Middle -aged wants to wear a sense of elegance and replace the leather suit to a velvet suit.



Share the most classic fashion wear, so that you can be high -level in the four seasons. Women never lack attraction, only lack the skills of stimulating charm, and will wear it to make you a tasteful elegant woman!

The suit is a popular jacket every spring. Because of its rich design form and super strong temperament impact, it is well loved by trendy women, and there are many ways to wear.

The fabric is one of the main factors that affect the temperament of the suit. When it comes to the temperament of the suit, many people think of leather suits, but the leather suit is too stuffy, and there are not many people who can wear temperament.


There is a high -level fabric that is suitable for spring, that is, velvet, the velvet suit is beautiful and exquisite, the texture of the fabric is more advanced, it looks thicker. In fact, it belongs to thin fabrics. The breathability is very good.

The charm of middle -aged people is hidden in the velvet suit. It looks good and fashionable and versatile. Middle -aged wants to wear a sense of elegance and replace the leather suit to velvet suit.

Color classification of velvet suits

Pure color

Pure -colored velvet suit is the most common, because the velvet fabric itself has a unique visual focus and can attract the attention. Therefore, the solid color design can make people feel noble and elegant charm.

In the solid velvet suit,


As well as



The most favored, these two colors are classic and advanced colors in themselves. Ordinary fabrics can show the elegance of two colors. The characteristics of velvet are characterized by stimulating red and Tibetan retro temperament, making the image more advanced, and more more, and even more Mysterious, color




It will be enhanced.

Except for red, Tibetan blue, dark green, earth color, and black are suitable for velvet suit. Velvet suit is more suitable for use

Dark color

To modify, the gloss can add points to the color temperament, and the brightening effect is very obvious.


The print on the velvet suit must be special



Artistic sense

In this way, it will not reduce the noble sense of velvet suit. Velvet


It determines its temperament, so the design must not be fancy or naive.

There are two types of velvet suits,

Small area printing

It will be particularly generous, mostly modified with natural elements to show fashion temperament;

Large -scale printing

It is relatively regular, and the laws are distributed on the suit, looking mature and noble.

Design of velvet suit style

Traditional velvet suit

The traditional style of velvet suit can be classified according to different lengths. Short suit is rare, but the refinement of the suit will be very strong, suitable for

Little childhood

Press, right

Body proportions

The adjustment effect is obvious.

The mid -length suit is the length of the conventional workplace suit. Because the velvet suit is relatively thick visually, it is not suitable to wear a straight model.



With a waistband

It will be better to wear.

Long velvet suit is more chic and casual. After the visual sense is enhanced, the impact of the gas field will also be enhanced, but because the style design is more exaggerated, it is more suitable

Tall woman

Put on.

Improved velvet suit skirt

The improved version of the velvet suit is relatively long, and the skirt design elements are incorporated.

Irregular skirt

More common. The suit skirt is more feminine, and the soft charm of women has been added in a capable

Soft factor

, Various temperament.

The matching of velvet suit is very simple.


It looks good, and the leg shape is not said. The gas field and the charm of temperament are very strong.

The matching method of velvet suit

Velvet suit suit

The velvet suit can be chosen directly to wear a suit. The set matching can maintain the overall harmony to avoid wearing a sense of rejection. But pay attention to the choice of inner matching, the velvet suit has a variety of texture, so the type of internal matching can be richer.

Conventional matching as a shirt,

Satin shirt

Or have a mild perspective effect

Tulle shirt

It can add a sense of advanced, practical and fashionable to match. If you don’t want to be too strong and do not want the image to be too serious, then you can choose a sports matching method and match

Sports vest

You can combine the spring tide.


Velvet suit with satin pants





High -level atmosphere

It is beyond other similar items, so it must not be reduced in the matching, and it is necessary to ensure that the image temperament is clear.

Satin pants

In terms of temperament style and velvet, strong unity is maintained. Although the texture is different, they can strengthen color charm and increase


Velvet suit with dresses

The velvet suit can also be worn with a dress, the combination of the suit and skirt shows the style

Sense of collision


Cross -style dressing will inspire fashion and charm and enhance the three -dimensional sense of image.

There are many dresses in spring,

Straight skirt


You can combine with velvet suits to form an elegant, mature and intellectual female image.

The color of the velvet suit is rich in color. Because the fluff is gentle and fine, there will be luster out. The advantages and characteristics of the fabric are very distinctive, and the matching methods are diverse, which can meet the arbitrary style of spring wear. So replace the conventional suit and leather suit this spring, and it is more like a velvet suit.

Master the season’s fashion elements and become exquisite tide people! If you do n’t play tall, you just talk about the most grounded drying skills to make you get closer and closer to fashion. Welcome to share fashion insights and understanding!

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