The camera bag of amateur players: “Sao Bao” from Germany

Author: lazy elephant who loves to eat meat


I. Introduction

Ben holds 60D and several white circles and red circles. From the entanglement of the paragraph, the first line cannot be accurate into the first line of two characters.

Since the pits in 12 years, the low imitation national geographical shoulder bags presented by the purchase machine have been wiped out by the years (in fact, it has faded).


The pseudo -“national geography” is also suitable for me who is poor. The self -weight is very light and comes with a rain cover. Usually, one machine and two mirrors are very flexible; a distant door can swallow the Ricoh GR and stuff it under the mountaineering bag. Just recently, the brain disabled has played the lights, and I entered the I40 of the Nikko Qing Dynasty, and suddenly the space was urged; coupled with the Buckingham bag that I saw when I was buying the machine in the previous month, it was really easy to use. So I started to have the idea of ​​changing bags.


The canvas or nylon bags can bring better durability and light self -weight, but less elegant and personality. It is thought that on the basis of ensuring quality, amateur enthusiasts are most important to conceal and flexibility. Founder’s music photography must be remembered by the thief than Bian’s miscellaneous treasure? For pseudo -white collar, nylon canvas bags are either too rough or too fashionable, and they cannot be a commuting bag when they get get off work. So Ben Mo began to look for leather bags.


The “left -handed” poisonous brand “ONE” fully meets the standard of use, but even if the price of Haitian Tiaoya couldn’t hold it, it began to find a substitute.


Ona the Prince Street_ Taobao search Paul Marius Ledertasche Kameratasche Fotasche Mit: …


Finally, I saw two Paul Marius bags with very balanced prices and quality. One of them is the protagonist of this order. This size is determined by the repeated calculation of the stewed cooking.

After waiting for more than half a month, it took less than 80 freight and more than 80 taxes, and the courier brother finally brought him to our company.

Second, appearance


The box is a dust bag. Opening the dust bag is a square body. There are no protective measures, and they are immediately convinced by the Germans. However, the leather smell from the face was very appetizing for Benji.

Then enter the picture and talk mode. Both sides of the upper: internal partition, lower left corner: dust bag, lower right corner: leather

It seems to be a French brand. My wife said it was like buying a wrap on Wenzhou from the online shop in Hangzhou.


The skin feels good.

I thought it was a needle, and I felt that the design was bad.

Later, it was discovered that there was a buckle below. The retro brass color feels very feeling.

The strap is buckled, one side of the shoulder pad is thick, and the hand is thick and soft.

There is a small bag on the outside of the main bag.


Third, commuting mode (not doing business)


Compared to the traditional camera bag, the outside of this package is not particularly thick, but it also brings the advantage of high spatial utilization rate. The inside black is a soft cloth to stick to the compartment.


The rear side is completely fine with an antique -grade steak (iPad3) with a CASE without putting it on a durate camera.


Water cups can be placed on both sides of the outside. In the absence of water cups, the main bag can also be stuffed into 13 -inch Air, but it will be a bit out.

Fourth, shooting mode.

In the middle of the main bag is 60D+24-105 red circle dog head, on the right is the Riqing I40 and Fenix ​​flashlights can also be easily put in. On the left side is a 10-22 white-circle bull head (all back-buckling hoods). The 10-22 with a hood is far greater than other lenses, and there is no problem at all with cattle such as 35 and 50 replaced. In addition, there is enough space to add a GR. Since the depth exceeds 20cm, small steel cannons such as 70-200F4 are also sufficient.

The outer pocket can put 2 sets of chargers+spare batteries, SD cards and other debris.


The back on the back can be plugged into a filter bag and a mirror paper.

Real beast enters the venue. The height of the stewed body is 183, and the size of the backpack is just right.


The upper body is the BOSS orange -label leather jacket of the last Diya direct mail. The chaotic cotton dragging, blue clover, and mini Thangka are also the price of cabbage price recommended by Aunt Zhang. The purchase experience is to open a cabbage price for me.

Boss that Herren Lederjacke Jelon, Gr. Medium (HERSTELLERGRö …

In short, this time is very satisfied. Compared with domestic homogeneous medium and low -priced products and high -priced products that are not too expensive, foreign websites are easier to find balanced personalized products, but the premise is to learn foreign languages ​​first.

Lazy cancer is committed, all photos are directly out of GR.