Wearing gloves in winter is not only warm, but also concave shape

If you want to be delicate and fair hands, you must not only apply hand cream often, but also pay attention to keeping warm, especially in the season of frozen hands. Wearing a pair of gloves is necessary.


There are many types of gloves on the market. They are distinguished from the material, cotton, leather, wool material, etc., distinguished in style, half finger gloves, finger gloves, and finger gloves … Fashion elements.


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Half-finger gloves


Half -finger gloves have always made many girls love. The main reason is practicality. Playing mobile phones and typing is completely fine, and it can also “shoulder” the role of concave shape.

Keep warm cashmere national wind sleeve


Literary and artistic sleeve sleeves, 10%cashmere plus 25%wool material, without finger hole design, the length is about 20cm. There are seams on the side of the sleeve cover. The thickness is moderate. It can be used as an arm sleeve cover. It can also be used as a elbow cover. Different fancy patterns can decorate clothing, personality and artistic.

Wool semi -finger retro winter gloves

35%wool material, senior weaving technology, retro pattern, beautiful atmosphere. Light gray, red, dark green, black, stylish color matching, can control different clothing matching. Semi -finger design, flexibly operate mobile phones and keyboards, touch the screen sensitive and fast.

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Finger glove

Fingering gloves are more common, and each finger can be moved independently, which is more suitable for outdoor wear. When selecting a finger glove, it must be in line with the hand shape to add points to the overall image.

Scarecrow cotton sheepskin winter plus velvet gloves

Campaign fur ball decorative gloves support 360 -degree full palm -screen function, comprehensively compatible with electronic devices such as Apple, Samsung and other touch -screen mobile phones, tablet computers. The delicate sheepskin is soft and smooth, the pores are small, and they have the breathability that cannot be ignored. It can prevent wind and cold, warm and comfortable at the same time, keep warm and breathable.

Wool blended material can touch screen gloves

Selected 16 microns fine wool, soft and not tie, the ball rate is low, and wearing more convincing. The slender finger version is suitable for Asian hands, encrypted crystal lining, and the texture and warmth are doubled. And does not affect the operation of daily mobile phones, the folding bow on the wrist decoration to increase beauty.

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Even the finger gloves are separated from the thumb from the remaining four fingers, which can be more loose to accommodate the position of the fingers. Usually, even fingers are cute to wear, and they are more age -reducing and cute.

Shengqi keeps warm hanging neck plush finger gloves

Cute bear’s paw fingers gloves, velvet thick materials, imitation rabbit hair design, soft and comfortable touch, can resist low temperature weather. The cute palm embroidery is soft and cute, suitable for casual clothes, sports style and other clothing. Connect the neck in the middle, do not worry about there when you don’t wear it.

Mink hair splitted double -sided hanging neck gloves

Mink hair gloves, smooth and skinny skin, with silk -like touch. The native mink is made of tidy skin, which is dense and flat, increasing the warmth of gloves. Fashionable black, noble and versatile, and more dirty. Metal buckle+wax rope connection, you can hang your neck, you can also remove wearing gloves alone, switch the shape at any time.

Don’t just think of adding clothing in winter, but also add to the shopping cart. Put on a pair of fashionable and comfortable gloves, your winter shape is complete.