Ten miles of spring breeze, the military training memory that has been blown up for one year is not scattered

“The big bun with a big slap, a girl with 5-10 meals is the norm. It is said that the most people have eaten 26. When the meal is meal, no one will pick up the things, because the dishes are just as soon as they bow their heads.”

What an invincible youth.

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The 43 -year -old Gong literature has been chasing the drama “Ten Miles of Spring Winds” recently. The youth drama adapted from Feng Tang’s novels, nearly half of the plot, talked about the early 1990s, a group of small fresh meat entered the military training life for one year before entering the university.

Right now, as Tsinghua University, Peking University and other universities have begun, another year’s university freshman training is hot. This is a scene that Gong literature has experienced and familiar with more than 20 years ago.

While chasing the more, this middle -aged man refuted in the circle of friends, like a instructor who loves to pick problems, and does not let go of any details that think unreasonable. The plot is “slightly exaggerated”, the vocabulary is “a little fashionable”, and even the QR code on the instant noodle barrel has become the object of his crusade. Rather than chasing the drama, he is pursuing the youthful years that compares himself.

Behind the online drama is the true history related to their generation. As described in the play, starting in the fall semester of 1989, new students at Peking University must participate in a one -year military training. Liberal arts students are at Shijiazhuang Army College, and science students are at Xinyang Army College. One year later, Fudan University also joined in. Liberal arts students were at the Nanchang Army Academy, and science students were at the Dalian Army College.


“A few years of practice proves that the central government’s decision -making is correct and the effect of military training is good. At present, my country’s reform and opening up and economic construction have entered a new stage of development, and the development of higher education has also accelerated the pace.” March 1993 The “Minutes of the Conference on Research and Adjusting the Issues of Military and Political Training in Peking University and Fudan University” issued by the Secretariat of the General Office of the State Council wrote. Starting from this fall, the new students of Peking University and Fudan enrollment have entered the campus directly. Military training has changed from one year to a month, and it has continued to this day.

First “reborn” from the body

According to statistics, from 1989-1992, about 15,000 students from Peking University and Fudan received a year of military training, and they had a different youth of “unprecedented”. This also made the 1991 Student Palace of Economic and Geography at Peking University.

“At that time, everyone had to be much more honest and not so disciplined. As for the things like the instructors, it was impossible.” He told “Blog World”.

不 “Spring Breeze Ten Miles” stills


Today’s Gong Wenxue has its own IT company. The military training experience of that year has precipitated as part of his personality, and even penetrates his entrepreneurial process. “The courage to decide and bear the consequences for this.” This was the biggest gain that year.

In the process of entrepreneurship, he killed the fruits, like a hungry wolf, and swear without a purpose. He attaches great importance to the team’s execution, no matter which department, the target’s target cannot be discounted. Employees have a summary of work in the WeChat group every day, and the content is accurate to punctuation symbols, as he is meticulous as he stacked the quilt into tofu pieces.


For more people who are selected by the times like him, military training has also become one of the most important memories of life, and more or less participated or shaped their future life.

The 17 -year -old Gong Wenxue saw that when the Peking University’s admission notice read that when he was going to the military training of the Xinyang Army College for one year, it was not intentional. “A boy, a chance to carry a gun in his youth, it is a rare life. Experience.

However, in the eyes of Sun Jun, who was admitted to Peking University in 1992, a year’s military training was more like “a year of being sold”, which was originally excluded. “At least, I am reluctant. When I first heard the news of military training, I told my father and mother, and I re -examined. My father and mother said, okay, you will not go to the number of champions. What kind of trouble? “She recalled in the article. But she could not be the father of the prosecutor’s “justice”, and she was “bet” to the Shijiazhuang Army Academy.

Zeng Zimo, the host of Phoenix Satellite TV, simply gave up Peking University. “Rejecting Peking University is very simple. My year of high school graduated was 1991. The freshmen of Peking University and Fudan must be in the regular military academy for a full year. I am afraid of suffering, tired, and wasting time. Training, I know that she is unlikely to be reborn. “She wrote in the autobiography. Because of this, she chose Renmin University of China.

The complete name of military training is “military and political training”. The content of the core education is to improve students’ political and ideological awareness. The proportion of the three courses of politics, military, and culture is about 4: 3: 3.

In the “Peking University Journal” on October 20, 1989, the curriculum settings of new students were available. Cultural courses accounted for 26.7%, and 5.6%of camping training and social survey. ” On October 12 of this year, Peking University freshmen held an entry ceremony at the Shijiazhuang Army Institute.

