website. The theater surveyed the CinemaScore score to reach “A”, and the comments were quite polarized.


The terrorist comedy “Zombies” directed by Jim Jiamu began to be released in the medium -sized scale in 613 theaters last Friday. In the first week, only 2.35 million dollars in the box office were reached, ranking 12th in the weekend list. The film starred by Bill Murray, Adam Derefver, Tilda Sveton and others. The story tells that in a quiet town, the zombies climbed from the tomb to attack the residents; the three wearing glasses were wearing glasses Police and a weird Scottish funeral division who likes Kendo must be united and siege for humans.

The film premiered at the opening film at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival in May, but it was not satisfactory in North American painting results. The film only received 51%of the rags on the Rotten Tomato website, and Metacritic’s rights media also gave only 57 points (100 scores).

Last week’s new film details: “Man in Black: Global Chase” -The classic science fiction IP series restart work is defeated

Although the “Black Man” series is not known as a action scene like “The Matrix”, and it is impossible to use epoch -making visual effects as “Avatar”, this series is still the most successful science fiction movie in the past 20 years. One of the series.

The first “Man in Black” released in 1997 was replaced with a cost of $ 90 million to return to $ 589 million in global box office. It was the North American box office runner -up and the global box office third place. The sequel “Man in Black 2” launched in 2002 was replaced with a $ 140 million investment of $ 442 million. Although it was successfully returned, the results did not meet the expectations of the film.

The cost of “Man in Black 3”, which was released ten years later, expanded to $ 225 million, and the final box office also set a series of highs with $ 625 million, but it only barely reached the balance of payments and ended the big screen of the “Black Man” series.

After seven years, the new series of the main lineup “Man of Black: Global Harmony” was officially released, but its performance was very not optimistic. The film was shot by the black director of “Speed ​​and Passion 8”, and the starring actors were replaced by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to “Thunder” Chris Heims Vos and ” Valkyrie “Thaza Thompson.

“Man in Black: Global Tour” trailer

This film can be regarded as the restart of the original “Man in Black” series, or it can be regarded as the derivative of the original series. The background of the film story is set in London, England. It tells about the Blackman Headquarters Ace Acer H (Hammer) and the new detective M (Tasa Thompson) in the process of preventing alien gangs from invasion. The traitors in people’s organizations to crack the biggest crisis encountered by the people in black.

“Man in Black: Global Tour” at 4 pm on Thursday at 3,470 theaters in North America was screened in advance. The box office was $ 3.1 million on the day, and the early field was only 166 million (2.66 million) released in 2017 16 %, Which is nearly 10%lower than the “Super Death Team” ($ 3.4 million) three years ago.

The film expanded to the 42,24 theaters in the United States on Friday, a large -scale painting of the theater. On the first day of the release, the box office won 10.4 million US dollars. Although the “Black Phoenix” won the single -day box office champion, the score of the painting was more than “The Man in Black 3”. Half of the backward,

Continuing the trend of the recent sequel (restart) movie failure

Essence In recent years of restarted works, the first day of the “Global Harmony” box office is 16%lower than the “New Mummy” (12.04 million) released in 2017.

“Man in Black: Global Tour” recruited another $ 9.38 million on the day of Saturday, an increase of 28%from the first day of the start of the painting without counting in advance. Essence Sony estimates that the film will only fall 7%on Sunday on Sunday, and receive another $ 8.73 million a day. In the end, its North American painting will only receive 28.5 million US dollars in the box office.

The film’s score of the film is 48%faster than “Man 3” (54.6 million US dollars in the painting) seven years ago, becoming the first consecutive after the “Godzilla 2”, “Black Phoenix” and “Pet Pet Secret 2”, and Four series of movies with a significant shrinking box office in the previous box office.

In the work starring “Brother Hammer” Chris Hemesworth, “Man in Black: Global Chase” has the score of “Super Dare Dead Team” ($ 46.02 million), which was released in the summer of 2016 38%. The premiere of “Global Chase” is also 10%lower than “New Mummy” two years ago. Although Sony Films won the first weekend champion of the year, the scores of the painting failed to reach the industry with an industry of more than $ 30 million. expected.


