Open the door red 丨 Innovative Anhui shocking start

Open the door red 丨 Innovative Anhui shocking start

Source: People’s Daily-Anhui Channel

The tide rushed into the Jianghuai, and the innovation was right.

On April 26, 2021 China (Anhui) scientific and technological innovation achievement transformation transactions will come as expected. On this day, Anhui Science and Technology Market opened, more than 400 Anhui’s “four aspects” major scientific and technological achievements, more than 1,000 latest scientific and technological achievements, 16 scientific and technological achievements on -site auction, 60 scientific and technological project signing …

On the morning of April 26, the 2021 China (Anhui) Science and Technology Fair opened, and 60 scientific and technological projects signed a contract. People’s Daily Online Wang Xiaofei

Innovation is the brightest business card in Anhui. As a province that is the first to be approved to deploy the national laboratory and the comprehensive national science center, in the beginning of the “14th Five -Year Plan”, starting the force and starting to start. The name of “transformation of scientific and technological achievements”, holding such a national -name conference is not only a concentrated display of the achievements of scientific and technological innovation in Anhui in recent years, but also reflects the supporting role of scientific and technological innovation on Anhui’s economic and social development. Good innovation “first chess”, empowering high -quality development and savings of surging new momentum.

Innovation: It is both the research and development process and the system project

The latest breakthroughs in the field of quantum information, “core screen device”, “card neck”, biomedicine … Anhui Innovation Museum, the nation’s first innovative theme exhibition hall, 2021 China (Anhui) Science and Technology Fair, a group of latest technology in recent years The results of innovation are displayed here.

In the eyes of many people, innovation is equivalent to research and development. This statement is unreasonable, innovation condenses the efforts of scientific researchers throughout the research and development process, but it is a systematic project.

——In innovation, it is inseparable from policy support.

Since the country’s implementation of the innovation -driven development strategy, Anhui has focused on the leading role of policies, and has introduced the implementation of the first trial policy, innovative provincial policies, the cooperation of the provincial provinces, the cooperation of the Grand Court, strengthen the basic research, guide the whole society to increase A series of policies such as R & D investment.

Under the guidance of policy orientation, the proportion of local fiscal science and technology appropriation in Anhui Province increased from 2.8%at the end of the “12th Five -Year Plan” to 5.1%in 2019.

开门红丨创新安徽 震撼开局

Overlooking the Anhui Innovation Museum. Photo by Zhang Jun of the People’s Daily Online

——In innovation, it is inseparable from the support of high -level talents.

In recent years, Anhui has strengthened the construction of scientific and technological talents, respecting and courteous scientists have become the norm.

At the Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Reward and Accelerating Construction of Scientific and Technological Innovation Tackling Power System, the Anhui Provincial Party Secretary Li Jinbin said that it is the most scientific thing for “scientists” to do “scientists”.

At the end of February, at the city’s scientific and technological innovation conference held in Hefei, the “Innovation Highlands”, the leaders of the meeting issued a honorary certificate for the five academicians selected as the “top domestic and foreign talent leading plan” and gave each person a 2 million yuan subsidy …

According to the data provided by the Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province, since 2016, eight scientists in the province were newly elected academicians of the “two houses”, with a total of 38 academicians in the “two houses” in Anhui.

开门红丨创新安徽 震撼开局

——In innovation, inseparable from the transformation of results.

The transformation of achievements is an important prerequisite for “science and technology is the first productive forces”. The successful holding of the 2021 China (Anhui) Science and Technology Fair is an important measure to promote the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements.

With the theme of “consolidating the foundation of innovation and accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements”, it lasts for 2 days. It has a high specification and co -sponsored by the Anhui Provincial Government, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In addition to the content of the content and the results of science and technology innovation, the conference also set up dry goods such as signing, road shows, and forums.

——In innovation, it is inseparable from financial empowerment.

开门红丨创新安徽 震撼开局

“In the process of building a source of scientific and technological innovation with important influence, financial support is indispensable.” According to the person in charge of the Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau of Anhui Province, in recent years, the bureau has established a service science and innovation corporate development fund system and promoted the science and technology science system. Creative enterprises dock the multi -level capital market listing and other practices to actively serve science and technology enterprises.

Statistics show that as of now, Anhui has listed on the Science and Technology Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on the Shanghai Stock Exchange of scientific and technological innovation companies in Anhui.

开门红丨创新安徽 震撼开局

A series of “combination boxing” played, Anhui has made a fruitful fruit in scientific and technological innovation: National Laboratory and Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center took the lead in approval. Sub -platform column frame beams, large scientific device clusters have been initially formed, and iconic original results such as quantum communication, dynamic storage chips, pottery aluminum materials, ultra -thin glass and other iconic original results emerged …

On July 9, 2020, the Guildren’s Quantum Corporation was listed, becoming the “first share of quantum technology”. Photo by Chen Hao of the People’s Daily Online

Innovation: There must be “the flower of science and technology”, but also the “fruit of the industry”

开门红丨创新安徽 震撼开局

“Flower of Technology” is gorgeous, but to become the development of the economic and social development, it must also set up the “fruit of the industry”.

Established in 2009, in 2010, participating in the construction of the world’s first large -scale quantum communication network “Hefei City Regional Quantum Communication Test Demonstration Network”, in 2013, it provided quantum products and technology for the world’s first thousand -kilometer -level quantum confidential communication “Beijing -Shanghai trunk line” Services finally realize the construction of a “Star Field One” wide -area confidential communication network … In the iconic incident of the milestone of the quantum communication mileage in China, there are often the HKUST national shield quantum quantum.