The initial discomfort is inevitable. Sun Yan, who was reading all year round, never experienced a collective life. For the first time in the barracks, he entered the bathhouse. Looking at the white flower’s thighs and ass after the water vapor, he was shocked like a little white rabbit. ” Essence The squad leader urged, “You hurry up, after half an hour, the team’s team washed …”

Sun Yan was dragged into the bathhouse by Lianla, and the squad leader put the bath towel on his hand. Sun Yan had suffering. Half an hour later, she became a red and white and transparent shrimp. She hadn’t had time to be ashamed. The next squadron who wanted to take a bath had rushed in.

There, each student is like the steel back to the furnace, whether it is physical or psychologically, accepts strict tempering. The first task of entering the army was the haircut. Under the big razor of the army hairdresser, the girls were throwing a lot of hair. Yan You, who was admitted to Peking University in 1992, told “Blog World” that she had always kept the hairstyle of “and the soup -hanging noodles”. Before the military training, she consciously cut into short hair, but she was cut again because she did not meet the standards. Back to the dormitory at night, a group of girls sat in front of the table boringly.

The boy was not so attached to the hairstyle. Gong Wenxue recalled that when he cut it, he cut it on his head. He pressed his fingers on his head. There are also boys who deliberately shaved their heads, shining in the crowd.

The most difficult is military training. Gong Wenxue had previously watched the promotional video of college students on TV. Young people moved forward in the mud and climbed. Many parents can’t help worrying about their children when they see these shots. However, at the time of real training, Gong literature was extremely eager to be more muddy on the ground of the lying.

“If it rains, we like it so much, because that place will soften, and it will not wear it when climbing.” Gong literature said. Most of the time, they are dry and rough hard grass under them. The elbows are pressed back and forth, and they will break the skin and even bleed.

The moving forward is only part of military training. At that time, the curriculum was divided into indoor and outdoor. The indoor they and the military academy learned the knowledge of military and weapon. The modern history of China, only English and a professional courses related to the next 4 years; Series of military projects. Regardless of cultural courses or outdoor classes, they will eventually take the exam.

In the memory of many people, the playground of Xinyang Army Academy is “terrible”, and they will exhaust the last strength on the boundless runway. The most panicked is the emergency collection. Sun Yan remembered a quiet early morning. The instructor shouted outside the door, “Comrades! The enemy is coming!

Just like the “Ten Miles of Spring Breeze”, followed by the students cracking down, across the hazy eye feces, stacking the quilt clothes in a hurry, tightly tightened with straps, the sofa kettle teeth were tightly tied. The cylinder toothbrush was picked up together, and the laces were randomly tied to carry the gun, no matter who it was, the wolf rushed out. In addition to “the sound of crackling shoe”, the quilt and washbasin are also behind, and it is almost falling.

The result of a large amount of exercise is the increase in food. “I am 20 pounds for a full fat. When I came home in the winter vacation, I was said to be a strong crop in the north.” Sun Yan recalled that each district team has two places to go out every week, the only reason for the longing to go out, and the only reason for the longing to go out. Just eat,

The hunger memory during this time also made her fond of writing food text in the future, and her interest in food was far more than others.

Writer Feng Tang was admitted to Beijing Union Medical College in 1990, because he was studying in the preparatory course of Peking University and followed the Peking University freshmen to the military training of the Xinyang Army College for a year.

He had publicly recalled: “When I reported to the military academy, I was one meter eighty, 1008 pounds. After a year, when I left the military academy, 150 pounds. Step in hours, eat again, every breakfast, two steamed buns, each steamed bun is larger than my head. “


Gong literature has the same feeling. For a year, he had ten pounds and his body was strong. Later, in the school’s off -road competition, he ran a second place, and the shotter was more than ten meters. The physical fitness test was 1500 meters running, and he was easy to pass in jeans, and in high school, his grades were only barely passing.

His hobbies have been continued to the present. He liked to climb the mountain. Some time ago, he also went to Beiling Mountain on the suburbs of Beijing with alumni of Peking University to walk on foot, over 20 kilometers of mountain roads. Since that year’s military training, he has more awe, whether facing nature or life. “Before iron and fire, in the face of nature, people are really small.”

He recalled the shooting class during military training. The range of the shooting range was very large. The soldiers were lying on one end, and there was a deep pit on the other side of 100 meters.

The spirit of carrying the gun, the target only hopes that the target pit can be deeper, deeper, “you can’t carry the pressure on your psychological”.

