Felissimo warm couple glove

## 尾 gloves are three warm gloves launched by Japanese fashion brand Felissimo. They support the touch screen of smartphones. It also uses a cat pattern. The cat’s tail is exactly the index finger of the user.The screen of the mobile phone is as fun and cute as the kitten swinging the tail.


This# Felissimo# Cat Tail gloves In addition to keeping warm, the thumb and index finger parts also use an upper -conductive cloth to facilitate the control of the mobile phone or tablet.There are two designed tiger cats and black and white dress cats with yellow and brown.

Then the operation will not appear jerky, or it is very stiff [laughing Cry] It is inconvenient to wear it without imagination.This time will sweat slightly, and it is just right in winter.


Looking at this gloves, the most important thing is the face value and cuteness. The most important thing is the imagination of the designer. The creativity combines the actual combination is too perfect.### ## glove ###