“Man in Black: Global Tour” in 56 overseas markets, including Chinese and Japanese, was opened simultaneously. In the first week of overseas, it harvested $ 73.7 million in box office. The first week of the film’s global painting just exceeded the $ 100 million mark, and almost tied the official production cost line ($ 110 million).

The mainland market in my country opened 26.3 million US dollars (about 178 million yuan) in the first week of the first week. Considering the market expansion for so many years, performance is not ideal.

According to the theater export survey, the audience accounted for 56%of the audience in the first week of “Man in Black”, and 53%of the audience was over 25 years old. In the first week of North America, the IMAX box office was only 2.8 million US dollars, and the 10%IMAX box office proportion was a lower gear in commercial blockbusters.

The film got “B” in the CinemaScore survey, and the popcorn index was only 67%. The audience reputation is similar to last week’s “Black Phoenix”. From the perspective of its audience’s reputation, the global box office of “Global Harmony” may only impact about US $ 250 million, and it will also go down by more than 50 % compared to “Man 3”, which cannot reach the balance point of revenue and expenditure.

“Man in Black: Global Tracking” was criticized by media film critics. Only 51 of the 216 comments were given to the Rotten Tomato. To.

The 48 authoritative media collected by the authoritative media included website Metacritic scored an average of 38 points to the film, and the score was slightly higher than the 34 points of “New Mummy”.

“Empire Magazine”: The final effect of this sequel that no one wants is unnecessary, but its entertainment value is slightly exceeded. (60/100)


“Associated Press”: The plot of the film is awkward and casual. The group plays of Heims Vos and Thompson and others are interesting. Although it is a little stupid, it also brings a sense of joy. (50/100)

“Chicago Sun”: The performance of Tsata Thompson is the essence of the entire movie. Her interpretation inherits the heritage of the original “Black Man” trilogy, and she interprets the feeling of excitement. (50/100)


“Audiovisual Club”: F. Gary Gray is an experienced action film and comedy director, but he is still dragged over by the bad plot of the film. (50/100)

“Slant Magazine”: The film wastes the charming starring team. The weird CG aliens also have a sense of freshness because they are too frequent. (38/100)

The list of the list is detailed: “Love Pet 2” trend generally “Black Phoenix” collapse the next week

The animated film “Pets and Secret 2” released around the world was maintained on 4,564 theaters on the weekend, with another $ 23.8 million on the weekend, and retired to the weekend rankings for the first place. This sequel animation produced by lighting and entertainment fell 49%compared to the opening weekend. Considering that it has not been impacted by similar themes, its trend is not good for the summer cartoons. superior


Ten days after Ying, this work, which was dubbed by Kevin Hart, Harrison Ford and others, has reached 9.204 million US dollars in North America, and will soon become “Dragon Trainer 3” (161 million US dollars) and “Lego Movie) 2 “($ 106 million), this year’s third box office cartoon of 100 million cartoons.

“Pet Pet Secret 2” is the tenth animation long film produced by lighting and entertainment. The nine works of the previous nine works were easily exceeded 100 million, and 8 of them also exceeded the 200 million US dollars. The first “Love Love Three years ago Pets Secrets “in North America’s final box office is as high as $ 368 million.

“Love Pet 2” is mediocre. On Friday, this Friday will also encounter the new work of the Pixar Ace series “Toy Story 4”. It is expected that its final box office may be about half of the previous one. The film is temporarily released in some overseas markets. At present, the cumulative box office overseas has reached 62.5 million US dollars, and the cumulative box office of the world has risen to $ 155 million, which is about to reach twice the cost line. “Love 2” will land on the mainland theater line on July 5th, and its global box office is still expected to impact more than $ 450 million.

