Why did the Eiffel Tower have been regarded by the literary world as “the shame of Paris”?

As a “microcosm of France”, the fate of Paris is closely related to France’s fate. In major historical events in France, Paris can always be seen. To some extent, a Paris history is a French history. As “the soul of France”, the will of Paris often becomes the will of France. At many key historical moments, Paris’s choice has become the choice of France.

Biography of Paris: Map of France “

The simplified Chinese version of “Paris Biography: Map of France” by British historian and French historic expert Colin Jones, recently was introduced by the “Agent” book of the translation of Linlin Publishing House. This is a vivid city history and a profound national history. In this book, you will see the past, present and future of Paris and even France.

Colin Jones graduated from the University of Oxford and is currently taught at the University of London. She has been a visiting scholar at famous universities and scientific research institutions such as Stanford University, the University of Chicago, Princeton University, Eighth National Congress of Paris, and Frankfo. He is the author of more than ten works such as “Cambridge illustration French History”, “Versailles Palace”, “Smile Revolution” and “Great Nations”. In 2014, he won the British Empire Medal for his outstanding contributions in the field of historical research and higher education.


The history of Paris in Colin Jones is truly credible and readable. The highlight of the book lies in the knowledge of the author and his understanding of Paris and his people. Jones combined history, literature and experience with simple, kind but not sad voices, and made an outstanding description of the world’s most famous cities in the world.

From the “Luttia” in the Roman era to the “Great Paris” in the 21st century. As the capital city, the history of Paris is closely related to the history of France. In the long Middle Ages, Paris has witnessed the rise and fall of the dynasty; in the magnificent Great Revolution, Paris has always been around the direction of France in the center of the vortex. Leave a strong stroke.

“Biography of Paris” is a history of Paris, which is both all -encompassing and interesting. The construction of the city, the struggle of the people, and the derivation of culture … Colin Jones presented the historical process of Paris for more than a thousand years with vivid and witty brushwork, outlined a charming urban life picture.

Wonderful book


Author: (UK) Colin Jones

The Eiffel Tower is the shame of Paris. We are convinced that even Americans who love their wealth do not want it. Everyone understands this, everyone says that, and everyone is extremely upset because of it -and our statement is just a small echo in the voices of the general public. You know, the voices of the general public are very alert to alertness. of. People only need to imagine that a huge black chimney in a modern factory dominates Paris, and overwhelms the Virgin, Saint Yak Tower, Louvre, the Dome of the Rongjun Courtyard, etc. The Eiffel Tower is not worth mentioning.

The above words were signed by about 50 well -known intellectuals in 1887, including writers Xiao Zhongma, Logg deer, and Mo Pusan, architect Charles Gunye, composer ancient ancient ancient Nova Masner, a playwright Victorian Saldu, and many architectural designers. They publicly declared that they were “beautiful passion lovers” and thought they were the representatives of all those who loved Paris in history. They could not bear the “worthless column -shaped iron frame of the” worthless pillar -shaped iron frame that was ready “The blame.

For a building that was fully condemned by French literature and art masters before the required 2.5 million rivets required, the quality of the Eiffel Tower was amazing. Gustav Eiffel, who is responsible for the construction of the tower -inspecting it -although it is actually designed by his colleague Nuje and Kashlan -wrote a passionate answer to the masters The new type of beautiful building he proposed did not violate artistic standards and historical practices, but surpassed the two. He pointed out:

Is it because of the huge artistic value of Egypt’s pyramids that inspire people’s imagination? … The Eiffel Tower will be the tallest building built since the history of mankind. Why is the pyramid’s admirable value in Egypt, but the Eiffel Tower has become an ugly and ridiculous words in Paris?


Some people really hate the Eiffel Tower. For example, J. M. Yu Siman attacked it as a “worthless candlestick” and a “solid suppositories all over the body”. But Eiffel’s contemporary people and descendants came to the tower to visit. The tower was completed in the 1889 Expo. In this year alone, 2 million people visited the tower, including Prince Wales, eight African kings, Thomas Edison, Sarah Bernhard and “Bull” Bill. The national and regional Jiabin traveled 1710 stairs to the top of the 300 -meter -high iron tower. The Paris Spring Department Store has exclusively obtained the remaining corners of the tower to build many micro -Eiffel Tower as a memorial to tourists. As a result, the image of the tower is covered with the entire law. By the beginning of the 21st century, the number of visitors to the Eiffel Tower was close to 200 million.

