Soft skin -friendly and breathable children’s underwear, it’s not expensive, 58 yuan 4 pieces

Starting from the baby’s no longer needs diapers, the mothers have to consider wearing small underwear for the baby.


Small underwear can beolate directly contact with the outside world, avoid bacterial infections, and better protect private parts. And the baby has gradually gained gender awareness since the age of 2. At this time, we must put on small underwear for TA. From a certain perspective, this can be regarded as the most basic gender education.


The babies are wearing underwear, and the choice of Baoma must be cautious, because the fabric composition and the quality of work are directly affecting the baby’s dressing experience.


However, the high -brand underwear is not cost -effective, and the cheaper ones dare not start. They are worried that fabrics are poor, formaldehyde, and so on.


I have also done a lot of surveys on the small underwear that is suitable for baby on the market. I found that the price gap is very large and the quality is uneven. According to the differences between the fabrics of the underwear, the version and the brand, there are less than 10 yuan, and there are also more than 50 yuan, which makes many parents look at it.


There are many babies who are concerned about my Baoma, and there are many stages that are about to get rid of the diapers. I need small underwear, so I have the idea of ​​customizing the underwear.

The fabrics, versions, and craftsmanship of children’s underwear are related to the comfort that eventually wear on the body, so don’t look at a pair of panties, but I spend my thoughts.

In the early stage, I compared many brands of children’s underwear. There are well -known excellent **, G **, South **, etc. I hope to absorb the strengths of the family and make our small underwear best.

Kung Fu is worthy of care. With our joint efforts, children with quality and cost -effective children’s underwear have finally been born. After studying and comparing the triangle shorts and horn shorts, I chose the style of flat -angle underwear.

Because the flat -angle underwear is the least easy to get stuck in PP, ensuring comfortable and stretching, unlimited baby’s movements.


I pay attention to my baby’s personal clothes. Cloudbaby Children’s underwear has passed the world’s top testing agency -the quality inspection of Biwei International Inspection Group. Everyone can be completely assured of quality.

Established in 1828, Biwei International Inspection Group is a world -renowned international inspection and certification group. It is one of the institutions that have the most recognized by governments and international organizations in the inspection industry. my country’s Three Gorges Project, the Eiffel Tower in France, and many airports in the United States have also tested safety.


Our cloudbaby children’s underwear’s fabric is elastic and comfortable, can easily stretch, and the soft comfort of the fabric has been unanimously recognized by the mothers.

▼ Good quality, very easy to wear

▼ The feel is soft ~ cost -effective

If the heart is moving, Baoma can join the shopping cart and place an order ~

Bao Ma benefits: Ten yuan for the order over two pieces

There are many colors and complete sizes, meet the needs of babies 3-8 years old


There are many options for the style of the group to open this group. The style is fresh and cute. The needs of male and female treasures can be met. Bao mothers can choose according to their preferences!

Previously, because I compared many brands of children’s underwear, I found that the same size of the underwear was quite large. Because some brands are biased to European code, large size. Some are biased towards a smaller Japanese and Korean code, small size.

So this customized underwear combines these two advantages. At the same time, we also compared with the big -brand baby panties on the market. The panties can be said to be very standard.

When choosing, it is recommended that Baoma first understand the baby’s height, and then choose the size closest to the baby’s height in the “Suggestion height” in the size of the size.


My colleague’s son is 123cm tall, wearing 120 yards, and if wearing 130 yards, it looks too big. If the baby is fat, you need to choose a large size.

Next is the detailed introduction of children’s underwear. Moms can continue to look down:

40 high -yarn fabrics, let the small PP breathe freely


The fabric chose 93%cotton+7%spandex, which has great elasticity and has no restraint on the upper body.


Why not choose 100 % cotton? After testing, the real cotton is actually not elastic. It is easy to deform after making panties. After cleaning, it will be hard. It is not the best suitable for the baby to wear it.

Our underwear is made of 40 high -yarn fabrics. It is delicate and firmer. The speed of sweating is several times the ordinary fabric.

Class A first -class product, strict inspection handle


Most of the mainstream textile products on the market are category A and B. But there are many varieties below Class A.

Cloudbaby Children’s underwear is a first -class product of Class A and is a textile product that can directly contact the skin. Therefore, Baoma can rest assured to wear the baby.

In order to ensure safety, we will conduct two inspection processes on the needle test, a machine to check the needle, and finally check it again to ensure its safety and let the baby wear underwear with peace of mind.


Intimate details, just for all -round comfort


The three -dimensional tailoring is in line with the design of the baby’s body shape, so that the baby’s movement is free. Personally comfortable experience, double the baby.

Our small underwear’s waistproof band is a particularly wide design, which is not easy to cause the baby’s waist. And perfectly combined with the waist, it will never flip or deform to ensure comfort.

The pants tube uses elastic sewing threads, which is suitable for the thighs of all kinds of fat and thin babies.

Although the underwear is small, the superb craftsmanship cannot be less

In the style of this group purchase, the male baby’s dinosaur combination and the animal world combination, there are no side seams on the side, more comfortable to wear.

Other style underwear uses “boneless lock edge” sewn, so that the baby will not have friction.


The trademark of the underwear is deliberately sewn outside, and it will not rub to the baby’s skin, which is also convenient for parents to cut.


Digital active printing, soft and comfortable and not people. It is important that the raw materials of digital printing and dyeing are more environmentally friendly and are not toxic and harmless to the environment and the human body.

The period of use of baby underwear is recommended for 3-6 months. Bao moms can buy the number of underwear for half a year to one year, pay attention to replace them regularly.


Improve your baby’s quality of life and start with a small pair of underwear. The price of this carefully developed children’s underwear is equivalent to the price of a big brand. The underwear is a consumer. It is recommended that Baoma can buy more in this group purchase.


Group purchase information

product name

: Cloudbaby children’s underwear

product weight

: One box of four pieces


Product specifications & price




The original price is 110 yuan, and the group purchase price is 58 yuan

Bao Ma benefits: Sub -minus ten yuan for the order over two pieces

delivery information

: 72 hours of working days will be shipped one after another, shipped in Shanghai, Bai Shi, Yuantong, and Post Express, free shipping nationwide (except Xinjiang, Tibet to make up 15 yuan, Wuhan, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan do not ship)


About after -sales


: Support for 7 days without any reason to return and exchange, the product is not damaged, did not try it out and was cleaned in water, and the packaging is complete