“Three -person fabric sofa” eight four thousand within 4,000 interior practical fabric sofas exquisite small small apartment sofa

The three -person sofa is more spacious than the single sofa and the double sofa. It has neither a combination sofa occupies places, and it can meet daily needs. Whether it is a single Wang, a small couple, or a family of three. In the free time, friends came to play games. The family of three sat side by side to watch TV. The three people brought closer the distance between you, making the atmosphere more harmonious and intimate. Today, I will introduce you to eight fabric sofas within 4,000 yuan, which is beautiful and practical. Small apartment large space, exquisite and stylish personality space!

Simple and modern style sofa

Fashion classic

「三人位布艺沙发」8款四千内实用布艺沙发 精致小巧小户型沙发

The most versatile+the most mainstream

The characteristics of simplicity and modern style are “simple”, which simplifies the design element color and even processing materials to the least. But simplicity does not mean bland, and on the contrary, it pays more attention to material texture and design functionality.

「三人位布艺沙发」8款四千内实用布艺沙发 精致小巧小户型沙发

With smooth lines, strong color contrast, to achieve the effect of simplified victory. Without complicated decoration, it looks very comfortable and warm visually, catering to the love of most people, especially young people.

「三人位布艺沙发」8款四千内实用布艺沙发 精致小巧小户型沙发

Rural style sofa

Fresh and Nature

The closest to nature+fresh and simple

The pastoral style is a style close to nature. The idyllic sofa makes people feel close and relaxed with simple and real performance.

The materials are also close to nature. Most of them choose pure solid wood as a frame, with a sofa surface with flowers and grass patterns, which are comfortable and beautiful.

The idyllic sofa mostly uses fresh and elegant colors, not carefully crafted, but naturally harmonious, restrained but not publicity, exuding elegant and calm life.

Most people who like to choose rural style furniture are very low -key.

European sofa

Exquisite luxury

The most high -end+noble taste

「三人位布艺沙发」8款四千内实用布艺沙发 精致小巧小户型沙发

European sofa is a symbol of taste, showing the noble, elegant and romantic temperament of the owner.

The European sofa is gorgeous, full of romantic atmosphere, has a strong sense of artistic design, complex and smooth lines, and unique classic charm.

European sofa needs to be matched with a classic home soft decoration in order to truly show its noble style. Otherwise, the “soil is not soil, the ocean is not ocean”, the whole home looks bad from the whole.


Small units have the advantages of small units, compact layout and dense furnishings make it look warmer. How to arrange your warm little family. This is the knowledge. After reading this small apartment sofa, I believe you already have your own living room sofa purchase plan. However, if you want to make the home decoration exquisite and beautiful, you need to do more homework. If there is no professional guidance, it is best to choose the same style and decoration style when buying furniture, so as not to be unsatisfactory.