Greenland, another “core land” was born

Greenland, another “core land” was born

Focus on the heart of the city

Experience luxury home

Enjoy high -level human settlement

… …

Hall 428


At different heights

From different perspectives

Overlooking Kunming


K u n m i n g


Focus on the heart of Kunming


urban center



In Wujiaba CBD Central Center


The surrounding area is close to the Central Park, creating a natural “oxygen bar” for the healthy environment of the house. Architecture

428 meters super high -rise office building refreshed the Kunming Skyline

Surrounding gathers

Grade A office building, president administrative mansion, super five -star hotel, park -style international mall, cloud art club and other diversified formats integrate in one

, Build

The high -end luxury living experience, satisfying the dual pursuit of material and spirituality, while using smart life to interpret a new experience of modern people.

Interpretation of luxury homes in high -quality prosperous areas,

When you go out, the subway has greatly satisfied people’s travel in life.



There are many business, even in


Education or medical treatment

There are great ones

Geographical convenience

, The so -called “ideal” residence. Following the demand for the life of the tower, the interpretation will be flat.

Location map

The predecessor of the Greenland · Southeast Asia Center 428 was an important airport. From the completion of the completion to the end of the end, it has witnessed the rise of a nation and the change of a city.

The strategic transformation from the “portal hub” to “Kunming’s Future Urban Center”.

Experience home ceremony preface


Home Etiquette

Enter the gate,

The collision between high -grade gray and metal walls enhances the exquisiteness and luxury texture of the building


, Show that the status of residential users is extraordinary,


The design also adds a hint of vitality to the solemn exterior wall, which makes people can’t help but want to explore in depth. Middle shaft symmetry composition,

Can’t help but have a sense of mysterious rituals for the building.

Under the mutual mapping of moonlight and light,


A “natural” galaxy shuttles in the building

The stars flickered in it, as if the entire starry sky was stored.


In the hall, feel the gift of home. Smooth metal lines and different materials facade design of the transparent glass facade compare two different styles. But the simple and exquisite design is adopted above the selection of materials,

Interpret the attitude and style of life and simplicity, experience life simple and true, and enjoy the true nature of life.


Gradually enter the outdoor activity area,

Victoria Greenland Hong Kong adopts G+Garden R & D system


Essence Depend on

Five concepts

Unlock the purest landscape gardens, create an outdoor peach source, and walk in it, which can not help but be deeply attracted by the scenery and step by step.

Experience a touch of quietness hidden in the city, and at the same time soothe the restless mood in this worm.

Flowers and plants are also in this mystery to achieve self -worth.

Two rows of glass facade walkway highlights the clean and concise atmosphere,

The mapping magnification between the glass,






, Make people immersed. The stone landscape beside the stone wood landscape pulled it back to reality and felt the beauty of modern design.


The rest area is placed in the flowers

, Convenient for users who come to experience.

The seat is also intimately used as the same color as the flower


The atmosphere of spring is full. In the flowers, hugging the flowers, no one is not yearning for the beautiful scenery.




Set up fitness needs to meet the sports crowd


, Also for users

Healthy life laid the tone

Essence The indoor swimming pool is good to ensure the clean and hygienic water sources in the swimming pool, and also make a good guarantee for the indoor constant temperature. The running room has several treadmills and a variety of fitness equipment that is dazzling, and can’t help but lament the intimateness of the community.

The warm wood tone of the meeting area is given to each visiting consumers very well to feel home. nice one

The high -end luxury outdoor scene is switched to a warm texture at the moment of walking in


, Warm -tone light with wooden furniture to move consumers from details.


Award high -end human settlement

High-end habitat

Poster lobby adoption

Advanced quartz board as a selection of materials, with metal grille design

, High -level ups and downs, enjoy the high -level texture of home,

Experience the preface to home life

Essence The abstract paintings on the wall hanging are fascinating, and it is very harmonious with the surrounding style and feel the artistic texture.

The garage is composed of the courtesy with six surprises, allowing the owner to go home and go home and go out, and the bright lights and eye -catching logos.

Making travel is no longer troublesome, and you can have an exclusive experience if you return home

The bank’s households are also full of design,

The lights interspersed between the metal grille illuminate the entire area

While exuding a high -quality texture everywhere, it also made the tone for the stratification of the space. The details of the entrance door are also full, breaking the pattern,

Create a “step -by -step” household approach.

The quartz murals of the hall are placed in green plants embellishment,

Add a touch of vitality to the cold masonry

Essence The overall white facade is used in the room, clean and elegant. The embellishment of murals makes the space full of art,

Interpret the beauty in life




On the house, the Greenland · Southeast Asia Center 428 Mansion follows the basic needs of people. It is designed through the details of gardens, space, exchange venues, architectural technology and other details.

The four aspects of “purification in the region, the safety of the entire district, the support of the whole district, and the intelligence of the region” uses 14 major technical modules and more than 100 professional leading technologies to temper healthy living.


The design of smart air conditioners from the four seasons of the room


Temperature, humidity, comfort

From the smoothness of wind to the transparency of light, repeatedly figured out. The upgrade of the apartment has currently reached the north -south transparency, and the kitchen space integrates a single balcony apartment. Incorporate the health concept into life,

Create a healthy living environment and living environment for each owner

A number of intelligent designs make the house full of temperature.

You only need to “raise your hand” to experience the nanny -type home environment, so that people and spaces are coexisting together and creating a warm rest land.

On the storage of the room, the green space is clearly arranged. Not only

There are no details on the kitchen, bathroom, cloakroom, and housekeeping balcony.


Everywhere is clearly arranged for us!


Greenland · Southeast Asia Center 428 Club has a complete residential system, so that more different families can have more choices.

Take care of each user’s needs, understand the user’s thoughts, and create a living house that adapts to multiple groups.

The green space on the indoor dynamic line has also made considerable plans. The design of the wide open hall enables each sector to achieve both and not interference, but also to achieve mutual integration under the tour of the moving line.

Realize the space of the aggregate


The bedroom is designed with a floor -to -ceiling window balcony, full of lighting power. Let the light lit every corner in the house, the murals are embellished with the artistic atmosphere of the room,

The master bedroom that allows coffee color can have more warm texture

Feel the warmth brought by the room when lying on the bed.

The children’s room uses yellow -green tone, adding a trace of childlikeness and vitality to the space


The entire room is full of vitality at the atmosphere of vitality, guarding the childlikeness and life of each child with peace of mind.


Integrated design opens the kitchen free space


, Make meals and meals no longer have barriers, open the free “window”,


Realize the happy scene with family members and have a happy time to dine together.

The bathroom in the bathroom, the intimate Hengluo cabinet design of the cosmetic table allows users to get items in the cabinet without bending down. The design of the mirror cabinet




Enhance the storage of the bathroom and realize the freedom of the placement.

Let people experience a detailed person





T a g

Greenland · Southeast Asia Central Guild Hall

Intelligent life, beautiful students’ living, exquisite life



Meet the high standards and high requirements of famous people on life, and create an exclusive return texture for high -level people


At the same time, it is also an excellent gift for exquisite life. Leading a new height of housing and paying tribute to the future is to pay tribute to the era.

| Engineering file

Project name: Greenland Southeast Asia Center 428 Mansion

Address: Wujiaba Old Airport, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, near Chuncheng Road


Developer: Greenland Group


Occuping area: 35815/㎡

Building area: 246036/㎡

Greenland rate: 30%

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K u n m i n g


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