This is an enterprise born from the National Laboratory of China University of Science and Technology. From technology leading to industrial leadership, to the “first share of quantum” in the capital market, the history of the development of national shield quantum is a history of industrialization. Right now, it is a quantum enterprise with more than 20 quantum companies gathered in the High -tech Zone of Hefei to accumulate potential energy for Hefei Yong climbing quantum technology innovation.

How to help traditional industries? It is a subject that Conch Group has been exploring. The picture shows the world’s first cement kiln flue gas carbon dioxide capture purification project independently developed by Conch. Photo by Chen Ruotian of the People’s Daily Online

At the same time, more than 100 kilometers away from Wuhu, the world’s Fortune 500 Companies Conch Group have been exploring such a topic: how does new technology help traditional industries?

Last year, 5G’s “super upward” was the world’s first end -to -end business application. “‘Super upward’ can increase by 20%to 60%on the base station area, and the maximum increase in remote areas can be increased by 300%.” ​​The person in charge of the enterprise told reporters that after using this technology, production efficiency and safety have been greatly improved. Taking the blasting of the mining area as an example, the scope of the alert can be extended from the original 500 meters to 2 kilometers.

If a family science and innovation enterprise is compared to “points”, then the industrial cluster is a “line” connected by countless “points”.

The reporter learned that on the first batch of 66 national war new industrial clusters released by the National Development and Reform Commission in 2019, Anhui won 4 seats. Among them, Hefei’s “Sandao San Yuan” is at the forefront of the country. In 2020, the number of enterprises in the above four cluster regulations increased to about 500, with a revenue of about 300 billion yuan and a profit of 13 billion yuan.

From the “point” and “line”, in the end, the effectiveness of the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements was transmitted to economic and social development.

According to the data provided by the Anhui Provincial Bureau of Statistics, the contribution rate of high -tech industries, high -tech industries, and strategic emerging industries to industrial growth above designated size increased from 17.6%, 49.8%, and 58%in 2015 to 27.8%in 2019, respectively, respectively. 72.1%, 73.3%.

At the same time, Anhui GDP in 2020 exceeded 3.86 trillion yuan, ranking 11th in the country, and the gap between the previous Shanghai was only 2 billion yuan.

CCPard Town Bombardier Transport System Co., Ltd., Thailand, Thailand’s Bangkok Golden Line Automatic Rail Transit Project, is the first exported rail transit project in Anhui Province. People’s Daily Online Wang Rui

Innovation: There must be an impulse, but also for a long time

In recent years, the pace of Anhui scientific and technological innovation has significantly accelerated.

Taking the provincial capital Hefei as an example, after Shanghai, Hefei has become my country’s second comprehensive national science center, or the number of 11 large scientific devices (including construction, construction, declaration) “Swordsman” is enough. Explain that on innovation, Anhui is working on the ground.

开门红丨创新安徽 震撼开局

“In terms of technology and industrial innovation, Anhui has a stretch of energy everywhere.” Said a person who has been engaged in regional development for a long time. Although it is good to have energy, it takes a long time to make a long time. The above person said that at present, with a series of favorable releases such as the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and the approval of the Anhui Free Trade Zone, Anhui’s innovative development will be more confident and hard.

“The automotive industry is an important advantageous industry in our province. In the first quarter, the province’s automobile output was 351,000, an increase of 101.3%year -on -year, an increase of 26.4 percentage points in the country.” From Ma Cuibing, director of the Automotive Industry Department of the Anhui Provincial Department of Economic and Information Technology, it seems that The Free Trade Zone encourages the first trial, which is conducive to the creation of a better business environment, thereby promoting elements such as technology and talents to gather in Anhui, and enhance the level of scientific and technological innovation in Anhui automobile industry.

On April 7, Weilai Automobile’s 100,000 -maternal production vehicle was offline in Hefei. People’s Daily Online Li Ximeng

According to him, during the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” period, the Anhui automotive industry will focus on “electrification, networking, and intelligence”. The vehicle.

As one of the members of the G60 Science and Technology Corridor of the Yangtze River Delta, Hefei City, from the perspective of integrated development, tapped the fulcrum of scientific and technological innovation.

The person in charge of the Hefei Science and Technology Bureau stated that this year, the cooperation of Hefei and Shanghai Zhangjiang Comprehensive National Science Center will be promoted to build the Yangtze River Delta National Technology Innovation Center, carry out scientific and technological resource sharing, jointly related a number of major scientific and technological projects, and promote the G60 Science and Technology Corridor related related to the G60 Science and Technology Corridor Related Corridor The construction of industrial alliances and industrial cooperation parks to accelerate the creation of a community of scientific and technological innovation of the Yangtze River Delta.

There are also those who have the same idea. “We will use the advantages of long triangle coordinated innovation to continue to overcome the key technologies of the ‘card neck’.” The person in charge of the hospital said.

Just a few days ago on April 21, the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of Anhui Province and the Outline of the Metro Scenic Target in 2035” was officially released. “Outline” has a lot of innovation, and it is clear that “self -reliance of technology as a strategic support for Anhui leapfrog development, in -depth implementation of science and education strategy, talent -strong provincial strategy, innovation -driven development strategy … Anhui. “

Right now, Gu Yu just passed, and the old saying said, “The season of Gu Yu, the rain is born of Valley.” The abundant rainwater can help all things grow. From a different perspective, isn’t scientific and technological innovation, isn’t it the current spring rain, nourishing the Jianghuai land?

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