What is stainless steel buckle? What are the advantages?

Stainless steel tile buckle is also known as stainless steel yang corner bar. It is used to protect the corner of the tile. At present, there are three types of materials in the corners of the corner, namely aluminum alloy, stainless steel and PVC. And the corner line is arc -shaped, which can ease the harm after the human body collision.


… the advantages of stainless steel tile buckle …

1. Safety protection can protect the corners of the tile well.


2. The arc to ease the damage caused by bumps.

3. Simple construction, labor, time -saving, and ingredients.

4. Tiles or stones do not need to be corner when using angle lines.

In fact, the biggest controversy point is that the corner of the tiles is easy to break in life, and it is difficult to repair it once it is damaged. Therefore, stainless steel buckle has become more and more welcomed by the decorative industry with its own solid durability, corrosion, and long life.

… the application of stainless steel strips …

The stainless steel bar in the kitchen and bathroom can solve the problem of bumps and damage at the corner of the sun;


Wall surface decorated with stainless steel strips as waistline to increase the layering of wall tiles,


The ceiling decoration is made of stainless steel lines on the ceiling or two laps, which can enhance the overall sense of space

In addition, stainless steel decorative lines are sealed on the seams of different materials on the wall surface, wall skirts are suppressed, skirting board suppression, edge decoration of the equipment, wall decoration material suppression lines, and wall decoration forming lines. The body, decorative partition wall; edge and decorative lines on the screen. And various furniture

… the surface treatment of stainless steel buckle …


The cutting surface of stainless steel decorative lines is smooth, the processing performance is good, the paint can be painted, the adhesion is good, and the mechanical processing or manual treatment. It should have a smooth surface, the edges and arcs should be straight and the contour is clear, and it must not be twisted or bended.


The stainless steel decorative buckle can be processed into various colors and natural colors, and bent into various arcs.

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