The live fairy tale movie “Aladdin” produced by Disney was cut to 3,556 theaters, and it will account for $ 16.71 million on the weekend, which is still ranked third in the box office list on the weekend. The fantasy movie starring Will Smith fell 32%compared to the previous weekend, and continued to maintain a very stable trend.

After being released, this fantasy movie in North America, which has been adapted from the classic animation of the same name in Disney in 1992, has reached US $ 263 million, which has easily surpassed the “Sleeping Mantra” (US $ 241 million) and “Magic Realm Fairy” (2.35 One hundred million U.S. dollars),

Become the fourth highest box office work in Disney animation real -life adaptation works



According to the current trend, the final point of “Aladdin” will impact the $ 300 million mark without suspense. If you can resist the impact of “Toy Story 4” this weekend, its final results are even expected to approach the “Alice Midwand Wonderland” (334 million US dollars) of the year.

The trend of the film in overseas markets is even better, especially in Japan and South Korea, which are voted in the singing and dance films, can almost ignore the weekend. As of Sunday, the cumulative box office of the film has reached $ 461 million. Its global cumulative achievements have also climbed to $ 725 million, successfully surpassing the “Wandering Earth” to third box office in the year, and will soon exceed the “Sleeping Mantra” (US $ 758 million) adapted from the real fairy tales.

The “X -Men series” new work “X -Men: Black Phoenix” of Fos’ “X -Men Series” was maintained in 3721 theaters the next weekend, and closed another $ 9 million on the weekend, down to the fourth place in the ranking. The work of the well -known producer Simon Kingsberg has been holding the guide for the first time.

Historical records that set superhero movies on weekends the next weekend

Ten days after the release, this superhero team starring James McCawi and Sophie Tona’s movie in North America only closed 51.77 million US dollars in North America, only a quarter of the cost line, and the performance was extremely bleak. According to the current trend, this first non -MCU Marvel movie North American box office will be less than $ 70 million in the first non -MCU Marvel Movie North America, which will retreat from the previous “X -Men: Apocalypse”.


As of Sunday, the cumulative box office of this work that invested over 200 million US dollars also closed only $ 204 million in the box office. It is expected that its final point will be less than 300 million US dollars.

At least it will bring a loss of $ 100 million to the producer.

The music biography film “Rocket Man” produced by Paramount Films has been reduced to 3021 theaters on the weekend. It will be $ 8.8 million on the weekend. Like’s newly painted “Killing Police” still stays in the top five on the weekend list. This story focuses on the biography of Elton John’s music experience 36%from the previous weekend, and the trend remains stable.

Three weeks after the release, this new work in North America starring Tallen Egton, a “Egg Egg” Tallen Egton, has reached US $ 66.14 million, which has already exceeded the cost line of $ 40 million. According to the current trend, the final box office is expected to exceed two times the cost line. The film has performed well in Europe and other markets. At present, the cumulative box office overseas has reached US $ 67 million, and its global box office has risen to $ 133 million. In the end, it is expected to impact more than four times the cost line.


The monster blockbuster “Godzilla 2: The King of Monsters” produced by Warner’s distribution and legendary film industry was cut to 3207 theaters on the weekend. It took another $ 8.11 million on the weekend and retired to the seventh place on the weekend list. The new work directed by Michael Dodhti fell 47.5%from the previous weekend, and the trend improved significantly.

Three weeks after the release, this sci -fi action film of many monsters such as Coses, Magisla, and Kidora has reached US $ 93.69 million in North America, which will eventually exceed $ 100 million.

The film is not as trend as North America in the overseas market. At present, the cumulative box office overseas has only received US $ 246 million, half of which are contributed by the mainland market. As of Sunday, this large -scale production of US $ 170 million has only closed at $ 339.5 million in the global box office. In the end, I am afraid that it is expected to impact 400 million US dollars.