Although Bisusalo is the famous resolute opponent of the Eiffel Tower, most French painters still immediately expressed their willingness to look at the tower. For example, Xiura came to visit as early as 1889. The famous painters who visited in 1890 include Rousseau, Hignek, Sagal, Drone, Yu Trirro, Dufi, Gekedo, etc. After that. The poets also visited one after another. For example, Ji Lam Aplunar, who served the front line during the First World War, created a poem against Germany, using the Eiffel Tower -type arrangement. Apolina’s attitude shows a fact that the Eiffel Tower is an unparalleled commemorative object in the city of Paris, and all the famous commemorative places in Paris can be compared with it. In this regard, the Virgin of Paris is very similar to the Eiffel Tower. Although the religious function of the Paris Dames has exceeded the boundaries of Paris’s anti -educationalism, it is actually the hands of the laborer who is superb but unknown. Eiffel himself called his tower as “300 -meter -high flagpole”, and the three -color flag fluttered on the top of the tower. The image of the Eiffel Tower, from painting, poetry, pictures, movies to various souvenirs, reminds people of Paris instead of France. In fact, for most people, the Eiffel Tower is the incarnation of the city of Paris.

The Eiffel Tower surpassed the artistic standard and also surpassed the concept of all practical functions. In the end, people discovered some of its other purposes: in 1908, people erected a wireless electric pole on the tower, and later built a TV signal rod; its top was still military observation point; it was also used to make huge hugeness Advertising board and meteorological observation station. However, these practical functions of the Eiffel Tower can be replaced in other ways. Therefore, all the meaning and purpose of the tower in this area are not so important. Its engineering design itself is its highest achievement. The same is true of the British Fox Bridge opened at the same time as the Eiffel Tower. In addition to its glory and status in architectural history, this bridge also undertakes transportation from the banks of the estuary to the other side. About 100 people died during the construction process, while the Eiffel Tower’s construction site was seriously injured.

As an excellent tourist attraction, the tower also surpassed the old concept of the tourism industry. Roland Batt, the highest and clever critics of the Tower, pointed out that tourists have no inscription on the tower. There is nothing on the tower. Except for Paris, nothing can be seen on the tower. People can not only overlook the panoramic view of Paris on the Eiffel Tower, but also appreciate the rare air outline in Paris. No wonder Mo Panga said during a meal in a restaurant in the tower: “This is the only place in Paris to see the tower!”

The tower lacks practicality. In order to give it practical significance, people have initiated compensation for compensation. Eiffel was proud of his miracle after overcoming his huge difficulties, and the challenge of the tower on people’s proposed by the tower caused a more strange challenge. In 1926, someone tried to drive the plane through the legs of the Eiffel Tower, but it failed, but this test was successful in 1945. In 1912, someone jumped off the Eiffel Tower by parachute. In 1923, someone rode a bicycle from the tower to the ground. In 1905, people held tower climbing competitions. In 1954, someone used climbing technology to climb the Eiffel Tower. In 1983, a motorcycle was held on the tower. In 1987, a ride on a mountain bicycle was held to go to the tower race, etc. In these experiments, there were some attempts to end in tragedy. Overall, suicide, including adventurers and various reasons, died of about 350 people who died in the Eiffel Tower.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the sculptor Raymond Dushang -Victorian called the Eiffel Tower as the “Dream of Superman’s excitement”. Because it was obviously lacking practicality, it increased more fantasy. The tower was once known as many things -fireworks, oil manhole racks, lightning rods, insects, etc. Various fantasies often change in pornography. The obvious dimension of the tower body (this is emphasized by Sandral, Aragon, and surrealist) in fact, it is already mixed with quite strange ideas. In Apolina’s poems, Tower is like the shepherd girl who takes care of the lamb in Paris. This metaphor is reminiscent of the guardian god of Paris City, Navavier, and she is sometimes described as looking at the sheep. In addition, looking up at the tower body, especially in the perspective of the poet, its first layer exactly looks like weird pelvis, which shows that the Eiffel Tower surpasses the gender, just as it exceeds beauty, beyond practical, surpass history, transcendence beyond Watching, surpassing everything.

Nandu reporter Zhu Rongting