After the military training, war films and gun warfares were no longer attractive to Gong literature. He experienced a small simulation gun battle in the barracks. The bullets used the empty bomb without warheads. Although it would not cause actual damage, the gunfire sounded, and a strong airflow at the muzzle. At this time, Gong Wenxue had already lay on the ground with the “comrades” and never dared to get up.

At the same time, Gong Wenxue slowly understood why people who have been on the battlefield have extraordinary character. “They are relatively indifferent, and they are not willing to fight for fame.” Gong literature said.

Another freedom

The troops are system. In addition to the same hairstyle, there are the same patch bag, the same textbooks, the same red and black leather laptop, and the same camouflage uniform.

In Yan You’s eyes, in “Ten Miles of Spring Breeze”, girls in the drawer in the drawer are never possible. “This stuff is to shame the collective.” Of course, you can only blame the lollipop without hiding. Yan You once hid a small raccoon in the cabinet, and was sandwiched in other daily necessities. The instructor did not find it.

However, even if the strips are tight, it is difficult to restrain young people’s vigorous hormones. At that time, the order was not allowed to fall in love. After hearing the lights, Sun Yan heard someone kicking the wall over the wall. I did not know if the classmates responsible for duty discovered that they found it. The distance from rice, but it is difficult to get a small step in love for a short step …

Yan You recalled that at the time, a girl and military school students fell in love. The two used weekend dating, and most of the time rely on a note to send acacia. A girl secretly ran to the shooting range with the young man to meet with the boy, and was unfortunately discovered by the instructor.

After several conversations, the little flames between the two of them were not extinguished, but they burned more and more. “Everyone is very painful,” Yan You was impressed by this standing love. “The girl often cried and said that she had to be together.” Later, the girl returned to Peking University, and the military school boys went to see him. However, like the ending of most youth love stories, lover has not become a dependent after all.

“It’s like a little ant, you must be integrated into this angular world before you have a sense of presence to know where your positioning and your point are. You can’t exist as an individual, you must be you must be As one of the pixels, Yan You told “Blog World”.

However, at the Nanchang Army College, Ms. Zhang, a student of the 1990 Chinese Department of Fudan University, felt another situation.

“We are not together in class, and even boys can’t see it. It may be far from the morning exercise. It is a group, but the team we see is in the same class with me. I don’t know.” Ms. Zhang Tell “Blog World”, “In my impression, there was no chance to contact boys at that time.”

She did not start to fall in love until the end of the military training. Her boyfriend is a classmate, and before entering the campus, she “doesn’t know this person at all.” At that time, they didn’t know how many boys and names in their class.

Xiaoming, who was admitted to Peking University in 1991, later wrote in the article: “If one day suddenly throw you like me into a pile of exactly the same military uniform, how would you deal with? Putting the soul and body in all the other is to install the meat. The soul may be tied to the wind discipline … “

During the entire military training, political education occupies a large part of the content. In addition to taking modern Chinese history and ideological and political education courses, students also need to study “Mao Chuan” and “Deng Xuan” every night, write reading notes, and one day.

Fan Meizhong, who was admitted to Peking University in 1992, wrote a lot of words; Xiaoming regarded it as an opportunity to practice words and repeatedly copied the “On the Outstanding War.”

In addition, they also pulled each other and roared “Unity is Power” with their throats, as if anyone’s voice is big, who can make people more appreciate. In addition, at 7 o’clock every night, students should watch “News Network” in the bedroom on time. After the instructor left, Fan Meizhong and his classmates secretly transferred to Hong Kong Satellite TV to listen to Ye Yuqing singing.

“The big bun with a big slap, a girl with 5-10 meals is the norm. It is said that the most people have eaten 26. When the meal is meal, no one will pick up the things, because the dishes are just as soon as they bow their heads.”

不 “Spring Breeze Ten Miles” stills

Military training allowed them to find fun from tiny things. At that time, Yan You was training in Shijiazhuang. This girl from Sichuan spent the first time in the north. There is the habit of digging in winter cabbage in the north, so a group of girls carrying a hoe and ironing, in a piece of land in the class, prepare to dig a vegetable cellar out.

The land has been frozen, hard, and the iron shovel down, and the lines are motionless. Faced with this boring and helpless work, these girls in the Chinese department found music to play with ancient poems and dragons, and a “game that rarely has the opportunity to play together in the future”. After many years, she still remembered this kind of insignificant happiness at the time.

