Have you seen a diamond tea bag worth $ 14,000?

There are ten inventions of World War I -such as watches, zippers, paper towels, etc., including tea bags. This kind of little guy born for tea and tea, can be described as no one knows in the tea industry. Do you still want to know more about it?


In the battle, the tea bag was born

In 1904, the tea merchant in New York, the United States, Thomas Sulin, divided the broken tea into small piles in order to save the cost of promoting the cost, and put it in a small bag for customers to try it. Innovating the user experience, Thomas has obtained a lot of profits.

By the time of the World War I, German company Teekanne borrowed and developed this creativity to provide the front line warrior with a tea bag installed in a cotton bag, and called them a tea bomb. Later, during World War II, this kind of tea bag was equipped with the food equipment of British soldiers and went to the battlefield.

As a result, the convenient tea bags began to become popular in daily life. After experiencing many improvements in materials and shapes, we finally developed into a tea bag that we see today.

Diy tea bag

At home, you can also try the DIY tea bag. The specific is the work of sewing, but you must ensure cleanliness. After all, you have to enter the mouth.

If you have research on tea, you can also match some tea -raid tea yourself, such as black tea and dried lemon, dried chrysanthemum and dried wolfberry … After matching, use sterile gauze and cotton threads to be sutured together. Draw a picture or write a paragraph on the board, hang it on a tea bag, and make a set of boxes into a box, which becomes a tea gift that contains heart and uniqueness.

Tea bag bag small


Human beings will never stop, and small tea bags will naturally be tossed.

1. Then the question is, which one is strong?

In order to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the company, the British tea company PG TIPS launched the world’s most expensive tea bag. It is said that it contains 280 diamonds. Soaking this, the taste of $ 14,000 in the cup.

2. After making tea, you can put the tea bag on your face or wardrobe;

Taking advantage of the warmth of the tea bag to apply the eyes, it can effectively swell and remove the dark circles. But remember not to use black tea, because the unique nature of black tea can cause skin pigmentation. At the same time, dry the used tea bags and put them into the wardrobe, which can play a effect of absorbing moisture and taste.

3. You can also paint on the tea bag with itching;

When drinking tea, I was holding a comfortable mood, and then drawing a little painting, presumably the mood would be better!


Photo | Tea Yu.com (www.chayu.com) editorial department

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