How to move your kitchen utensils when moving across provinces? How to pack the pots and pans of moving pots?

How to move the kitchen utensils when moving across provinces? Do you think you can use a few bags to complete the item? In fact, this is not the case! Not to mention, it ’s just the kitchen utensils in the kitchen. Presumably, it is difficult to stump a group of people, pots, pans, various condiments, and kitchen appliances, packaging and handling, no matter which one is annoying enough. Therefore, the small gang can often receive consultation on how to move kitchen utensils during moving. Do you want to know how to deal with pots and pans when moving? Xiaoban summarized a few tricks, let’s take a look together!

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1. Classification of kitchen utensils and packaging

The kitchen utensils mainly include: pots, bowls, scoops, pots. Most of these kitchen utensils are fragile products, so it is inevitable to use carton, bubble film, tape and other materials during the packaging process.

1. Reasonable use of materials, repeatedly wrapped in fragile products

Because the use of pots and pans and other kitchen utensils is related to the hygiene and health of the diet, it is best to wrap it with plastic wrap before packing to ensure the clean of pots and pans. Choose the surface of the old newspaper and old clothing to cover the surface of the kitchen, buffering the collision pressure during the handling process.

2. Small items small items, try to save space as much as possible

After being packaged independently, all kinds of kitchen supplies are packed, so when the packing session is installed, in order to save space as much as possible, it is recommended to put small items in large items and then pack them. For example Put the pot in a large pot and layer the layer, which is not only space -saving and relatively safe.

After the packing is completed, if there is still a gap between the items and the items, it may cause the moving vehicle to be crushed and crushed during the driving process. We better use the newspaper or broken cloth to fill the gap.

Second, kitchen appliances disassembling packaging

Household appliances in the kitchen mainly include: range hoods, gas stoves, induction cookers, microwave oven, etc.

1. Electrometer that does not need to be disassembled by induction cooker and microwave oven, just pack it

If the original packaging is not discarded, you can use the original packaging to pack it directly. Pay attention to adjust the position of the foam in the carton, fix the electrical appliances, and minimize the collision with the friction between the collision. If the original packaging has been discarded, you can pack your own materials, measure the length and width of the electrical appliance, and purchase the appropriate specifications from the Internet (do not greedy the capacity of the carton, but choose the larger carton. It may also be because the carton space is large, which can not play a protective effect on the electrical appliances).


2. The electrical electrical appliances that need to be disassembled in the range hood, gas stove, etc.

This type of electrical appliances that need to be disassembled have high professionalism. It is recommended to find a professional disassembly master to disassemble. If you want to disassemble yourself, you must read the instructions carefully before actual operation. In addition, it is best to wipe it briefly after removing the parts, and then carefully pack it to prevent the hands of hands and parts during the moving process.

Third, kitchen food and seasoning packaging work

If it wasn’t for a particularly anxious moving, Xiao Feng suggested that a week before moving, you must formulate a food consumption plan and strive to eat food before moving. This can largely reduce the pressure of moving.

Of course, if it is an emergency moving, the food can be placed in a box uniformly, the pressure is resistant to the pressure, and the pressure is not tolerated. After the box is sealed, the food name is noted on the box. out.

As for all kinds of seasonings, most of them exist in the form of bottles and cans. We can use plastic wrap to wrap it. Pay attention to whether the seal is tight and prevent leakage. Then wrap it with a bubble film to buffer the pressure of collision. Finally, put it into a box and put it lightly when handling.