In the lack of entertainment, even an old -fashioned phone, they can play tricks. Zhang Jiantao, a 1991 student at Peking University, once duty in the dormitory building. When the phone rang when the phone was boring, he answered the phone seriously, but the theme song of the TV series “Dream of Red Mansions” came from the ear. After repeated many times, Zhang Jiantao understood, this is the prank of the equally boring girl duty players.

Zhang Jiantao must be in color. He returned to the bedroom to find a tape of “Dream of Red Mansions” and put it to the girl’s dormitory with a single player. Both sides played.

“In fact, this year also gave us another kind of freedom.” Yan You recalled that because he could choose too little, he was more focused on the existing options, so as to get more. She has read many foreign poems this year. Fan Meizhong’s favorite at the time was “John Klisdov” and was obsessed with scar literature; Feng Tang read a large number of original English novels, including “Mrs. Chatle”.

“From high school to college, it was a threshold. How do you seize this opportunity, how to move towards your heart, feel the distance from the world, and how to talk to the world? In such a major environment Another possibility of you. “Yan You said.

Yan You realized that the moment she grew up, it was the winter vacation of military training. She wanted to return to her hometown in Sichuan from Shijiazhuang. It was the first time she took the train alone. The direct train tickets during the Spring Festival have been sold out, and she was at a loss in Wuyu’s head.


It happened that an old student at the Shijiazhuang Army Institute passed by and saw Yan You crying, criticizing her: “You can’t cry! You wear military coats and military caps, crying will affect the image of the soldiers!”

After that, the veteran took her to buy a short ticket and then bought a ticket after the end. She fell back home like this.

Later, she often remembered what the four thoughts were, and thought of what the veteran said to her. Facing the crossroads of life, she silently told herself: The little girl at Shijiazhuang Railway Station was not defeated.

“This texture affects me at least ten years”

When I remembered the scene of military training cutting hair again, Yan You had been on the bank of Weiming Lake for 4 years.

She needs to use a computer to write a graduation thesis, and she borrows from the computer department. The senior looked at her beautiful nails and said, “You can’t typing your nails, and you have to type short.” At that moment, she remembered the tone instructor that year: “You can’t cut your hair, you have to cut it short.”

“No problem, then cut it.” Yan You said.

Her simply, in exchange for a little surprise in the eyes of the senior. She realized that the experience of military camp life has quietly penetrated her personality and style of acting. “He was forged and not forged, or was forged by fierce fire and forged by Wenhuo. It was still a bit different. The texture was a bit different. This texture affects me at least ten years.” Yan You said.

That year’s military training not only let her say goodbye to the word “coquettish”, but also let her see her potential. She recalled the long -distance training of the military training at the end of that year. The place where she passed by was mostly in the poor countryside. Although the accommodation every night had already been arranged properly, it was just a place where the wind and rain. If you live in school, the desks are together, which is a marching bed. More often, they live on the auditorium, warehouse, the stage in the village, and even the playground. After dinner, these Peking University students opened the cover and rolled, paved a thin layer of quilt on the ground, paved half, half of them, and no pillows.

The most grinding is rainy days. They wrap them and equipment with raincoats. Some mountain trails are too muddy, and students step on their feet deep and shallow. Strong movement and sweat. This experience of ice and fire will become interesting talks in the future.

With the end of the military training, the theme song of the “Dream of Red Mansions” of Zhang Jiantao and the girl team was also over. At that time, he said with emotion on the phone, “We are going to leave here immediately.” It seems to be expressing their reluctance with silence.

“It is really invincible youth.” Zhang Jiantao said.

The rules of the troops and strict rules affect the students’ personality and behavior. Gong Wenxue heard that after the winter vacation, some students delayed the trip because of the train failure, and immediately decided to take a taxi hundreds of kilometers to rush back to the Army Academy, just to return to the team on time.

The style left by the military training has been continued to the construction of entrepreneurship and team, and over time, it has formed a corporate culture with mission.

He said: “Our group of people, later feelings are particularly good. I suspect that it is also related to the touches of the year.”

In 2016, some of Yan You’s classmates returned to the military training place to remember the youthful years. However, the memory and friendship about youth will not be scattered like a thinner hair.

After Sun Yan wrote an article recalling military training on social media, a boy turned around and found her on the Internet, leaving a message: “92 military training, she has been in class together.” She did not hesitate to add the other party as a friend.

“Rough, blank, confused, systematic, passive, distressed year. Now I think about it, it is funny, naive or even happy year. , Just go there. “She wrote in the article,” That year, it was sun -exposed to coal and wounded. But some of its help to us may be far greater than what we already know. The friendship of each other, for example, how can you survive in a harsh environment and can live cheerfully. “


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