The action film “Speed ​​Harbilities 3” released by Lion Gate Films has been reduced to 2033 theaters on the weekend. The box office will be closed at 610 US dollars on the weekend and retired from the eighth box office list on the weekend. The R -class action movie starring Knu River’s return only fell 18%compared to the previous weekend, becoming the most significant film to get the “Father’s Day” bonus.

Five weeks after the release, this violent aesthetic work in North America has reached US $ 148.6 million, which is about to surpass US $ 151 million in “City of Elys.” It has become the highest box office work in the past three years. This rotten tomato is up to 89%of word -of -mouth. The cumulative box office of the world has reached US $ 276 million. According to the current trend, its final box office will easily exceed the 300 million mark.


After the comedy “Late Night Show” released by Amazon, after obtaining a good performance, it expanded to a large -scale screening of 2,220 theaters last week. The weekend will account for $ 5.14 million on the weekend, rising to ninth the box office on the weekend. The film co -starred by Mindidi Cari and Emma Thompson tells a comedy story of a late -night talk show host and a female writer.

When the film was released last week, it set the average score of the year of the year, but the official screening performance seemed to be mediocre. The film only received “B+” in the CinemaScore survey. The criticism rate of Rotten Tomato website was 81%, and the evaluation was medium -sized. Although the production cost of the “Late Night Show” is only $ 13 million, the expansion strategy is too aggressive, and it is also difficult to return the background.

The low -cost horror film “Sister Ma” released by the world has reduced the weekend to 1794 theaters to be released, and it took another $ 3.61 million on the weekend, falling to the tenth place in the box office on the weekend. This new work produced by the terrorist house of the gold medal horror film company has fallen 54%compared to the previous weekend. Because the museum is cut faster and the trend is not ideal.

Three weeks after the release, this psychological thriller, starring Oaktavia Sperter, has reached 40.34 million US dollars in North America, which has exceeded 8 times the cost line. As of Sunday, the global box office of 5 million US dollars has reached US $ 51.75 million, which will eventually hit more than $ 60 million.

The annual masterpiece of Marvel Film Universe “Avengers 4: Final Battle” received more than $ 3.5 million in 1,453 theaters on the weekend, falling out of the top ten on the weekend for the first time. The end of the “Infinite Legend” series of the big series has fallen by less than 30 %, and the cumulative box office of eight weeks has exceeded 830 million US dollars. As of Sunday, the cumulative box office of the film has also risen to US $ 2.743 billion, and the final point will jump over the first round of “Avatar” ($ 2.75 billion).

Introduction this week:

Toy Story 4 (Toy Story 4)

“Toy 4” trailer


Director: Josh Kuri (the screenwriter of the “Brain Agent”)

Starring: Tom Hanks / Tim Allen / Annie Pots / Tony Haier

Type: Animation/Adventure/Comedy

Issuing: Disney (Cinema: 4400)

Overview: “Toy Story 4” tells that when the new owner Bangni brought all toys to the RV family, Hu Di and his partners will set foot on a new adventure to appreciate how vast the world outside the room is, and even encountering old old age. Friends shepherd. In the years of self -made, shepherd girl has become loved by adventure, and she is no longer just a delicate doll. Just when the Hudi and the shepherd found the meaning of each other’s mission to toys, they quickly realized that greater threats were coming.

“Child’s Play”


Director: Las Clefberg


Starring: Obri Plaza / Blaine Tyri Henry / Tim McSeson

Type: horror

Issuing: Lianmei (Cinema: 2500)


Overview: This film is the restart of the “Ghost Baby” series. It tells the mother played by Obri Plaza to give her son a doll as a birthday gift, but she did not know the dangerous nature of the doll. Began to kill.

“Anna” (Anna)

Director: Luke Beisong (“Super Sports”)

Starring: Sasha Lusi / Helen Millen / Luke Ivanus

Type: action / thriller

Issuing: Lion Gate (Cinema: 2150)


Overview: The film focuses on the 24 -year -old female killer “Anna” starring Russia’s supermodel Sasha Lux. Her amazing beauty hides a huge secret. What is her true identity? What power is hidden behind?